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Technology from the years past has evolved and has had an impact on people's lives in all ramification. It has changed our disposition to virtually everything and even how we work on them. As such, artists have gone beyond the primitive paper, pencil and paint pigment usage to the new state of the art technology on computers.

It has been established that to thrive in this new age, you must pay attention to the graphical content your business is producing as it goes a long way to determine the exposure and the positioning of your business. It has been proved that it is a more effective way of reaching out to your audience as it is more engaging than the normal textual contents. Research shows that the brain of an average human being can process images and also other related contents 60,000 times more quickly than texts. There is also a study recently where marketers of visual contents said images and graphics contents alike are the most efficient and effective tools in reaching out to their audience much more than the videos, blogging, podcasting and even live videos.

These kinds of study were the motivation of different companies investing in graphic design, both in the creation of software, hiring visual artist - both freelance and in-house. It was even recorded that close to 15 billion dollars were generated altogether in 2019 as the revenue for graphics design in the United States.

Summary of Best Graphic Design Software

Here is a summary of the tools listed above.

ToolsPriceOutstanding features
Adobe PhotoshopFree Trial/Subscription
  • Excellent user interface
  • Pre-designed flyer and poster templates
Affinity Designer License cost:
  • The ability to zoom in very close up to 1,000,000%
  • Designed to handle files of any size and complexity.
  • Switch of workspace from raster to vector and vice versa.
CorelDrawFree trial/subscription ($499 for full version)
  • Great set of tools for vector graphics
  • Affordable
Adobe InDesignStarter plan starts from $29.99
Autodesk SketchbookFree for personal Use but cost $85 per year.
  • Allows you to export to various file formats while still retaining the functionality like the Adobe PSD.
  • It has an accurate and precise tool that makes the workflow faster.
  • It has a more optimized workspace.
  • The different option of scripts
  • Multitude of plugins
  • Has high quality, professional color management.
Summary of Best Graphic Design Software
Summary of Best Graphic Design Software

List of Best Graphic Design Software in Details

These are what necessitate the need for this article which contains the best up to date graphic design solutions you can be found around. So that one can make the right choice in determining the right one to work with or buy as the case may be or even changing the one that you have been using.

Adobe Photoshop - Software

Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Photoshop

Adobe photoshop with all of the features in it has been named as the standard application for the design industry that you can use for numerous design projects like retouching including photo manipulation, flyer design, photo editing. Adobe Photoshop is very amazing software that is straightforward and comprises straightforward and more friendly. Subsequently, as the version gets better, new additions were made to it, like in the recent version, you can choose flyer template to edit.

There is a tweet on Twitter that says "When it comes to manipulation [of images, Adobe] Photoshop can do it all." And truthfully, the app is best for Photo manipulation and image editing.

The app offers a free trial, but the license cost about $9.99 per month or $52.99 per month for the full creative cloud though the price is different for teachers, students, universities, businesses and schools.

Affinity Designer - Software

Affinity Designer
Affinity Designer

This program is a progressively booming software in the world of design. It mirrored the set of tools in Adobe Photoshop. To crown it all, it is less expensive compared the Adobe Photoshop. The app is a very smooth and powerful app that focuses on improving the experiences of users and the accuracy of the flow and mastery of creativity.

Canva - Software


Canva is an app that you can just run on your web browser as it is just an online-based app. To use canva, you do not have to go through any installation, and the very amazing part is it is free to use. However, the premium version of it exists. The app is very instrumental in creating quick flyers and other graphics contents. Also, it has a comprehensive collection of fonts, and the beautiful part is you don't have to install them on your personal computers.

Canva has its mobile app can be downloaded from the app stores, both the google play store and the app store, and it can be enjoyed with just an internet connection and nothing else.

CorelDraw - Software


CorelDraw is a design app whose tools and the accompanying features made it very professional and faster for works like the webpage layout design, typography styling, photo editing, smart vector illustrations and many others.

The amazing features of the software made it very competitive with the industry leader, which is Adobe as popularly known by the communities. The software is a bit pricy, but not compared to the values and the features attached to it. The one-time purchase of the license for the 2019 edition of the software is $596 while the monthly subscription is $16.50 which is accumulated to an annual bill of $198.

Adobe InDesign - Software

Adobe InDesign
Adobe InDesign

This program stands as a must-have for every company or individual that is into publishing as a business. Since 1999, Adobe InDesign has been an app that is instrumental in laying out newspapers and magazines. The good part of it is that the layout can be exported into HTML or PDF. Both in the digital and in the print world, Adobe InDesign is a very important app.

It can also be used as a desktop publishing software for producing Flyers, Posters, annual reports, stationery, brochures and many other projects. The app also helps editors, writers and other contributors of a project to collaborate. It has other amazing features like endnotes, PDF enhancements, Objects Width and height, and paragraph borders.

Adobe InDesign can be bought as a standalone application or as part of the AdobeAdobe creative suite, which the starting price is from $29.99 per month.

Inkscape - Software


Inkscape is a very amazing and fantastic too for designing and making artworks, flyers, and even webpage designs if it is well mastered. The editing tools of the app is very flexible, and it supports importing and exporting with diverse formats which makes the usage vaster. The projects designed on Inkscape can be exported in different file formats including, JPPG, PNG, BMP, PostScript, TIP or EPS formats.

Inkscape is a very straightforward app for a beginner as it required a very little knowledge of design knows how to use. It also has access to vast learning resources for whoever so desire to learn the software. And the most amazing part is "it is free."

Autodesk Sketchbook - Software


Autodesk is a company known for making a very useful design app that is essential in computer-aided designs, and Autodesk Sketchbook is part of those beautiful productions.

With Sketchbook, you can export your designs in PSD and further work on it on Adobe Photoshop while still maintaining the groups and layers done on the software. And it is accurate and precise tools that make workflow faster. The app also makes you work on an optimized and well-maximized workspace where you can hide a particular toolbar until you want to call it out.

The most amazing part of this program is the fact that you can use it for personal Use free of all cost but will cost you $85 in a year if the usage is for an enterprise.

GIMP - Software

Best Graphic Design Software: GIMP
Best Graphic Design Software: GIMP

GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program) is a very amazing software for making very amazing graphics. It is very good software for image editing, flyer design and other graphics need. It is very easy to master, and the very good part of it is, it is an open-source app which means it is free to use.

The app is best for raster images and can allow a skill level as low as a beginner to use the program. It also has a very good community, but sadly it is not well recognized.


The list above is the best go-to software for graphic design. Your choice will definitely be on what you want to accomplish per se. example is Photo shop as much as it is very useful for flyer design is best known for image editing and photo manipulation, while CorelDraw cannot be as perfect as photoshop will be.

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