Filmora vs. Movavi – Which is the Better Video Editor?

by Tony Joshie

In our world today, videos have become an integral part of your daily life and activities. As a parent, we capture the steps taken by our children at home. We also capture every exciting moment, ranging from wedding ceremony to the first graduation at school or other learning institutions.

Video is also a vital part of the entertainment industry. As an entertainment geek, you capture videos for your newly released songs and films produced. While capturing these videos, you must consider using a fantastic video editing tool to fine-tune the video to your taste. A video editing tool is a computer program designed to edit digital video recordings. With the video editing software, you can trim, slice, cut, and arrange video clips seamlessly. Once the videos are edited, you can post them to your social media platform and video streaming sites like YouTube.

Summary of Filmora vs. Movavi

The table below summarizes the pros and cons of Filmora and Movavi

Video Editor Pros Cons
  1. Users can apply effects and filters effortlessly.
  2. It has arrays of drag and drops features.
  3. It has a stylish text editor and fantastic audio mixer.
  4. It has an in-built color grading tool and screen split templates.
It does not have a motion tracking and video keyframe tool.
  1. It supports arrays of video formats.
  2. It has a high speed converting feature.
  3. It supports massive portable devices.
It has limited editing features.

Nowadays, there are arrays of video editing software. However, two fantastic video editing tools are famous among entertainment geeks. These video editing tools are Filmora and Movavi. The two video editing tools have exciting features that thrill their users at all time points. Due to their popularity in the entertainment industry, most of their users have little or no idea about their differences. Therefore, it is imperative to closely examine the detailed comparison between the two video editing tools. Today, I will be telling you the differences between Filmora and Movavi video editors.

What is Filmora

What is Filmora
What is Filmora

Filmora is a fantastic video editor developed by a company owned by Vbroadcast Limited. The company is called Wondershare. The video editing tool has three main versions. These include the Filmora 9, Filmora Scrn, and Filmora Pro. The Filmora 9 is designed as a primary video editing tool for personal use only. The Filmora Pro and Scrn are designed for professional use. Hence, the Filmora Pro and Scrn versions are designed professionals in the entertainment industry's video editing section. The Vbroadcast limited has got an excellent video editing academy created to train people who desire to know more about video editing. The Filmora video editing tool supports Mac and Windows OS.

What is Movavi

Movavi is an excellent video editing software designed and developed by Movavi Software Limited. The software has three versions for its users. Each version comes with its exciting features. The versions are the Basic Video Editor, Video Editor 360, and Video Editor Plus. The Basic Video Editor is developed for personal use while Video Editor Plus is designed with extra features. Hence, you can use it for personal and professional use. The Video Editor 360 is designed for panoramic videos. Movavi also has a Video Editor Business and premium Video Suite. The two versions provide an all-round solution. The two versions have all you need when it comes to video editing activities. Other products available with Movavi are video converter, screen recording studio, slideshow maker, and Gecata that records gameplay. Movavi has a well-planned academic program with tools used for practical training on screencast and recording.

What is Movavi
What is Movavi

Pricing Option of Filmora and Movavi

Filmora Pricing

Filmora is a popular video editing tool that allows its users to determine the kind of subscription plan they desire. Filmora has affordable packages when compared with the features available on them. Suppose you subscribe to an individual package at the cost of $39.99 renewable annually. In that case, you will enjoy all the features designed in the software, technical support, receive regular updates, and no watermark. You can also subscribe for a lifetime on the same program at $59.99. Filmora also has an unlimited package at the cost of $99.87. The package comes with unlimited downloads from its standard library. The business plan of Filmora is divided into basic, premium, and standard packages. The basic plan of Filmora costs $12.99 monthly. You need to pay $24.99 monthly to subscribe to the standard plan. The premium plan of Filmora costs $57.99 monthly. All the products have all the full features of Filmora. These features include free updates, full access to filmstock library, and tech support. The business plan also has multi-user control. However, the basic plan does not have a flexible payment option and sales support. When you subscribe in bulk, Filmora will reward you with a discount.

