How to Buy Bitcoin Efficiently and Effectively in 2023

Best Places to Buy Bitcoin

by Tony Joshie

Get along with dealing with the state-minded digital currency!

According to Marc Kenigsberg, the Blockchain is the technology while Bitcoin is the essential yet first mainstream manifestation of its potential!

What Bitcoin is all about?

You might be wondering about what Bitcoin is? Let us release your hassle and set your mind at ease. Bitcoin is merely a digital currency which is far most popular in today's era of digitalization. Similar to the traditional currencies such as Pounds or U.S. dollar, Bitcoin has a relative value when compared to other currencies.

This versatile cryptocurrency is used for the purposes of making investments or online purchases but it has a greater percentage of risk. The online purchase can be made from well-recognized companies that accept bitcoins such as Expedia and The Bitcoins can also be used for settling down an outstanding payment or debt.

How Bitcoin Works?

The Governments does not sponsor any kind of Bitcoin and it operates through a specific system where the coins are earned by the members of the Bitcoin community. The coins are earned through the process of mining in which computers or digital technology is used for calculations. The coins can further be exchanged with any other currency. Further, the Bitcoin currency is prone to massive fluctuations that adds on to the risk factor that makes it unsuitable for legitimate investments. Unfortunately, an illegal use can be made out of Bitcoins such as buying of illegal drugs.

Why use Bitcoins?

The Bitcoin frenzy audience proclaims it to be the currency of the future as it might hit great value in the upcoming era while some people disregard the use of Bitcoins. Have a quick review at the benefits of using Bitcoins:

· A high rate of liquidity as compared to other digital currencies

· Widely accepted in the form of payments

· Much convenient international trading

· Comparatively low fee of transaction

· Privacy and Anonymity

· Free from external influence such as Political Agents

Places to Acquire Bitcoin in 2023

After looking upon all the details of this virtual currency, now it is your call whether you would like to get a piece of the Bitcoin pie. Bitcoin storage is essential while making its purchase. Watch the below video to learn more about bitcoins and know more: 


Have a review on the places to pick up Bitcoin at your earliest:

1. Coinbasse - Bitcoin Site Link


One of the best places to get bitcoin!

It is one of the leading yet most reputed platform to purchase Bitcoin in the US market. It does not stands a chance of being superseded by other relevant platforms. It comes with the function of both wallet and exchange that makes it one of the feasible platform to begin dealing with Bitcoin.

It works in the following manner: Sign up to your account, then connect your Bitcoin account with the bank account, transfer your funds and finally convert the currency as per your requirement. You can either convert it to Bitcoin or revert them back to dollar. A minimal rate of charge is implied by the Coinbase. Making a purchase with the debit or credit card further adds on to the charge fee.

What's exciting about Coinbase is that it is a secure platform that also supports Litecoin, Ethereum, and Bitcoin. The wondrous features of Coinabse also include:

· Accessibility through web or mobile

· Strong backup

· The insured cash amounts to $250,000.

· Prevents from theft by holding 98% of currencies of customers.

Coinbase is designed to satisfy the people by leading the virtual currencies in US.

2. Robinhood - Bitcoin Site Link


Bang for the buck platform!

It is one of the functional places that is best regarded for low cost. It has grown lately to be a hub of global digital currencies. People consider Robinhood because this can be easily availed without any charge. Robinhood is known to support 15 currencies and serves the Bitcoin fanatic audience.

It works by making an account where coins can be stored. This out of ordinary platform is user-friendly and can be accessed through the web, facilitating user to use Robinhood as per their comfort. Nevertheless, it works in only 16 states which might downside its operations. It is expected to work in more states in the upcoming future.

3. SquareCash - Bitcoin Site Link


Known for versatility !

Work without fee. Yes, Square cash is a mobile app that assist you in buying and selling of Bitcoin with no charge or fee. It performs great for transferring money absolutely free of cost. It belongs to Square, which is a leading financial company.

Square cash is all about holding Bitcoins in Sqaure cash account and making convenient selling and purchasing. Along with this, you have an option of transferring your coins to another wallets and allows limitless selling.

4. Binance

Great to use for low rates!

Binance acts wondrously by supporting different virtual currencies such as Binance Coin (BNB), Ethereum and Bitcoin. Unlike Square cash, it works with a meagre percent of fee which makes around one percent of the entire trade. Due to the flexible nature of this platform people have good brand perception of Binance.

Satisfying the customers with variety of options, Binance supports different cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin Cash, Skycoim, Ethereum Classic, Litecoin, Stellar Lumens, TRON, ICON, Ripple, EOS, and several other infamous digital currencies. The currencies are offered in comparatively low prices, however, the consumers have complains pertaining to the withdrawal of their currencies. The Company is striving hard to provide great customer experience.

5. Coinbase Pro

Designed to serve active traders!

It was previously known as GDAX but later the things took turn and the name was transformed to Cainbase Pro. It is highly regarded as one of the leading yet strict trading platform which has made an instant hit with its great function in the field of Bitcoin buying when it was introduced. According to the extent of the trading that has took place, a charging fee is applied. The fee further ranges from 0.10% to 0.30%. According to the statistics, every month majority of the people trade around less than $10 million, thus they are eligible to be charged in 0.30% tier.

It has user-friendly structure which makes trading much easier where the funds are insured and secured. This releases the hassle of the consumer from being scammed or hacked. Around $250,000 of the cast in Coinbase Pro is insured while the coins are kept safe in offline form so that there are lesser chances of theft.

6. CoinExchange

CoinExchange is all about exchanging coins!

It sounds weird to state that coins are exchanged in CoinExchange. If we simplify, it says that it works for converting the digital coins yet the best platform to do so.

This platform also offers low charges for turning Bitcoins into other coins. The rate is about 0.15 percent of the total activity. It is categorized as the largest platform for coin exchange thus, coping up with the needs of the Bitcoin frenzy people. It is simple to use with a user-friendly website layout. Further, CoinExchange offers great support and security for the currencies to avoid any sort of mishap, spam, fraud or theft.

It is one of the demanding platforms for the user, whereas, what it fails to offer is unstable safety policies, the shortage of mobile apps and the low trading volume in comparison to other Bitcoin trading platforms.

7. Coinmama

Don't get perplexed, Coinmama is here!

Undoubtedly, it is one of the quirky means of transaction. Coinmama is claimed to have a stable presence in around 188 countries, amounting to more than 1 million customer base in these areas. This is easy to use and enables the user to buy Bitcoin in different increments in just a number of clicks. On the other hand, it charges relatively higher fee in the process of real-time transactions.

It comes with nice interface which is easy to handle and is of robust quality with consumer friendly features. There are no such mobile apps for Coinmama that might add on to the comfort of the user. Every time the user has to visit the web page in order to use Coinmama.

Coinmama is recognized as one of the top-notch money business in the US, managimng to outrank its opponents. Moreover, it encourages the trading by user from its own holdings rather than trading in the open market.


Charlie Shrem states that Bitcoin has a great potential and he's just looking forward to it as a billion dollar industry.

Since we are living in the era of digitization so Bitcoin is the future of currency. The aforementioned places help you acquire Cryptocurrency but while dealing don't forget to make decision cautiously because of the great risk involved. It is often questioned about the value of Bitcoin; and the experts' answer it that the great value of Bitcoin is because of its usefulness and scarcity.

Watch this video to know more about the best places to buy bitcoin in 2023.

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