Is Paint for Mac Available and What are Best Paint Alternatives in 2023 ?

by Tony Joshie

Oh, how I love Microsoft Paint Software. With the advent of Mac, can I still get Paint for Mac ? That's one big question everyone has been asking online for some time now. Is it a Yes or a no, no? We'll get to know in this course of this great post. Let's ride on!

Why a Need for Paint for Mac Availability

Did you just pack your bag and baggage from Windows to Mac? But, deep down in your heart, you miss the Paint software you had on Windows. If your answer is in the affirmative, then get ready to get the whole gist right on this platform where we bring you closer to your desires. Plus, we've prepared other packages for you in place of Paint .

This is what you're going to find down there.

Answer to the question- Is Paint available for Mac? And, of course, we'll give you other options for Paint that applies to Mac. It's got the title- Paint Alternatives. With these alternatives, you could bring out the artist in you and shine on!

Now, just to make sure everyone is with us, Paint is simply an app for making all kinds of drawings, and it is very notable. For years and counting, it has been one of, if not the most loved tool active users of Windows software gravitate towards. For thousands of people out there, it will be heaven on earth to get Paint on Mac.

Now, to answer your question. Is Paint, a tool on Microsoft, available on Mac? The answer is simple and straightforward, NO . Sorry to break it to you that way, but it's the simple truth. However, to put a smile on your faces, you have other readily available options you can try. And, I tell you, they have the high tendency of making you relive the inner feelings of satisfaction and joy you get when using Paint.

The much-loved tool on Microsoft, Paint, is well known for its simplicity as anyone could pick it up and get around it quickly. Little wonder it's replete with fans all around the globe, from the young to the fully grown adult. The Microsoft tool gets most users fascinated up until now. Simple but topnotch. It's not close to being a super-advanced software or tool. Still, it can't just be withdrawn or taken away from computers.

More reason why several persons and users continuously go on the internet, searching tirelessly for ' Paint for Mac .' Everything to transport their most loved tool from Microsoft to Mac . Some time ago, Macintosh got a new app on its system, MacPaint, but, for some reason, it was withdrawn from recent releases . Since the so much loved Microsoft tool- Paint, is not accessible on Mac. Other alternatives have to be visited to quench your cravings for drawing on Mac.

Summary of Best Paint Alternatives in 2023



Any other info

Mac Preview app




Advanced tools.

In-built application

Paint 2


Layers(multiple layers inclusive)

Magic selection tool

Free and premium versions available



Several export formats.

Free to use

Paint X Lite


Color picker


Free and premium versions available.




Correction tools

Free to use



Advanced features

15-day unrestricted trial

One-time payment of $29.99


Slice tool

Advanced features

No free version

One-time fee of $29.99


Basic tools

15-day unrestricted trial

Premium package at $25


Other applications are now being sourced for since Paint isn't accessible on Mac, and cravings for sketching and drawings have to be met. With that in mind, we've packaged a list of apps that work fine like Paint on Mac. Although, one device to one need may be the order of the day on Mac. But, you still get your needs met.

In no particular order;

Mac Preview App

The Preview app is integrated into the Mac system. So it's the default app for drawing and other related things on Mac. However, it has got a couple of features to enable it to pass as the Paint for Mac. Mac Preview app is loaded with some feature that lets you to;

  1. View.
  2. Draw
  3. Edit and many other whatnots.

The only effort you need to put in is to move your desired image to the icon( Preview icon ) found in the dock. To go another way, use the right-click button when placing the cursor on the preferred image-afterward, open and select Preview.

The most sought after tools of the in-built Mac Preview app are;

  1. Crop
  2. Rotate
  3. Zoom

Mind you; you can also access more advanced features by merely checking the Toolbox. It's right there, standing on the left area of the search box. From there, you get other exciting features to incorporate into your work.

Paint 2

Are you looking for an app with at least identical layout with the sought after Microsoft tool, Paint? Then you're on the right page. Paint 2 layout is nearly the same as Paint on Microsoft. So you can relive your experience on Microsoft Paint right here with Paint 2 installed on your Mac. All features are readily available, even the airbrush look-alike you have on Microsoft Paint.

