Worst Prisons in the World

by Tony Joshie

Since the creation of the world, people have been involved in criminal activities or the other. While some people get involved in theft and murder, other people commit crimes that are punishable under the law.

That said, prisons are established by governments and higher authorities in different countries of the world to curb criminal activities. When you commit criminal offenses, you are charged to court. After reviewing your case, the judge may sentence you to prison depending on the extent of your crime. As of today, many prisons are overcrowded while some new ones are opened to accommodate more people. This is done to flush out criminals from society. After a series of reviews, some prisons are tagged worst because of the extent of overcrowding, high possibility of transmitting deadly diseases like tuberculous, and other factors. The availability of worst prisons necessitates the need to discuss them based on their ranks.

Summary of Worst Prisons in the World

Summary of Worst Prisons in the World
Summary of Worst Prisons in the World

The table below summarizes the places where the worst prisons are established.

Worst PrisonsLocation
San Juan de LuriganchoLima, Peru
GldaniTbilisi, Georgia
Black Beach PrisonEquatorial Guinea
Nairobi PrisonKenya
Gitarama PrisonRwanda
Camp 22North Korea
Butyrka PrisonRussia
El RodeoVenezuela
Kamiti Maximum Security PrisonKenya
Mendoza PrisonArgentina
Diyarbakir PrisonTurkey
USP Florence ADMAX
  1. Florence, Colorado

Worst Prisons in the World

Therefore, today, I will be telling you the worst prisons in the world.

1. San Juan de Lurigancho

an Juan de Lurigancho
an Juan de Lurigancho

Top on the list of the world's worst prisons is San Juan de Lurigancho established in Lima, Peru. When you visit the prison, you will enjoy watching cockfights, the selection of drugs, and access to the latest black-market technology. When you enter the prison, there is a high probability that you will not get out alive. This is because there is hardly any guard that prevents the inmates from killing each other. Despite the provision of facilities for 2,500 inmates, the San Juan de Lurigancho prison is overcrowded with more than 7,000 inmates. The inmate in this prison are nationals of different countries that have committed criminal offenses and were convicted in Peru. The San Juan de Lurigancho comprises hardened criminals, sex offenders, murderers, and many more. The inmates are not separated as they are free to mingle with petty and young offenders. In 1986, 90 inmates were killed in a riot that erupted in the prison. Years later, another dutch inmate killed his Peruvian girlfriend and buried her somewhere around the cell floor.

2. Gldani


Gldani is a prison established for people that commit a different range of offenses in Georgia. The prison is created in Tbilisi. Gldani is ranked as the second-worst prison in the world for some specific reasons. Though it seems to be quiet, it contains inmates that were convicted of sexual assaults, violence, murder, and other deadly criminal offenses. When you visit the prison, there are high chances of experiencing violent sexual assaults, the tuberculosis epidemic, and savage beatings.

3. Black Beach Prison

Black Beach Prison
Black Beach Prison

Third on the list of the worst prisons worldwide is the Black Beach Prison located in Malabo, Equatorial Guinea. The prison takes in nationals from different parts of the world - so far they are convicted in the African country. When you are convicted and sentenced to the Black Beach prison, you will be greeted with overcrowding, chronic diseases, malnutrition, occasional rat infestation, torture, and guard brutality.

4. Nairobi Prison

Nairobi Prison
Nairobi Prison

Established in 1911 in Kenya, the Nairobi Prison is another prison in Africa that has made the list of the worst prisons worldwide. The prison was created with the capacity to host 800 prisoners. As of today, it hosts about 4,000 inmates. Due to the current congestion witnessed in the Nairobi Prison, 12 inmates are forced to share facilities that are initially created to cater to the needs of three people. Aside from the overcrowding challenges of the prison, inmates experience violence, systemic abuse, and all forms of communicable and non-communicable diseases.

