Top Most Expensive Cat Breeds in the World: Ashera vs Savannah

Cats (feline) are a great and unique animal that possesses the trait capable of bringing great joy to your household; they love to eat, nap, and play. Cats come with unique and outstanding personalities (can be mysterious and cuddly or crazy and shy). And one essential thing to note about cats is their high intellectual abilities.

It will be nice to note that the US's second most famous pet is the cat, with a pet feline (cat) found in 47.1 million homes close to a pet dog found in 60.2 million homes. According to the Human Society of the United States (HSUS), there is an estimated calculation of a total number of 94.2 million pet feline in the United States.

Nevertheless, some cats are way too expensive that you'd be surprised they cost that much. Yes, while some breeds are given substantial medical care to have them live a healthy and long life, other breeds cost a lot of fortune to acquire.

You must be wondering what's cats are going to be in the list of the world's most expensive cat breeds. Well, there is no need to wonder anymore as this article provides you with the list of the 12 most expensive cat breeds in the world. With this list, you will also get to know about the temperament, style, and health of this top list of the world's most expensive cat breed.

This article is perfect for cat lovers who would love to know the most expensive cats in the world and those who want to acquire a luxurious, expensive, and exotic cat.

Summary of Top Most Expensive Cats Breeds in the World

Top Most Expensive Cats Breeds in the World
Top Most Expensive Cats Breeds in the World

Having listed the 5 most expensive cat breeds globally, here is a table to summarize them, highlighting each breed's essential features.

PRICE RANGE $22,000 - $125,000$10,000 - $50,000$4,000 - $25,000$1,800 - $5,500$1,700 - $5,000
  1. Weighs 30pounds.
  2. Fascinating coat.
  3. Pointed ears.
  1. Tallest world's cat.
  2. Long legs
  3. Large size.
  4. Dazzling coats.
  5. Huge ears
  1. Are playful in nature.
  2. Love to talk.
  3. Full of energy
  4. Love to fetch things.
  1. Comes in different colors and variations.
  2. Wussy-like face.
  3. Melodious voice.
  4. Loves to play.
  5. Communicate with eye expression.
  1. Well-built muscularly.
  2. Are peaceful creatures.
  3. Lack of hairs.
  4. Presence of webbed feet.
  5. Oval toes.
  6. Affectional and smart.
  7. Vulnerable to sunburn.
  8. Sensitive skin.
  1. Los Angeles.
  2. Crossbreeding between an Asian leopard, African serval, and domestic cat.
  1. Crossbreeding of the Persian cat (domestic) and the African serval cat (wild).
Mating between some domestic cats and a wild Asian leopard.
  1. Traced to modern-day Iran (19thcentury Persia).
  1. St. Petersburg Russia 1988.
  2. Crossbreeding of an oriental shorthair and a Russian Donskoy cat

Top Most Expensive Cat Breeds in the World

1. ASHERA ($22,000 - $125,000)

ASHERA ($22,000- $125,000)
ASHERA ($22,000 - $125,000)

This is the costliest feline (cat) breed out there and extremely unique. To acquire this breed, you will be expected to pay a whopping amount of $125,000 as well as significant vet charges.

More Features:

  • Ashera weighs almost 30 pounds, and one thing to note about the Ashera is its quiet behavior, although it's known as a wild cat. It is a hybrid of the Asian leopard, African serval, and the domestic cat.
  • This cat breed is produced by a firm based in Los Angeles, and only 5 of these species are produced in a year.
  • Ashera can be seen as a specialized breed as they come with the best cat features, fascinating coat with both the tiger stripes and the leopard spots. Also, the Ashera stands out with its pointed ears. They can be belts trained this way; you can show them off to your friends and neighbors.
  • One trait peculiar to this particular cat breed is the lounging into heated coating during cold periods. Thus knowing that their ancestors come from a hot climate, they tend to snuggle into something warm.

2. SAVANNAH ($10,000 - $50,000)

SAVANNAH($10,000 - $50,000)
SAVANNAH ($10,000 - $50,000)

The Savannah is another costly cat breed produced by the crossbreeding of the Persian cat (domestic) and the African serval cat (wild). The first-ever Savannah breed was produced in 1986 by Judee Frank, who happens to be a Bengal breeder. Soon the Savannah cat breed became famous during the mid-1990s, that the association of breeder accepted it.