It doesn't stop there. You can also get refined tools such as layers to help boost your creativity and design skills. Layers can be flipped upwards and downwards depending on how you want it. To serve you more, you can activate the multiple layer feature to get more robust designs.

Another feature you cannot, but notice, is the magic selection feature , which comes very handy. Paint 2 comes in two forms:

  1. Free version
  2. Premium version.

As expected, the premium package comes with more features and benefits to make it surpass the free one. Well, it's more advisable you plunge in for the free mode, that's if you employ its services occasionally. But for experts in the house, do well to go for a premium package. You can get the app here.

PaintBrush - Paint Alternative


Number three on the list! It comes whole as a free package for all and sundry on Mac. Like you do on Microsoft Paint, you could also draw or sketch, edit, and other stuff on PaintBrush . Your most loved feature, spray-can airbrush , is also available on PaintBrush. With this tool, getting first pictures using a light tool is no more a big deal. To top it all, your handiwork can be saved in any format you decide, PNG inclusive.

L earn more on how to use PaintBrush in this video:

Paint X Lite - Paint Alternative

Paint X Lite
Paint X Lite

This is another Microsoft Paint alternative that comes with both a free and premium package. Paint X Lite is the name for the free package, and yes, you'd get all the fundamental tools embedded in Microsoft Paint. Examples of tools it has in common with Paint are;

  1. Color picker
  2. Text box
  3. A pencil and so on.

With these tools, a masterpiece is sure.

One little drawback when you use the free mode is that you get to see an inscription with the words- "Created by Paint X" on it. It's shown in a watermark form.

Gimp - Paint Alternative

Is Paint for Mac Available and What are Best Paint Alternatives in 2023 ?: Gimp
Is Paint for Mac Available and What are Best Paint Alternatives in 2023 ?: Gimp

It's open-source in nature, and all Mac users can access the app. With its capabilities, it can equally compete as an alternative for Microsoft Paint. Graphics designers will be pleased with their collection of tools and features. You know no limits or boundaries when using the app as long as you open up your creative mind. Tools are not a problem; you'd get every one of the tools you need. Filters are also at your reach to add more tweaks to your handiwork. More so, GIFS are also possible through layers .

You have no issues with the app layout, as it is easy to navigate. However, newbies might require quality time on it to pick every nook and cranny of the app. You can go through the link below to get the app:

Acorn - Paint Alternative


Every one of the necessary tools in Microsoft Paint can be found here on Acorn plus extra features to help boost your creativity. Paint and Acorn have similar interfaces, and you can get your way around it quickly. Layers are quite available for you to employ to add more beauty to your creative artwork.

So that you know, you can get a 15-day unrestricted trial version for this app. Afterward, you go for it with just 29.99 dollars.

Pixelmator - Paint Alternative


In its store, you are bound to get well-refined features to enable the quality artwork you have inside of you to become original. So, it can duly be considered as a Paint alternative.

The advanced features don't stop you from getting the basic ones Microsoft Paint offers.

Simplicity is the hallmark of its layout. So every user is promised easy navigation. A notable feature you'd get on this app is the Slice tool. With the Slice tool, slicing images is very much possible, and you separately send them.

Click on the link provided to learn more on how to use Pixelmator:

A limiting factor is a fact that you do not get a free package. A one-time payment of $29.99 is needed to access the app.


Wrapping it up with this Paint alternative, Mischief. Right on the app, you get every fundamental tool a drawing app should have.
So get ready to translate that exceptional imagination you have into a creative piece of art with Mischief. The layout gives no issues as it is identical to Paint.

You've got two packages at your disposal: the free mode and premium package. Although you've got to cough out 25 dollars for the premium version, you have the rare chance of getting a 15-day unrestricted trial version. So, get around it before making any decision.


As it stands, there's no Paint software for Mac. Do well to get your hands on these beautiful alternatives and see which one does it for you.

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