Movavi Pricing

Movavi is a video editing tool that offers its users two major subscription plans, which are - individual and business plans. There are personal prices you must pay for Movavi products. These prices are - Movavi Video Editor at $39.95 and Video Editor Plus at the cost of $59.95. The Movavi Screen Recorder Studio costs $59.95. For the Movavi Video Suite, you pay a personal license price of $79.95. The business license and Video Editor 360 price cost $169.95. You can buy the Movavi Video Editor Business plan at the cost of $99.95.

From the pricing systems of Filmora and Movavi, it can be inferred that the business product's pricing system is higher in Filmora than that of Movavi. Most of the products of Filmora are available on a monthly or annual subscription basis, which eventually costs more. With Movavi, you are required to renew your subscription once at a fixed cost. Hence, the price does not change.

The Features of Filmora and Movavi

TheFeatures of Filmora and Movavi
The Features of Filmora and Movavi

Ease of Use

Both Filmora and Movavi are easy to use. The two video editing tools have a similar user-friendly interface that is straightforward to navigate for new and existing users. Their interface is simple and similar. After downloading the video editing software, you will have unlimited access to the documentation or training videos and manuals that will assist you in acquiring basic knowledge about their operation.


Both Movavi and Filmora have similar user-interface. However, there are significant differences when they are closely observed. The icons of the Movavi interface are large and easier to access. Movavi also displays the important icons you will need while editing videos on the screen. These features are absent in Filmora. Though the functional icons of Filmora are accessible, the icons are not as conspicuous to see as Movavi. The icons are often hidden in other features, making it a bit difficult to access for new users.

The Functionality of Filmora and Movavi

Both Filmora and Movavi have similar functionalities. The Movavi Video Editor and Filmora 9 provide support for the vast majority of input media formats available. The two video editing software supports a wide range of output formats. They can read video files in MOV, FLV, AVI, MP3, AAC, MP4, and many other audio and video formats. Both Filmora and Movavi support videos in 4K resolution formats and multiple devices. The two video editing software has excellent recording functionality. However, there are slight differences between them. For instance, Movavi and Filmora can record videos with webcams and camcorders. The two video editing software can also record audio footage. However, you can only capture videos from VHS and TV tuners with Movavi. Also, Filmora is the only tool that provides screen capture services. You have to subscribe separately to the screen capture services of Movavi.

Editing Tools

Video editing services are the main reason for using Filmora and Movavi. The two video editing software has rich editing features to edit your video or audio recordings effortlessly. You can trim, split, add effects, and fonts to videos with the two editing software. You can also edit tracks individually with Filmora and Movavi. Both Movavi and Filmora can be used to edit overlay on video that has an existing background. With Filmora, you can only edit the video overlay when the video is captured with a green screen. The Filmora video editing software allows you to split videos into different ways, while Movavi can only be used to split videos vertically or horizontally. With Movavi, you can automatically adjust your video and audio while it is only possible manually on Filmora.


Movavi offers its users adequate instructions and also provides excellent online support to both new and existing users. Movavi has got self-explanatory articles and different resource materials that will assist users in navigating the software easily. Filmora has excellent tutorials. However, no forum is available to handle the challenges encountered by its users. Filmora has an FAQ section. But doesn't provide sufficient information to address users' challenges. Filmora has a feature whereby you can open a complaint ticket. However, you are not sure if there is a backlog of tickets they need to attend to. Therefore, it can be said that Movavi offers better support services when compared with Filmora.

OS Compatibility

Both Filmora and Movavi support Windows and Mac OS. The two video editing software provides updates for the two operating systems. With regular updates, their performance is optimized in the devices. Filmora is available on the latest Windows and macOS versions, while Movavi supports older versions of the operating systems. For instance, you can use Movavi on Windows Vista, XP, 7, 8, and 10.


Video editing is an important activity in the entertainment industry and as a social media influencer. Today, I have compared the two video editing tools. Please read through them and get informed about the two video editing software.

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