Weirdest Games That Broke the Internet

by Tony Joshie

It's been quite some time now that the gaming industry has superseded almost every other industry in terms of active users, fans and as well as economy. The industry has grown to be massive and there is no stopping it, judging by the quality of upcoming games it isn't hard to anticipate a prosperous future of the gaming industry.

While it's developing and advancing technologically day by day, let us take you on a ride to look at the weirdest and unconventional video games that are definitely going to make you go crazy. And here are our top 10 picks.

Rocket League

It's a whole new concept and surely a weird one. It combines car driving and stunt games with soccer of all things! But guess what it actually became a massive hit. Who would have thought that cars playing football one day would be the most popular game of all time with millions of players playing it. But it sure isn't an easy game to master, so you better boost Rocket Leagueto unleash it's true potential.

Rocket League

Fall Guys

One of the most unconventional games in history that almost instantly broke the whole internet. A simple yet fascinating take on the Wipe Out show turned out to be extremely popular amongst the gaming community with millions of players playing the game all around the world.


This game might sound too simple and normal from all the reviews you read out there, but it was actually quite the opposite for me. I have never played a more confusing game than this, it felt like a massive junkyard of ideas, a pure wreck for me and totally a bizarre game,

Roblox Fart Attack

Probably The Stinkiest game of all time, it stinks like hell but it is so much fun. Fart Attack is a user created game on the Roblox platform that has been making a lot of noise lately. If you haven't played it yet, grab a cheap Roblox account on Eldorado and try it out right now, You won't regret it!


A post-noir narrative adventure game that surely looks great but lacks a bit in other fields. It's basically about a raccoon turned Sherlock Holmes who traverses dystopian Vancouver inhabited by animals.


Bloodroots is a unique overhead-view melee combat game starred by Mr. Wolf, a lumberjack who loves violence probably more than his wife. It offers an intense gameplay making you move through different environments at high-speed and using anything and everything as a throw-able weapon.


It's a medieval manuscript looking turn based combat game that features various weird creatures, from drop-kicking dogs to bow shooting rabbits against pious nuns.


A little girl venturing into gloomy woods in search of her family might sound like some Scandinavian folk tale and that being adapted into a game works wonders for sure. On the way the protagonist encounters weird and wicked creatures while having a wide variety of puzzles to solve, the game surely sounds like a treat.

An Airport for Aliens currently Run by Dogs

This one is surely the Godfather when it comes to weird games, it's a first-person open-world comedy adventure game with a very long name. you and your fiancée are the last two humans standing while everything else is just being run by dogs.

Boyfriend Dungeon

Boyfriend Dungeon is an upcoming dungeon crawler-dating simulator indie game developed and published by Kitfox Games. It takes place in a sci-fi urban fantasy setting that looks really alluring but the game itself is quite a weird concept to be honest. I mean who thought of a human partner helping you through dungeons by becoming different weapons.

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