More Features:

  • The Savannah breed is one amazing breed of cats that is loyal, just like the dogs. They do socialize with strangers and, of course, with other pets if and only if they were exposed to adequate training in their early stages. The ones that aren't used to having strangers around tend to hiss and growl.
  • According to the world's Guinness book of Records, the Savannah breed is known to be the world's tallest cat (domestic). Other features of the Savannah breed include; long legs, large size, dazzling coats, and huge ears. They are full of energy, intelligent, and curious creatures who require an active human interaction.
  • As stated earlier, the Savannah breeds are a mixture of a domestic and wild breed; thus are regarded as very exotic. Thus before considering getting or acquiring one of these breeds, do well to check out your state law as this cat breed is banned in most states.

3. BENGAL ($4,000 - $25,000)

BENGAL CATS ($4,000 - $25,000) - Source: thedodo
BENGAL CATS ($4,000 - $25,000) - Source: thedodo

The Bengal cat is the third most expensive cat on our list. This breed is a product of the mating between some domestic cats and a wild Asian leopard.

Its origin can be traced to 1970 when the Asian leopard was available at stores to be bought as pets. The first-ever Bengal breed to be produced was born in California, and it was unplanned as the owner Jean Mill didn't expect the Asian leopard cat to mate with her other tomcat.

More Features:

  • The Bengal breed is playful in nature as they love playing with water as much as fetching things and love to talk.
  • It's advised that the Bengal cat breed owners provide them with wealthy cat trees as they love lofty places. This way, you get to exhaust their energy as well as keep them entertained for hours.
  • They are huge cats in terms of size compared to an average cat, and this is because of their feral origin. Their lifespan range from 10 to 16 years.

4. PERSIAN ($1,800 - $5,500)

On number four of our list of the world's most expensive cat breeds is the Persian. According to some evidence from history, this cat breed has been in existence for years now, even before 2,000 years ago. Still, records have the origin of the Persian cat breed traced to modern-day Iran (19th century Persia).

More Features:

  • They are known for their wussy-like face, melodious voice (though they hardly speak as they always tend to communicate with eye expression), epicurean long hair, and a great personality.
  • The Persian cat breed loves to show tenderness and cuddling.
  • Like the Bengal cat breed discussed in number 3 of this list, the Persian breed loves to play, and with their expressive eyes, they look so delightful and cute.
  • One amazing fact to note about this particular breed is that it comes in different colors and variations.

5. PETERBALD ($1,700 - $5,000)

The Peterbald cat is one classy Russian breed, which we have to occupy our number five (5th) on this list as one of the most expensive cat breeds in the world. This breed's name is gotten from their place of origin (St. Petersburg) in Russia.

Peterbald was first documented in Russian as the first cat with a rare coat in the year 1988. And after that, Peterbald was shipped out to another part of Europe. The first Peterbald breed came into existence as a product from an oriental shorthair mating and a Russian Donskoy cat (which also has a hair loss dominant gene just like the Peterbald breed).

More Features:

  • The Peterbald is a hairless breed though some of them come with a coat that looks like a peach. The lack of hairs in the cat breed results from a hair-loss gene, which is dominant, unlike that of the sphynx's, which is recessive. Sphynx, by the way, is a domestic cat breed with a hair loss gene.
  • They are peaceful creatures with sweet temper and great affection, thus good for children. They are also well-built muscularly.
  • One unique feature of this particular breed is the ability to turn doorknobs, which is possible because of webbed feet and oval toes.
  • This breed is known to be affectional and smart.
  • One essential thing to note about Peterbald is that its skin is susceptible ; thus, children need to be very careful while handling this breed, and also, the Peterbald breed can't spend much time outside as it is vulnerable to sunburn.

Apart from the above mentioned five (5) most expensive cat breed in the world, some other cat breeds cost a fortune. Some of these breeds include;

  • Sphynx ($900 - $3,000)
  • Scottish fold ($800 - $3,000)
  • American curl ($800 - $1,300)
  • American wirehair ($1,000 - $1,200)
  • Maine coon ($400 - $3,500)
  • Siberian ($1,000 - $2,000)
  • American shorthair ($600 - $1,200)


As you were able to see in the above-listed cat breeds, the prices differ a lot depending on the type of cat breed involved. The more unique and rare a cat breed is, the luxurious and costly it's prone to be.

As you can agree with me, every domestic cat, no matter the breed, has essential needs, which include; shelter, food, veterinary care, water, and above all, a credible and loving human companion.

The most significant thing here is proving much love to your cat. Always enjoy every moment together. There is no limit to the amount of companionship and joy you can get from the little furry friend you let into your life.

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