Best EMR Software Companies for Electronic Medical Records in 2022

If you work in the healthcare industry and you happen to be tech-savvy, there's a high chance you'll be interested in knowing the best EMR software you can use for electronic medical records in the field. So, in this guide I will show you some of the best EMR software companies that offers quality healthcare solutions.

While the main duty of healthcare practitioners is to take care of the sick and save lives, it's important they have access to modern day EMR software that will help.

Best EMR Software Companies for Electronic Medical Records in 2022

Here is a list of best EMR software companies that offers quality EMR services;

Best EMR Software Companies for Electronic Medical Records in 2022
Best EMR Software Companies for Electronic Medical Records in 2022

Therapy Notes - Link

Therapy Notes
Therapy Notes

A clinical psychologist known as Dr. Debra Pliner in collaboration with Brad Pliner who is a web technologist founded an EMR software company known as "Therapy Notes". It was launched in the month of November 2010 and have since become a leading software provider in the "Behavioral Health Practice Management" field.

This HIPPA-certified software used by over 30,000 professionals in the field helps to streamline workflow. Therapy Notes is such a robust electronic medical records software which aligns well with other quality medical scheduling tools to achieve a desired result.

Benefits of Therapy Notes

  • It provides top quality EMR solutions for medical practitioners.
  • It has a very reliable customer support service.
  • It is an optimized EMR software with a strong health care and IT service.
  • It provides career growth opportunities for the users.

Practice Fusion - Link

Practice Fusion
Practice Fusion

Practice Fusion is specially designed for small and medium sized health clinics to help with healthcare solutions. It supports thousands of medical facilities in U.S.

The key features of this application are Patient Portal, Medication E-Prescribing, Charting, Scheduling, Labs & Imaging as well as Integrated Billing. These features are used to handle several tasks so as to boost medical practice efficiency and also improve revenue management. Over 5-million patients enjoy the services rendered by this software every month. The Practice Administration is excellent.

Benefits of Practice Fusion

  • It is used to document medical information and analysis electronically.
  • This software offers accurate diagnosis and treatment of patients.
  • It provides a cloud-based EHRF that improves medical productivity.
  • Patients can view medical history and also engage physicians during a treatment process. They can also use it to create customized health plans.

NextGen Healthcare - Link

NextGen Healthcare
NextGen Healthcare

This healthcare solution provider is designed to offer robust services for large ambulatory facilities. The software is also designed for single-specialty and multi-specialty medical practices. It is also a great software used for clinical activities such as appointment scheduling and revenue management.

This company has wide range of programs and features such as Patient Portal, Tele-health, Charting and Practice Management. The focus of this software is to improve clinical operations, comply with regulatory, boost patient engagements and also provide value-based care for both patients and medical practitioners.

Benefits of NextGen Healthcare

  • This software has a mobile app that enhances workflow efficiency.
  • The EHR System helps to ease administrative work burden.
  • It promotes collaborative clinical operations and healthcare services.
  • It provides accurate and time-saving EMR service for medical practitioners.

Centricity EMR - Link

Centricity EMR
Centricity EMR

Centricity is an EMR software solution company that designed a software capable of handling ambulatory medical practices. This multinational conglomerate company based in Chicago was established in 1994 and has since been providing some of the best healthcare software and reliable medical imaging equipment.

The Centricity EMR software was designed in such a way that each patient's healthcare needs can be specially handled. The company is dedicated to helping medical practitioners find new ways to ensure the well-being of their patients.

Benefits of Centricity EMR

  • It is a standard software to use because Centricity is a certified company.
  • It provides improved healthcare service in diagnostics and drug discovery.
  • The tools developed can be used in several medical practice.
  • Centricity offers diagnostic ECG, EP recording and applied intelligence.

Praxis EMR - Link

Praxis EMR
Praxis EMR

This company is a healthcare technology developer founded over two decades ago. The focus of Praxis is to provide artificial intelligent solutions in the field of medicine. Medical practitioners worldwide make use of the software provided by this company which is known as Praxis EMR.

This electronic medical record software is very flexible for medical practitioners because it can be used to generate and organize medical records at any point in time. They can also use the software to share medical records documents whenever they want. Praxis produces powerful products with unique features.

