Best Ping Pong Tables in 2023

by Tony Joshie

Sports is one of the exciting activities most people enjoy in this dispensation.

Nowadays, table tennis is among the sports that have gained widespread acceptability worldwide. The game offers amazing benefits ranging from body exercise to wellness. That said, you need a ping pong table to enjoy your table tennis game at any time point. Nowadays, many ping pong tables are consistently introduced to beginners and experienced players. Hence, you must purchase the best and save some funds. Therefore, today, I will be telling you the best ping pong tables you can purchase in 2023.

Summary of Best Ping Pong Tables in 2023

The table below summarizes the features of the best ping pong tables in 2023.

Ping Pong TablesFeatures
Joola Tour 2500
  1. It is simple and straightforward to set up.
  2. It is affordable for beginners and experienced table tennis players.
  3. It is built with a closed packed and undercarriage design.
  4. It is handy, tough, and durable.
  1. It is designed for permanent indoor purposes.
  2. It has a strong undercarriage feature.
  3. Its platform is divided into two halves.
  4. Each half has four legs for effective support.
  5. It has a net and foldable.
Cornilleau 700 Crossover Outdoor
  1. Its assembly can take up to 2 hours.
  2. It is handy, close-packed, and has wheel brakes.
  3. It has unique protective pads that prevent any harm.
  4. It has a built-in ball storage container.
Cornilleau 850 Wood ITTF Indoor
  1. It is a perfect fit for contemporary homes, sports bars, and game rooms.
  2. Its assembly time is between 1 to 2 hours.
  3. It is designed with natural wood color.
  4. It has angled corners.
  5. It has an undercarriage feature.
  6. You can fold for easy mobility.
Cornilleau 510M Outdoor
  1. It has a non-folding feature.
  2. It is perfect to be used as a permanent table.
  3. It is not approved by ITTF.
  4. You can attach it to the floor or hoist easily.
  5. It is durable even in harsh weather conditions.

Top 5 Best Ping Pong Tables in 2023

Best Ping Pong Tables in 2023:
Best Ping Pong Tables in 2023:

1. Joola Tour 2500 - Link

 Joola Tour 2500
Joola Tour 2500

The Joomla Tour 2500 has a 108 by 60 by 30 dimension, weighs 249 lbs, an assembly time of 15 to 20 mins, a two-piece design, and a surface thickness of 25mm. It is a special table that functions as well as a competition table despite being cost-efficient and simple to set up for home players who want a really sturdy table at a reduced cost. The competition table has a few remarkable features such as a tabletop that is 25-mm in width, a strong build, a resilient undercarriage, and a close-packed design with two stand-alone halves placed separately.

Joola as a brand is known for their superiority and top-performance, have been the registered ping-pong table used in the Olympics for several years, US Open, ping-pong competitions and can be found in recreation centers, schools and many homes in the United States. It is very handy and built such that it can be stored easily. The halves incorporate each other to lessen storage space. Joola Tour 2500's tabletop is developed from an MDF 25mm in width, a thickness that enables the ping pong ball to bounce up and equally for players to partake in the game at a top competition level. The MDF board of the table is sprayed using a multi-layer paint job that guards against chipping and improves the lifespan of the table. Its undercarriage and the metal frame are built from solid materials and the undercarriage is tough and durable.

2. Stiga Expert VM (German version) - Link

 Stiga Expert VM (German version)
Stiga Expert VM (German version)

Stiga Expert VM weighs 313 lbs, has a 108 by 60 by 30 dimension, one-year warranty, a stationary two-piece design, and a surface thickness of 30mm. This is the best table for an averagely permanent indoor use such as at gymnasiums or sport rooms for those who want a sturdy well-performing table. Several versions of this table exist but we recommend the one from Germany.

The factory that designed this table builds some of the very renowned sporting tables you can find and the Stiga Expert VM has a few brilliant features amongst which are a 60mm frame, strong undercarriage, and 30mm tabletop. Stiga Expert VM is built having two separate halves attached with a net and can be folded and set aside for very simple storage. The strong 60mm steel frame of the table supports the table and its legs are built with strong steel. Each half of the table has 4 strong legs for optimum structural balance. The table is meant to be used in sports but can also come to play in garages, barns, recreation centers, gymnasiums, or any form of indoor environment where a laden high-performing table is needed.

