Most Expensive Air Jordan Sneakers Ever Sold

Michael Jordan is an icon, and even those who never watched NBA games feel the impact and aura of Michael Jordan as the greatest basketball player in history. As a result, Michael Jordan's sneakers are not just a sneaker, but an embodiment of ideal values he is looked up to for. Air Jordan has remained popular amidst fan and non-fan of the legendary Michael Jordan and has become people's favorite sneakers, most famous, and expensive sneakers plug today.

What could be the most expensive sneakers Air Jordan sneakers sold? Here we've got an updated top 10 list of the most costly Air Jordan sneakers, their prices, and its features, with Air Jordan 12 (Flu Game) topping the list, with a cost of $104,000.

People would give anything to have a pair of Air Jordan, even with the numerous purchases of shoes and other sneakers brands. However, it's a more expensive brand, ranging from hundreds to thousands of dollars, compared to other brands. Still, people always devise a means to buy and own it and even get the latest, vintage, and more expensive one.

There is mental connectivity with Michael Jordan himself and the sneakers. In 1997, during Games 5 finals, Michael Jordan played with flu-on flu (Air Jordan 12). He played tirelessly, although he was exhausted, apprehensive, and sometimes stumbling around the court. Still, he was resilient, and he wasn't stopped from victory. It was iconic and added his resume to his legendary. Jordan's mentality of not being a quitter and a spirit of endurance becomes a symbolism of Air Jordan sneakers to anyone who owns or puts on the sneakers.

Air Jordan has now become a fashion emblem everybody wants to have in their possession. It's more like a cap on the feather to wear Air Jordan sneakers; there is this sense of belonging when you prance on it.

Most Expensive Air Jordan Sneakers Ever Sold:
Most Expensive Air Jordan Sneakers Ever Sold:

So what's the big deal about wearing Air Jordan? Well, to so many people, possessing a pair of Jordan feels like you are part of a history Jordan has made with his epic performances in basketball. His massive fan base relates to this a lot. Kids and aspiring basketball players draw inspirations from the stories told of this legend, and Air Jordan has become a symbol of His legacy. For "Jordanheads," every pair has underlying stories to be shared with generations coming. Another unique feature of Air Jordan is that the manufacturer produces each pair with a piece of Michael Jordan in it. This is a reflection of Michael Jordan's legacy. Each pair has a highlight of something from his basketball lifestyle, his values, achievements, and his passion for the sport. For most sneakerheads, to have Air Jordan is a hard-won honor.

Nike started the sale of Air Jordan in 1985, and since then profited hugely from the deal.

Summary of Most Expensive Air Jordan Sneakers Ever Sold

Here is a table below summarizing the above listed expensive Air Jordan sneakers ever sold:

Most Expensive Air Jordan sneakers Price($) Year of Release
Air Jordan 12 (flu games)$104,0002020
Air Jordan 12(Drake's collection)$ 100,0002017
Air Jordan Silver shoe (autographed)$60,0002020
Air Jordan 2 OG$31,0001986
Air Jordan 1 (autographed)$25,0001985
Air Jordan 1 (Black and gold)$25,0002020
Air Jordan 11 (Blackout)$21,7802018
Air Jordan 10 OVO$20,0002016
Air Jordan XVII (Out of the box)$ 11,2672002
Air Jordan V$10,0001990

The Most Expensive Air Jordan Sneakers

1. Air Jordan 12 (Flu Game) - For $104k

Air Jordan 12 (Flu Game) - For $104k
Air Jordan 12 (Flu Game) - For $104k

Air Jordan 12 (Flu Game) makes the top of our most expensive Air Jordan list. This sneaker has an underlying story of Jordan's legendary flu game. At Game 5, NBA finals, Michael Jordan had flu symptoms, but he was resilient and never quitted the game. Added to that, he scored a 38 point to win his fifth title. The pair Jordan was wearing then, known as flu games, became an iconic symbol for his victory and was bid for a whopping price of $104,000, which is the most expensive of the Jordan's ever sold.

2. Air Jordan 12 OVO (Drake's Collection) For $100k

Air Jordan 12 OVO (Drake's Collection) For $100k
Air Jordan 12 OVO (Drake's Collection) For $100k

Air Jordan OVO limited shoe edition was created in collaboration with Drakes brand "October Very Own - a copy of Drakes personal pair." The edition was released in whites and blacks. People loved the black more. It has a gold touch on its side with Drakes signature, and a translucent sole completes the OVO look.

