How to Convert Your Visa Gift Card to Cash in 2022

Are you looking at the gift card sitting in your drawer and thinking of cashing it? We heard you!

Gift cards are an excellent and multipurpose invention. If you have not bought gift cards frequently, you might not know that some gift cards offer promotions and discounts to the buyers. Other than this, gift cards can be your savior if you are looking forward to buying a gift for your friends and family. It is noted that people tend to buy more gift cards during promotions and festivals.

Why Buy a Gift Card? - Site Link

Why Buy a Gift Card?
Why Buy a Gift Card?

People who prefer online shopping must know how handy gift cards are. Especially in quarantine, when you should avoid going out much, buying a gift for anyone is quite troublesome. However, you can buy a gift card to present without much hassle. The card can be ordered online and delivered to the receiver's address. There are several benefits a gift card provides you as a buyer:


Buying a gift card is a simple and effortless way of buying a gift as you can order online without going out.

Easy on The Pocket

You might be thinking of gifting something specific to your friend or acquaintance, but that's a bit expensive. What could be a better option than giving them a gift card to buy something of their choice?

Choice Liberty

Sometimes it happens that we buy something for someone that they do not like. The person might not mention it to you, yet it might not be useful to them either. Presenting a gift card saves you from this scenario as well, where you might end up wasting your money.

How to Use a Gift Card? - Site Link

How to Use a Gift Card?
How to Use a Gift Card?

Depending on the kind of gift card you have, it can be used for various purposes. Some gift cards can be used at several stores, whereas you can apply some only at some specific store. Others can be redeemed online as well. The utilization of these gift cards is vast and convenient as you can cash them along with shopping opportunities.

How to convert visa gift cards to cash?

Sometimes when we need instant cash, gift cards can be a quick way to get hands-on some money. Let's tell you some of them.

1. Sell Your Card

There are many ways you can make money from your gift card, and the most conventional is selling your gift card. The cards can be sold in one way or the other, some of which include

  • Selling Through a Website

Many websites allow you to sell your gift card and get money in exchange. Some sites, like CardCash, Raise, Cardpool, and Giftcard Zen are the most popular websites to sell. If your card is a digital one, it will be bought off immediately by the website. Yet, you do not need to worry even if your card is not a digital one. The company might send you postage to post the card to them.

The important thing is to know all the details about the card selling and buying policies of the website. Checking the reviews at the site and other users can be helpful in this regard. While you check for the reviews, do check if you would get the entire amount or some of it as usually, websites do not pay the whole amount. Yet, the percentage of the total value of the card is a good deal in need.

  • Put on an eCommerce Website

Another way of selling your card online is by listing it on any of the eCommerce websites. Platforms like eBay, Amazon, Etsy, and some others allow you to put your products and sell them on your choice of price. Want to know the benefit of selling on the eCommerce website instead of the company website? The eCommerce websites offer a simple yet significant advantage that they do not subtract any prominent amount of money from your card.

A few attributes related to the eCommerce website selling include

  • Though the e-commerce websites do not charge an amount on your card, they keep a little percentage as a commission which is not very significant
  • While putting on the price on the website, remember that you would also have to ship it.
  • If you want to get the card sold out instantly, it is advised to keep a price a bit low to catch the buyer's attention.
  • Selling Through Apps

Other than the websites, some gift card companies also offer selling your card through the app. Sites like eBay, Raise and others have applications that can you can download on the mobile for vending the gift card. The process is straightforward

  • Download the app on your Android or iOS phone
  • Add your card number if your card is digital (or send your card)
  • Select the method of receiving payment

Like the website, though, the apps also deduct a percentage of the amount on the card.

  • Sell Your Card to an Acquaintance

This is the most convenient, comfortable, and cost-saving method for selling the gift card that is not of use to you. Selling your gift card to e friend or acquaintance is beneficial in many aspects as compared to the other mentioned ways

  • You can get cash in hand instantly without waiting
  • The commission or percentage deduction is omitted from the transaction
  • Sending of the card by postage is excluded

2. Buy Money Orders

Though people don't use money orders much today, you can use your card to get a money order in return. Few gift cards like those issued by Walmart allow you to get a money order in exchange for your gift card. By this method, you can later deposit the money transfer into your account and use the money as you wish.

Money orders can be bought off against very few gift cards now, because of the exploitation. Stores noticed that people would by these cards, use the rewards, and then get money orders against it. You must take care if you opt for this option. Undoubtedly it is among the simplest methods of transforming a gift card into money. But, bankers do not recommend doing this repeatedly. Numerous accounts have been blocked for depositing multiple money orders.

3. Use the Card to Pay Bills

You can use your visa gift card to pay your bills as well if you don't want to cash it. Paying bills by the gift card is quite convenient if your provider allows you to make payments through the card to other services. If you have a Visa gift card, paying bills can be more manageable as Visa cards are accepted widely worldwide. Not only can the gift card be used to pay bills or subscriptions, but also to pay installments and mortgages.

4. Search for a Gift Card Exchange Kiosk

It will be a steal if you can buy groceries or any other item from a store through your gift card. Gift card exchange kiosks can be found in several grocery stores. The kiosk would not offer you a considerable item in exchange for the card, but you might get an offer that you can use. The process is easy as you just have to put your card details into the kiosk and wait for it to present you with an offer. If you like the offer, accept it and use the voucher for shopping or receive cash. If the offer is not much feasible for you, you can ignore it.

You can find the nearest store with such a kiosk by searching for a locator in your area. Usually, these kiosks are identified by their bright yellow color.

5. Forward the Gift Card to Somebody Else

A spare gift card can be a blessing if you have a wedding around the corner or your friend started her business, and you want to send them a gift. The Visa Credit cards usually come in a higher denomination, which makes them practical to be given out as a present to near and dears. In case of no other application of your gift card, you can pass it to your friends as well. Isn't it a perfect deal!

6. Use PayPal

Many of you might know about PayPal that lets you send money from one account to another with a minimal fee . But what you might not know is that Pay Pal also enables you to cash your Visa gift card for sending money.

Though PayPal charges 3% of the total value, it is the right way of getting money from your card when you need it.

7. Buy and Sell

No, we are not talking about buying and selling gift cards! Let us tell you that you can benefit from your Visa gift card to make some profit as well. Don't know much about it? Let us show you.

As you know that PayPal enables you to pay through your gift card, it can be used to get money this way. If you find any good deals that you can get by paying through your gift card, grab it right away. Making any deal purchase through your card can benefit you in two ways:

  • You can use your card to pay for grocery or any deal you find on the online store
  • You can sell the discount bought items at a higher price and make some profit

These are among the simplest ways of cashing your gift card if you do not need it. Either pay your bills with it or sell it through a website, numerous options are available for you to cash the visa gift card.

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