3. Cornilleau 700M Crossover Outdoor - Link

 Cornilleau 700M Crossover Outdoor
Cornilleau 700M Crossover Outdoor

Cornilleau 700M Crossover Outdoor weighs 244 lbs, has a 108 by 60 by 31.2 dimension, an assembly time of 1 to 2 hours, a 10-year warranty, one-piece design, and a surface thickness of 9 mm. It is a brilliant outdoor table for all kinds of players with a bounce tested to meet standards, can be stored conveniently, and accommodates little space. Cornilleau is a French brand that builds some of the best outdoor tables you can find and this model is one of the finest and handy tables. The reason is due to its close-packed design, wheel brakes, 16 point locking system, and more.

The table has two halves attached with the aid of a 16-point locking design for increased safety and that can be folded for convenient maneuverability. Its big 8-inch wheels are uniquely designed for outdoor use and are covered using tough rubber that guarantees fluid movement and prevents the table from hitting or scraping rough surfaces. These wheels have separate brakes as well employed to make the table remain in place. However, the legs in the absence of wheels have steel inserts for increased balance.

Cornilleau 700M Crossover Outdoor features protection pads at every corner to ensure the sharp edges do not harm anyone and is pre-designed with an in-built ball storage container that can retain balls and rackets. Its tabletop is built with resin laminate treated to withstand wear and tear from tough weather and the coating and paint of the tabletop safeguards it against losing its material structure and durability. Cornilleau 700M is a brilliant choice for past-time players as well as competitive players who want an outdoor environment. It can be enjoyed with friends and family members at the pool.

4. Cornilleau 850 Wood ITTF Indoor - Link

 Cornilleau 850 Wood ITTF Indoor
Cornilleau 850 Wood ITTF Indoor

Cornilleau 850 Wood ITTF Indoor weighs 269 lbs, has a 108 by 60 by 30 dimension, a 70mm frame, an assembly time of 1 to 2 hours, a one-piece design, and a 25mm high-density surface. It incorporates a fluid mix of features, design, and functionality is a perfect fit for office game rooms, contemporary homes, and sports bars. The table can be viewed as one of the very beautiful types you can find as you will appreciate it upon sighting.

Cornilleau 850 comes with a pretty exterior with the addition of natural wood color and a polished top that is so pleasing. Its elegance is further heightened through its angled corners. The table's surface is constructed from top-quality chipboard and its frame is built from wood whose structure directs ball vibrations to produce unmatched sound players will love. Its undercarriage hoists two stability bars at each side of the table, there is an extra stability bar at the center joined to the net posts and the table doesn't shake so easily despite constant and intense play.

Cornilleau 850 Wood ITTF Indoor is designed for functionality, has a 25mm chipboard with a gray exterior coated with a sensitive finish. The cornered edges of the table offer a recreational look as well as providing additional leg space for players to enjoy their play relaxedly. Its wheels are connected to the stability bar beneath the center and have breaks installed for safety. Players can convey the table immediately and it can be folded and moved by one person. The table's net and legs both have adjusters for rough surfaces and the foldable net retracts easily when kept at bay. A few players might consider the installed net to be an inconvenience as it can be worked on only by the manufacturer. However, Cornilleau is a trusted brand and they will possibly remain in the business for years to come.

5. Cornilleau 510M Outdoor - Link

 Cornilleau 510M Outdoor
Cornilleau 510M Outdoor

Cornilleau 510M Outdoor weighs 170 lbs, has a 108 by 60 by 30 dimension, a 60mm frame, an assembly time of 1 to 2 hours, and a non-folding design. It is a perfect fit for organizations that need a sturdy permanent table that functions as a competition table. Even though the table isn't ITTF approved, it could easily scale the ITTF approval test. The table is another brilliant model from Cornilleau and a remarkable fit for lawns, patios, resorts, or outdoor sports clubs. It is built to be attached to the floor and can be hoisted with the aid of a manual inside the box.

It has been recommended as the finest outdoor table due to its lasting leg assembly, weather-resistant resin laminated table-top, and steel net. The strong steel composition of the table won't wear out with time and after exposure to tough weather conditions. There have been claims and customer reviews on its sturdiness as well as durability. It doesn't disintegrate easily despite constant daily use.


For Indoor ping-pong tables, what you should take note of is the thickness of the tabletop while for outdoor tables, pay attention to the combination of being able to tolerate any weather and bounce well. Some of them are superb for casual experiences and can be played with families especially if you have the money to spend and you want the best value on your money.

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