3. Air Jordan Silver (Autographed) - For $60k

Air Jordan Silver (Autographed) - For $60k
Air Jordan Silver (Autographed) - For $60k

This brand is a sophisticated styling. Although it looked simple and wasn't fan favorite, however it's still one of the expensive sneakers, with Michael Jordan's autograph that complement it. It is also an embodiment of Michael Jordan's history and more value to fans and sneakerheads. This sneaker was received as a gift from his wife, and only ten were released.

4. Air Jordan 2 OG - For $31K

Air Jordan 2 OG - For $31K
Air Jordan 2 OG - For $31K

This Air Jordan surprisingly got sold on eBay for $31,000. Although not a famous model and not amongst fan favorite, however, it looked modest. It was produced in Italy, designed by Bruce Kilgore. It is also available in 2 colors.

5. Air Jordan 1 (Autographed)- For $25K

Air Jordan 1 (Autographed)- For $25K
Air Jordan 1 (Autographed)- For $25K

This Air Jordan is one of the most carved and revered ever manufactured, with basketball legends autographs. Sneakerheads and fans, in particular, were crazily in love with these sneakers, especially with the fact that the colors were Chicago Bulls-inspired, bringing back Michael Jordan's memories. You see the reasons why its price is unique.

6. Air Jordan 1 (Black And Gold)- For $25K

Air Jordan 1 (Black And Gold)- For $25K (sneakernews)
Air Jordan 1 (Black And Gold)- For $25K (sneakernews)

This sneaker came out as a few editions, clad in leather, and released in 2003. The metallic gold whoosh complemented the patent leather, giving it a very glossy outlook. The color blend was one of its kind, and hardly have anyone seen such. This sneaker's peculiarity brought about the increase in price and the most expensive Air Jordan list.

7. Air Jordan 11 (Blackout) - $21,780

Air Jordan 11 (Blackout) - $21,780 (sneakerbardetroit)
Air Jordan 11 (Blackout) - $21,780 (sneakerbardetroit)

The peculiarity of this Jordan is that, it was the first Nike patented leather with carbon design. The pair is entirely coated in leather and can be worn for both formal occasions and basketball. It is also one of the most wanted basketball shoes, and Nike has released retro editions with the blackout edition sold for the galactic price of $21,780. Michael Jordan wore these shoes during the NBA championship and for filming the movie Space Jam. Since then, its popularity has been at its peak.

8. Air Jordan 10 OVO- for $20K

This Air Jordan was created initially for Drake and his crew members. It was to signify the partnership Jordan's brand had with the brand. The sneakers have a gold OVO owl logo of "Octobers very own" (Drakes clothing line). A fan of Drake became lucky at Drakes Night event and owned one of this pair. He jumped on the opportunity and put it up for sale for a whopping amount of $20,000, making it one of the most Air Jordan sold.

9. Air Jordan XVII (Out Of The Box) - for $11,267

This is one of the sophisticated design of Air Jordan sneakers. It was made available in 2002. Jordan wore them when he played for Washington Wizards, marking the return of a basketball legend to the field after a brief retirement. The sneakers also had a fashionable shoe box and a removable shroud covering almost all the shoe part s, adding to its sophistication.

10. Air Jordan V- for $10K

This is the fifth Michael Jordan signature sneakers, released in 1990, designed by Tinker Hatfield. These sneakers initially had Nike air signature on them but replaced eventually with Jumpman Logo. These pairs were sold for $10,000, also marking it as one of the most expensive Air sneakers on our list.


AJ (Abbreviate for Air Jordan) was created and produced exclusively for Michael Jordan in early 1984 and was publicly released in late 1984.

Air Jordan is still the top shoe dealer, even though Michael Jordan is retired from the basketball court. Michael Jordan has far earned more from the shoe deal than contemporary basketball players like Kevin Durant, LeBron James, and the likes.

Air Jordan has changed the way basketball is played. Everyone apparently, dreams of being like Michael Jordan, high up in the air, reaching for that hoop.

Initially, Nike wasn't on Michael Jordan's list for a deal. He wanted the famous Adidas and converse as of then, were top basketball shoemakers. But when Nike presented to him the concept of a signature "Air Jordan," Michael accepted Nike and boom, it is what it is!

Air Jordan has beaten the records of most expensive sneakers in the subsequent year. Even after more than 35 years, people still stay in the queue to cop the latest release of Air Jordan sneakers. A remarkable fact is that those who wear Air Jordan are from different walks of life. It's still most famous as ever, and upcoming generations are joining the Air Jordan league.

I hope you are looking forward to get one of the Air Jordan pair soon, if you don't own one yet?

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