Benefits of Praxis EMR

  • The concept processing feature helps users to customize their needs.
  • It has no custom-based restriction associated with other EMRs.
  • The EHRS is developed with artificial intelligence.
  • It is highly rated when it comes to customer satisfaction.

AdvancedMD - Link


Another amazing healthcare technology company when it comes to electronic medical records solutions is the ever evolving AdvancedMD. As the name implies, it is a highly advanced EMR solutions provider that helps medical practitioners with scheduling, telemedicine, patient management and medical billing.

The company provides a cloud-based software and mobile app that physicians and patients can explore for better healthcare service. The software is certified and also one of the most popular e-health platforms used for clinical charting, electronic faxing, document exchange and immunization reporting.

Benefits of AdvancedMD

  • It has a great and interactive user community.
  • It is a highly trusted company due to a large customer database.
  • It provides solutions to most EHR and EMR needs.
  • The EHR System provided is highly compliant with industry regulations.

Kareo Clinical - Link

Kareo Clinical
Kareo Clinical

This is a cloud-based healthcare IT provider that offers Practice Management Solution and Electronic Health Records Software for medical practitioners. This company was established by "Dan Rodriquez" in 2004 to help improve medical practice. It also provides dependable RCM and EHR System of high quality.

The Kareo Clinical software serves thousands of healthcare facilities across the United States and beyond. Physicians can use the software to monitor and take care of patient needs with its comprehensive and customizable design. Finally, it helps to facilitate a more convenient medical operations.

Benefits of Kareo Clinical

  • The software helps to accelerate workflow within the medical field.
  • Kareo provides a service that encourages positive office culture.
  • The company is supported by reputable investors across the world.
  • An award winning company that helps improve modern healthcare service.

Sevocity - Link


This leading healthcare technology developer based in Texas provides EHR solutions and specializes in medical informatics services. The software developed offers features with customizable experience to help ease the work carried out by medical practitioners. It can also be used to handle different patient's challenges.

Sevocity provides a cloud-based biotech platform used worldwide by physicians due to its nice user interface. It is also affordable and reliable. It is one of the best custom EHR solutions company in the United States due to the easy accessibility to medical records and excellent billing solutions.

Benefits of Sevocity

  • The company provides 24/7 customer support service.
  • You can test the functionality of the software by using the free trial.
  • A secure integration feature ensures patients' medical history are safe.
  • Medical practitioners can customize EMR and streamline patients care.

Cerner - Link


Cerner is a multinational software provider based in North Kansas City. The EHR system provided by Cerner is certified and ICD-10 ready. It offers an excellent billing system and integrated practice management to medical practitioners across the globe. This is the main reason why Cerner is highly rated.

Cerner also provides an engagement platform where physicians and patients can interact with the aim of achieving a common goal such as providing and receiving proper healthcare service. Health management organizations of different size can make use of the software for charting, scheduling and dynamic documentation.

Benefits of Cerner

  • Cerner collaborates with numerous medical equipment suppliers.
  • Cerner serves thousands of healthcare providers with software solutions.
  • The company enhances community development initiatives programs.
  • Cerner has a foundation that provides funding for children healthcare.

eClinical Works - Link

eClinical Works
eClinical Works

This company is dedicated to improving healthcare and providing comprehensive clinical documentation. It also provides EHR service with features such as data reports, electronic referrals, hospital interoperability and telehealth solutions.

There are over 130,000 physicians and NPs using this software worldwide and over 850,000 healthcare professionals maximizing the features available. It also supports over 80,000 healthcare facilities around the globe.

Benefits of eClinical Works

  • It provides users with a very secure cloud-based healthcare solutions.
  • The eClinical Works website is quite easy to navigate.
  • Physicians can engage patients with online appointment bookings.
  • It offers contactless check-in and online billing payments.

EpicCare - Link


This company was established to help healthcare organizations store millions of electronic medical records of patients. The developers at EpicCare designed a software perfect for health recording solutions for big medical facilities.