5. Gitarama Prison

Gitarama Prison
Gitarama Prison

Next on the list of the worst prisons all over the world is the Gitarama Prison. The prison is located in Rwanda making it the third African prison that has made the list. When it was established, the Gitarama Prison was designed to accommodate only 400 inmates. As of today, it has over 7,000 inmates on its register. Due to the overcrowding and unfavorable condition experienced by the inmates, most of them are forced to walk barefooted and also stand throughout the day. Dozens of inmates die daily due to different kinds of diseases. Some other inmates have their legs amputated because of incurable infections.

6. Camp 22

Camp 22
Camp 22

Camp 22 is the first prison in the Asia continent that has made the list of the worst worldwide. The prison is located in North Korea. The prison comprises women, men, and children that are convicted of committing varying degrees of crimes. The Camp 22 prison also has innocent people that are convicted for different reasons. The inmates in the Camp 22 prison are made to toil the field for 12 hours daily and 7 days weekly. They are hardly fed with bread and water to keep them working while serving jail term in the prison.

7. Butyrka Prison

Butyrka Prison
Butyrka Prison

The Butyrka Prison is the first prison in Europe to be ranked among the worst prisons worldwide. The prison comprises people convicted of different kinds of crimes in Russia. It gives a perfect example of how the Russian authorities handle criminal elements in the country. When you visit the Butyrka Prison in Moscow, it has overcrowding issues whereby facilities that were initially designed for 10 inmates are shared by 100 inmates. Apart from the overcrowding challenges, the inmates are faced with health challenges like contracting communicable diseases like tuberculosis and deadly disease like AIDS.

8. El Rodeo

El Rodeo
El Rodeo

El Rodeo is another prison from South America that is ranked among the worst prisons worldwide. El Rodeo is located in Venezuela. The authorities of Venezuela created the prison with maximum-security facilities that can accommodate about 50,000 inmates. It is also designed to accommodate most violent criminals convicted and sentenced to prison in Venezuela. When you visit the prison, you will witness all forms of rioting and gang violence. The armed forces of the country have had to intercept and restore law and order on different occasions when there is gang war in the prison.

9. Kamiti Maximum Security Prison

Kamiti Maximum Security Prison is one of the worst prisons in Africa. The prison is ranked among the worst prisons worldwide. The Kenya-based prison hosts a lot of criminals and people convicted of all forms of crimes in the country. When you visit the Kamiti Maximum Security Prison, cholera has become part of the normal diseases they live with. The inmate also experiences rape, malnutrition, systemic abuse, inadequate medical care, and other bad occurrences. These unsuitable experiences make the prison ranks among the worst prisons worldwide.

10. Mendoza Prison

Mendoza Prison is the worst prison located in Argentina, South America. The prison was established to cater to a sizable population of criminals that are sentenced to prison for different offenses. As of today, the Modena Prison has over more inmates than it can accommodate. Many a time, the inmate uses plastic bags and bottles for washing purposes. They also seek assistance when they have rigor mortis. The awful experience of inmates in the Mendoza Prison is the reason why it has made the list.

11. Diyarbakir Prison

Turkey is among the most notorious nations that have the worst records of human rights abuses. The Diyarbakir Prison was established to curb the notorious activities of the Turkish populace. The condition in which inmates live in the Diyarbakir Prison is horrible. The prison is overcrowded with more inmates than it can accommodate. The inmates in the prison have tried their best to draw the attention of the Turkish government and concerned authorities to their predicaments by embarking on hunger strikes. However, their efforts have yielded no positive result as the condition of the prison keeps deteriorating.

12. USP Florence ADMAX

USP Florence ADMAX is a maximum-security facility that was established in Florence, Colorado. The prison was created to host high-profile criminals all over the world. The prison is designed in a way that the criminals don't know the exact location they are at any time point. The prisoners in USP Florence ADMAX have access to only one source of natural light. Prisoners that desire to stretch their legs will have to walk around the 4-inch by 4-inch slit. Some experienced wardens have tagged the prison as the cleaner version of hell.

Wrap Up

The establishment of prisons in different countries of the world has assisted governments and higher authorities to flush out criminals from the societies. While some people have gotten fair experiences in prisons, other people have got unpleasant experiences in different prisons in their countries and as immigrants in other countries. Today, I have discussed the worst prisons based on the worst conditions that are experienced by the inmates. Enjoy reading.

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