Top Best Pencil Artist in The World

As far back as the 17th and 18th centuries drawing with a pencil has been invoked and it is not slowing down even in this present age.

Words though sometimes fail us when we try to express the wonderful feeling, we derive from seeing some fantastic work of art. These beautiful creations have a way they connect with our emotions and take us to some realms we couldn't have dreamt of going to. They get to capture our attention because of how fascinating they are. Some of these works are inspired by what some of the artists have witnessed through their journeys and experiences over the years, while some are just pure products of imagination. The most interesting part is that these works birth out of imaginations get to have deep significance as the realm of imagination is limitless; our imagination has the freedom to run wild and express itself.

Summary of Top Best Pencil Artist in The World

Quite a number of things in this world are believed to be easy and can be done with just talents alone, and pencil drawing is one of them.

Artist Uniqueness
Monica Lee
  1. Animal, products, portraits, and images of people.
  2. Sometimes she uses colored pencils.
Paul Cadden
Most of his works are photography, stills, or video-based. (inspired by pictures or some things he has seen somewhere)
Lleana Hunter
Most of her works are portraits and are mainly celebrities based (celebrity images)
Diego Fazio
Most of his drawings center on shading but majorly just the faces of his subjects. (their facial appearance of his subjects)
Pierre-Yves Riveau "PEZ"
  1. PEZ has a perfect way of blending both details and content
  2. Merged images (more than two different subjects in one drawing), e.g. a skyscraper in the middle of an already chewed apple.
Dirk Dzimirsky
Most of his works have light and shadow effects.
Kelvin Okafor
Most of his works are portrait images of people.
Marco Mazzoni He loves drawing nature, animals, plants, birds, etc.
Adonna Khare
Most of her work centers on using animals to tell stories and share life-related issues.

Top Best Pencil Artist in The World

As much as talent is super important, and it places someone a tad higher than their contemporaries , it is not the only thing needed. More than the talent you need to master some skills and techniques, with this, you can easily create some amazing art turning your imagination into reality on paper or your drawing board. Getting a paper and pencil to draw with is relatively easy, the not easy part is how to make others believe what you've created with your pencil and paper is not photography but a pure realistic work of art a simple drawing or a 3D drawing. As much as we enjoy the feeling, we derive from seeing these pictures, and we must know some of the best artists when it comes to pencil art.

Monica Lee (Malaysia) - Link

Monica Lee (Malaysia) (spotify)
Monica Lee (Malaysia) (spotify)

Hailed from Malaysia, Monica Lee is a passionate pencil artist, who is driven by her desire to create realistic drawings, photo esque kind of drawing. She does her best to focus well on the details of everything she's drawing. When you see her work, you get to wonder if it were pencil work or photos taken with a camera. Monica Lee also prides herself well as a good Photoshop artist creating beautiful works using this software. That is in addition to the regular animal, products, portraits, and images of people she often draws. Sometimes she uses colored pencils so her works could be more attractive.

Paul Cadden (United Kingdom) - Link

Paul Cadden (United Kingdom) (dailymail)
Paul Cadden (United Kingdom) (dailymail)

Paul Cadden, Born in the largest city in Scotland, Glasgow. Cadden was more or less born with a pencil and paper as he started drawing at the tender age of six (6). He ranks high when it comes to the best in the field of a pencil drawing that can be traced to the hyper-realistic pencil drawings he creates. Most of his works, though are amazing portraits and landscape drawings, meticulously drawn to capture the attention of the viewer. His works are a perfect blend of nature and our immediate surroundings. You can't see his works and not pay attention to your immediate environment. He takes you through a journey of your world in one place right on paper. Most of his works, though are photography based, or videos, they also have some added components which makes them hyperreal.

Ileana Hunter (Romania) - Link

Ileana Hunter (Romania) (pinterest)
Ileana Hunter (Romania) (pinterest)

Most pencil artist after realizing that they are talented when it comes to drawing, they try to go for drawing classes so they can perfectly hone that skill by learning adequate techniques to help them while drawing. Lleana though was on a different level, she did not go to any class to hone anything, and she sat on her own to hone her special drawing techniques. Most of her works, though are portraits and celebrities based. Some of her popular works are the drawings of Rihanna, Grace Kelly, just to list a few. She's uncharacteristically fast as it takes her a maximum of two days to get minimal drawings done and just a few more days to get super detailed images done.