The software acts mainly as an EMR application that has several tools designed to handle telemedicine, decision support, patient engagement as well as health billing. The company is dedicated to develop new innovations and also offer flexible healthcare solutions that can be streamline for specific practice.

Benefits of EpicCare

  • EpicCare focuses on research and development of healthcare technologies.
  • Their software are constantly updated based on studies in the medical field.
  • It is a perfect fit for most healthcare institutions no matter their size.
  • EpicCare builds their software in-house which makes them very effective.

CareCloud - Link


This practice management solution company designed a cloud-based EHR software that is specialty driven when it comes to healthcare implementation. The software is suitable for use in all kinds of healthcare facilities such as clinics, hospitals, rehab centers, community medical centers and many more.

This EMR software is compatible with several devices and can be used for Medical Billing and Patient Management services. Millions of medical practitioners around the world make use of the CareCloud EHR software for practices.

Benefits of CareCloud

  • The software can be tailored to meet specific healthcare needs.
  • This Electronic Health Records software is fully integrated.
  • CareCloud software is good for internal medicine and general surgeon.
  • It is a certified platform that offers clinical and billing solution.

AthenaHealth - Link


This American EMR software company is dedicated to providing healthcare and clinical software solutions for medical practitioners. It offers "point-of-care" app that gives accurate medical records and financial results. It was established in the late 1990s and has since provided excellent service to millions of health providers and patients across the world.

This EHR system is designed for ambulatory practice and RCM services. It has several modules with unique functionalities such as data analytics, information sharing, operation management and practice management.

Benefits of AthenaHealth

  • It can be used for small EMR and PM ambulatory practice.
  • It offers cloud-based system good for medical billing service.
  • It gives accessibility to athenaClinicals and athenaCollector.
  • The software is compatible with both desktop and mobile devices.

Amazing Charts - Link

Amazing Charts
Amazing Charts

Amazing Charts was established in 2001 to provide affordable electronic medical systems. In 2017, the company was acquired by "Harris Healthcare Group" with the aim of improving healthcare through the development of practice software.

The physician that designed Amazing Charts put a major priority on usability. An integrated practice management service is also offered so as to give medical practitioners an easy platform to perform their practice. They can also enjoy features such as charting, scheduling, e-prescribing and reporting.

Benefits of Amazing Charts

  • You can make use of the free trial version to test the software.
  • Users can enjoy pre-built templates and continuous software support.
  • It has an intuitive interface and easy drag and drop functionality.
  • The quality of the products designed by this company is of good standard.

CureMD - Link


This cloud-based solution company offers clinical and administrative tasks service to healthcare facilities around the world. Tasks such as patient documentation, appointment scheduling including billing/payment process. Medical data and information are documented electronically while handwriting issues are eliminated so as to avoid incorrect diagnosis.

CureMD is used for healthcare specialties in various medical centers across the world. Users can keep track of patient's medical history to ensure that accurate treatment. Patient's information quick search feature increases efficiency.

Benefits of CureMD

  • Time consuming tasks can be automated with the software provided.
  • Patient's medical information can be easily accessed and updated.
  • Sensitive and private medical information are very secure with the app.
  • Physicians can communicate with their patients in real-time.

Greenway Health - Link

Greenway Health
Greenway Health

Greenway Health provides HIPAA-compliant solutions for various healthcare facilities around the world. The software offers an easy-to-use platform for meeting virtual healthcare needs and enhancing quality patient experience.

Greenway solutions offers service in telehealth, population health, analytics, electronic health records, interoperability, clearinghouse services, practice management, patient management and revenue cycle management.

Benefits of Greenway Health

  • It provides healthcare solutions for several medicine specialty.
  • It provides cloud-based EHR and practice management solution.
  • Healthcare solution is designed for each user's line of specialty.
  • Users can access medical billing expertise to aid patient's financial health.

InSync EMR - Link

InSync EMR
InSync EMR

This healthcare solutions company offers practice management and integrated EMR platforms for private medical practitioners and various healthcare facilities. The customizable interface makes it possible to handle charting, reporting, scheduling as well as e-prescribing.

InSync healthcare solutions is compliant with HIPAA standards and the service provided helps healthcare operations become more efficient. This company partners with healthcare facilities and make use of advanced technology to provide quality healthcare solutions.

