The Best Apps to Hide Media Files on Android Devices

Every human loves certain level of privacy in their day to day lives and that has somehow influenced how we guard contents on our mobile devices. Smartphones have become a part of us in today's world, which means many of us carry around private and sensitive data on our mobile phones. It could be photos, videos or even messages. Keeping your private information and media files away from public access will save you from unwanted issues.

Are you worried about someone snooping into your smartphone? Or…

You worried about exposing those sensitive media files in your gallery?

If yes… You can hide all your photos, videos and sensitive media files on your Android device gallery from public access with quality files hiding applications.

You have the right to your own privacy and it is okay to keep your private data away from people planning to intrude. You can keep out snoopy friends or mates away from accessing contents in your gallery with amazing security vault apps.

There are several vault applications available for installation on android devices and many comes with unique features. In this guide, we will take a brief look at the best apps to hide photos and videos on Android devices.

The Best Vault Apps to Hide Media Files on Android Devices

The Best Vault Apps to Hide MediaFiles on Android Devices
The Best Vault Apps to Hide Media Files on Android Devices

Here are the best file hiding apps you should install on your Android device;

LOCKED Calculator Vault - Hide Media App

LOCKED Calculator Vault
LOCKED Calculator Vault

This is a special gallery vault app that allows users to secure photos and videos from public viewing. This app will create a secret album for files you want to hide from your public gallery. It works as a fashionable file hiding calculator vault.

Basic Features :

  • It offers a private in-app web browser.
  • It has a note-taking feature that functions as a secret diary.
  • It has a unique Intruder-Selfie and Trash-Recovery feature.

NOTE : You can upgrade to the pro version for a sum of $6.99 USD .

Gallery Vault
Gallery Vault

Gallery Vault app is one of the best applications used in hiding photos and videos on Android devices. It boasts of over 10-Million downloads on Google Play Store.

It's a very popular privacy protection app that comes with various features. One of its unique features is the "video editor" that allows users to create a clip from their hidden media contents. You can use this feature to create a video story. You can make use of this amazing app to hide virtually all files from the public gallery. Hidden files on Gallery Vault are all encrypted and has no storage limitation.

Basic Features :

  • It has a private web browser within the app.
  • It supports GIF playbacks and allows video editing.
  • It is free to download and works on all Android devices.
  • It supports fake passcode, pattern lock and dark mode.
  • Gallery Vault can also hide its app icon from the home screen.

NOTE : You can upgrade to the pro version for a sum of $5.99 USD .

PhotoGuard - Hide Media App


This privacy enabled app is one of its kind. You can lock your pictures and videos with several locking options such as PIN-Lock, Pattern-Lock and Fingerprint-Lock.

You can keep all your media files safe in its private vault. It has a great UI-Design feature and Military Grade Encryption feature that ensures only you have access to the encrypted files. It also take pictures of intruders and log the time of event.

Basic Features :

  • It offers a secured cloud backup for all files in the vault.
  • It provides a secret camera for taking pictures from the vault.
  • Additional layer of privacy can be added inside the security vault.
  • The app automatically exits the vault whenever you return to homepage.
  • Has an inbuilt photo viewer and video player that supports all file formats.

NOTE : It is free to download but upgrading to pro version costs $2.99 USD.

Andrognito - Hide Media App


This is another good security app used for hiding photos, videos and files. It uses the "Military Grade Encryption" feature to lock media files. It creates several layers of secured protection so that external bodies can't gain access to contents enclosed. These strong security layers makes your sensitive files very secured.

The name of the app is derived from Android plus Incognito. The pro version of the app allows users to create multiple private vaults and remove annoying ads.

Basic Features :

  • It has a stunning UI design interface that is user-friendly.
  • It has a unique cloud backup and AES encryption feature.
  • It saves files on the cloud to free up space on your device.
  • It offers Vault Spoofing, Fake Force Close and Custom Themes.
  • Encrypted files saved on a cloud can be accessed on other devices.

NOTE : The in-app purchase costs a sum of $0.99 USD for start price.

LockMyPix - Hide Media App


This is a popular secret photo vault used in protecting private pictures and videos to ensure they are invisible to other people going through your gallery. This app can be installed on all android devices and it is available on Google Play Store.

You can use this app to keep your secrets from people with the private photo and video vault. It will shield sensitive contents and media files from public access.

Basic Features :

  • It supports external SD-Card and creates encrypted files.
  • It offers Face, PIN, Password, Pattern and Fingerprint Lock.
  • It allows users to create unlimited sub-albums in the vault.
  • It fully supports GIF files and makes the app icon invisible.
  • It has an intuitive user interface that enables enjoyable user experience.

NOTE : You can upgrade to the pro version for a sum of $1.99 USD.

Vault - Hide Media App


This is a very reliable photo and video hiding application. All you need to do after installing it on your device is to launch it and add any file you want to secure from your public gallery. This file lock app is available for download on Play Store.

It is an Android application designed to hide photos and videos on your mobile device. There are millions of users across the world and it is one of the best apps designed for securing media files and documents. It offers more features than a regular file lock app as you can protect your call log, messages and contact list.

Basic Features :

  • It offers break-in alerts and makes app icon invisible.
  • It allows users to hide private data other than media files.
  • It supports cloud backup for all media files secured in the vault.
  • It has an in-built incognito web browser specially designed for it.
  • It has an inquiry box that serve as a call reminder when you miss calls.

NOTE : The in-app purchase costs a sum of $0.99 USD for start price.

Hide Something - Hide Media App

Hide Something
Hide Something

I personally love the name of this file hiding application. As the name simply implies, you can use the app to hide your files with ease. It has a clean interface and works perfectly as a vault app. One unique feature is the ability to support files sharing from third party apps. It is a highly rated files hiding tool.

You can protect your media files with several lock options such as Fingerprints, PIN and Pattern Lock. It creates an 'invisible folder' for all your sensitive files.

Basic Features :

  • It offers Google Drive support for hidden backup files.
  • You can browse hidden backup files on your desktop browser.
  • It support different file formats and offers beautiful display themes.
  • You can customize a visible folder for files you want to reveal to people.

NOTE : You can upgrade to the premium version for a sum of $2.99 USD.

1Gallery - Hide Media App


Our list will not be complete without this amazing gallery vault app. It is a very essential app for hiding photos and videos you don't want people to see.

You can manage your media files with this vault app and specially select the files you want to lock. It uses the "AES Encryption" to protect your privacy. You can even hide sensitive documents like copies of your ID and Credit Cards.

We have basically save the best for last with this quality app for hiding files.

Basic Features :

  • It has a beautiful user interface with modern design.
  • It offers users a photo and video editor functionality.
  • The password mode allows Pattern, PIN and Fingerprint lock.
  • It supports several file formats and provides a dark mode theme.
  • The "ironclad vault" feature ensures a highly secured encryption of files.

NOTE : It is free to download but offers in-app purchases.


There are hundreds of vault apps on Google Play Store but the ones listed in this guide have been tested and trusted. Most of them are free and offers quality features that will ensure your Android device privacy is intact.

Newly developed smartphones comes with these file hiding functionality but they still won't offer the wide range of features available on the file hiding apps listed in this guide. Ensure you check each and every one of them out.

Tell us about your favorite file hiding app from our list and share with other readers reliable file hiding apps we didn't mention in the comment section.

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