Diego Fazio (Italy) - Link

Diego Fazio (Italy) (
Diego Fazio (Italy) (

The Italian is a very popular pencil artist, known on every social media platform as DiegoKoi. He is also one of the very few artists who sat on their own to hone their pencil drawing ability by developing their special techniques. He was set on his path to becoming one of the world's best pencil artists with his Koi drawing. The koi accompanies his name now DeigoKoi. Before he then started drawing portraits. When he draws, he loves to make everything detailed. Most of his drawings center on shades couple with the facial appearance of his subjects. They have a way they connect to the emotions of those viewing them.

Pierre-Yves Riveau "PEZ" (France) - Link

Pierre-Yves Riveau
Pierre-Yves Riveau "PEZ" (France) (picliste)

Hailing from France, a resident of Nantes. Pierre-Yves Riveau is a very talented pencil artist. Popularly known as PEZ on almost all social media platforms. PEZ is a professional illustrator, graphic designer, and painter too. Unlike other artists who decide to focus on either the content or details, PEZ has a perfect way of blending both as he pays attention to both content and details without excluding anything. And as a result, most of his works are jaw-dropping. Unlike other artists who tend to focus on animals, nature, and celebrities, most of PEZ artworks have average subjects that are not alien to us, even so, they and not portrayed in the regular way they are creatively drawn to pass sure messages about life and all the struggles that come with life. When it comes to PEZ you have some astonishing work of art, deciphering the message his artworks are trying to pass sometimes may prove difficult than you could've imagined but never the less, he's works are always exceptional.

Dirk Dzimirsky (Germany) - Link

Dirk Dzimirsky (Germany) (fineartblogger)
Dirk Dzimirsky (Germany) (fineartblogger)

Hailing from Germany Dirk is a professional when it comes to painting and pencil art. He has the power to produce hyper-realistic drawings without excluding any detail. He loves using the light and shadow effect on his drawings; this effect creates an amazing feeling in the mind of his viewers as it connects to their emotions and helps them experience some spectacular feelings. Viewers can easily put themselves in place of the subject and have a good experience in the world of imagination. His works are ever unique as they are always fascinating and never seize to hook the mind of their viewers.

Kelvin Okafor (United Kingdom) - Link

Kelvin Okafor (United Kingdom)
Kelvin Okafor (United Kingdom)

Born in the United Kingdom, kelvin is more than just a regular pencil artist. Kelvin Okafor over the years has developed some amazing techniques that have helped him grow when it comes to creating hyper-realist drawings. When you think about professional portrait drawings, none other than Kelvin Okafor comes to mind. He's more of a human portrait, and he pays attention to fine details, sometimes you get to wonder whether he's working are product on pencil and paper or a photographed image. His work is hyper-real, as simple as they appear, they are more than just common artworks. He also teaches others how to hone their drawing skills with techniques he has tried out himself.

Marco Mazzoni (Italy) - Link

Marco Mazzoni (Italy) (widewalls)
Marco Mazzoni (Italy) (widewalls)

Marco hails from Italy, and he's an Italian based portrait artist. He attended Brera Academy of Fine Arts in Milan where he obtained a bachelor's degree in painting. Most of his works are done with colored pencils he doesn't. He is so much in love with nature, and his immediate surroundings and most of his works reflect this. He loves to draw animals, plants, birds, etc. he has famously drawn the Sardinian female herbalist from the 16th to 18th century. His works have a way of capturing the attention of its viewers. I bet there are fewer things that can make you fall in love than Marco's drawings.

Adonna Khare (United States of America) - Link

Adonna Khare (United States of America) (youtube)
Adonna Khare (United States of America) (youtube)

An American based pencil artist, she centers on big carbon pencil drawings. She has won big in the ArtPrize competition (the biggest art competition in the world). She attended California State University, where she obtained her Master's degree in Fine Art. Most of her works are based on animals as she integrates them in telling stories that relate to life issues. And her journey and experience through life.


Top Best Pencil Artist in The World
Top Best Pencil Artist in The World

Art is relative, the kind of artwork that would capture your attention and would grow on you which you'd end up falling in love with cannot be chosen by anyone else but you.

Some may come to love nature; some could be animals' others could just be the technique employed by the artist . There is no superiority when it comes to your choice of artwork. Just seat relax and connect your emotions with whatever piece of art you must have grown fond of, let your emotions roam wild, the realm of imagination is limitless, give your eyes some beautiful work of art and let your soul enjoy.

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