Benefits of InSync EMR

  • It offers specialized medical care solutions.
  • It comes with a comprehensive buyer's guide with tips.
  • It utilizes advanced technology to provide software solutions.
  • It provides software for handling internal medicine and behavioral health.

Optum Physician - Link

Optum Physician
Optum Physician

This EMR software company provides modern healthcare technology for medical practitioners and healthcare facilities all around the world. The Optum physician software is compatible with different sizes of healthcare facilities such as clinics, hospitals and local medical centers.

The software is HIPPA compliant and CCHIT certified. It offers one of the best solution for practice management, health analytics and medical record/history documentation. There are thousands of data experts that make good use of this EMR software with the aim of providing the best healthcare service.

Benefits of Optum Physician

  • The company provides quality modern healthcare technology service.
  • It has a very reliable data-backed healthcare practice and innovations.
  • Optum inspires quality healthcare solutions across the industry.
  • It yields accurate insight that inspires excellent healthcare practice.

MDVision EMR - Link

MDVision EMR
MDVision EMR

MDVision is an IT-driven software development company dedicated to offering digital transformation for medical practitioners. Physicians can make use of the EMR software designed by MDVision to achieve seamless healthcare practice.

One of the products designed by this company is the cloud based MDVision PM EMR software. This software offers excellent service when it comes to clinical operations and patient healthcare. The interface handles "electronic medical records program" and "practice management service" excellently.

Benefits of MDVision EMR

  • The company has trusted technology partners worldwide.
  • Their products are of good quality and benefits the healthcare community.
  • It ensures scalable infrastructure so as to provide modern healthcare.
  • The company provides highly advanced technology for user's consumption.

PrognoCIS - Link


This EMR software company has been in existence for over a decade and operates from the popular "Silicon Valley". It is one of the best company that offers quality and reliable electronic medical records service. There are thousands of employees that are dedicated to providing on-premises EHR software for the benefit of medical practitioners and patients in the healthcare sector.

A major product of this company is the "PrognoCIS EMR Software" that offers healthcare solutions such as e-prescribing, scheduling, medication management and revenue recycle management. It is owned by Bizmatics, Inc.

Benefits of PrognoCIS

  • It has an amazing partnership program.
  • This healthcare system offers insurance benefits to its users.
  • The system constantly keep up with technology trends and innovations.
  • The company provides users with modes of technical support.

CentralReach - Link


This company provides organized healthcare solutions for healthcare practitioners in various sizes of healthcare facilities. There are various EMR tools such as billing service, scheduling, patient appointment and practice management. It also brings critical healthcare service workflow to its amazing user friendly interface.

The focus of the software designed is to offer healthcare service that will be good for both practice and research in the healthcare industry. The company is a leader in applied behavior analysis of EMR software and services. It has been providing trusted clinical solutions to over 85,000 physicians and administrators worldwide.

Benefits of CentralReach

  • The EMR software can be used for small, medium and large scale practice.
  • Users can enjoy quality speech therapy and multi-specialty service.
  • It offers accuracy when it comes to patient appointments and scheduling.
  • It offers excellent documentation of clinical data and patient information.

ChartLogic - Link


The final EMR software company on this list is the highly rated health IT solutions provider known as ChartLogic. The software makes medical practitioners more effective in their healthcare practice. It was named one of the best HER software service provider in "2019 FrontRunners Software Advice" award.

This company also provides a software that focuses on commands and voice recognition. This makes it easy to navigate the platform and physicians are offered a better way to engage their patients without stress.

Benefits of ChartLogic

  • It supports flexibility when it comes to meeting special healthcare needs.
  • It offers IT health solutions for every role within the healthcare industry.
  • The products and services provided are of excellent value.
  • The services are tailored for medical practitioner's specialty.


The list of EMR software companies is endless but I have taken the time out to introduce you to the best ones for electronic medical records practice and services. Ensure you study the article and visit the links provided for better understanding of what each company offers.

You can also learn how to use each of these EMR software provided by each of the companies listed in the guide. Most comes with high recommendations.

Kindly share your thoughts in the comment section.

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