Best Ping Pong Paddles of 2023

by Tony Joshie

Nowadays, various interesting activities are incorporated into our daily affairs. These activities are aimed at ensuring balance in all ramifications.

That said, one of the most exciting activities - in which people love participating is sport. In response to the growing interest of the world inhabitants, sports geeks consistently introduce new sports and also modify existing sports activities to make them more interesting to sportsmen and women. As of today, table tennis is an exciting sport - played by different categories of people. The sport requires no technical training. It also has amazing health benefits. When you play table tennis, your hand-eye coordination ability will improve. It also stimulates your mental alertness. Table tennis improves your concentration and reflexes. The sport builds up your mental acuity. For those that desire to burn some fat deposit in their body system, table tennis is a great sport they can play. Yet, you cannot play table tennis without the use of a paddle. Many paddles are available in the market which is creating confusion for new players. Hence, it is important to know the best way to select the best paddle to use for playing table tennis. With that said, today, I will be telling you the best ping pong paddles you can choose from in 2023.

What is a Paddle

A paddle is a tool used for playing table tennis. It is made with laminated wood that is covered with strong rubber on both or either side. Paddle consists of six core pieces. These cores include blade, handle, forehand sponge, backhand sponge, and rubber.

Parts of a Paddle

Best Ping Pong Paddles of 2023:
Best Ping Pong Paddles of 2023:

A paddle consists of four parts. Each of these parts has a tremendous impact on your play pattern and performance. Hence, you must know the role of each part and its impact on your gameplay. I will discuss the parts of the paddle in this section.

1. The Handle

The handle of a paddle comes in three shapes. Your choice depends on how you desire to hold it and also your preference. The styles of gripping the handle of a paddle are discussed below

· Flared Handle

The flared handle is the most popular handling style used by experienced and beginners in the table tennis game. It is built with a wider feature that helps your hand from losing its grip when playing the game. With this, you will have good control of the game and hit the ball effectively.

· Anatomic Shaped Handle

Anatomic shaped handles are designed to be wider in the middle. Its awesome design helps table tennis players to fit their palms as appropriate. The Anatomic shaped handle also gives stability to you - when playing the game.

· Straight Handle

The Straight handle is another popular handle that has the same width from the top to its bottom. With the straight handle paddle, you can change your grip without any stress - during your gameplay session.

2. The Blade

The blade is made with several layers of wood. You can have between five to nine layers of woods on a paddle. The more the wooden layers, the stiffer the bat. That said, the blade must be lighter for easy game flow. Currently, the best blade available - is made with balsa wood because it is lighter than other materials. You can also have blades made with multiple layers of carbon fibers. The carbon fiber makes the blade more stronger and lightweight.

3. The Sponge

The sponge is a layer fixed in between the rubber and the paddle blade. Its thickness varies from 1.2mm to 2.5mm. The sponge facilitates your control and the amount of power applied when hitting the ball. Hence, the thinner the sponge, the easier the control you have on hitting the ball. Also, a thicker sponge helps you to hit the ball at high speed. Therefore, offensive players prefer playing table tennis with a paddle with a thicker sponge.

4. The Rubber

The rubber is a material designed on the surface of the paddle. It makes the needed contact with the ball when playing the table tennis game. The rubber has some variations ranging from short pimples to long pimples. Many a time, these variations affect the number of spins and the grip on the handle.

Summary of Best Table Tennis Paddles

The table below summarizes the features of the best ping pong paddles.

Ping Pong PaddlesFeatures
Killerspin Jet 800
  1. It offers top-notch speed, control, and spin services.
  2. The blade is 7-layered with two carbon and five wood layers.
  3. It is approved by ITTF for official tournaments.
STIGA Pro Carbon
  1. It has fantastic control, speed, and spin attributes.
  2. The rubber is made with a 2mm thick sponge.
  3. The plywood used is 7-layered with carbon technology.
  4. It is approved for ITTF tournaments.
DHS Hurricane-II
  1. It is made with red and black colored rubber.
  2. The plywood used is 5-layered and durable.
  3. It is approved for ITTF tournaments.
Killerspin Jet 200
  1. It has a good control feature.
  2. The blade is made with 5-layered plywood.
  3. It has a flared handle grip feature.
  4. It is not approved for official ITTF organized tournaments.
STIGA Evolution
  1. It offers players amazing speed, control, and spinning features.
  2. The blade is made with 6-layered plywood with a 2mm thick sponge.
  3. It is approved by ITTF.
  1. It has 5-layered plywood and a 2mm sponge.
  2. It is approved for ITTF organized competitions.
  3. It offers good speed and control when in use.
STIGA Raptor
  1. It is made with 7-layered plywood and a sponge of 2mm thickness.
  2. It is approved by the ITTF.
  3. It has fantastic speed, spin, and control features.
  1. It has excellent spin, speed, and control features.
  2. It is made with five-layered wood.
  3. It has an ITTF-approved rubber layer of 2mm thickness.
  4. It comes in a protective box that prevents damages.

Best Table Tennis Paddles

1. Killerspin Jet 800 - Link

 Killerspin Jet 800
Killerspin Jet 800

Top on the list of the best table tennis paddle is Killerspin Jet 800. The well-designed paddle has a blade made with 7 ply layers. Two of the layers comprise carbon fiber that facilitates maximum power and also promotes its lightweight feature. The amazing paddle is manufactured with a flared handle and burnt wood that makes it easier to handle. In terms of its easy usage to offensive players, the paddle is rated excellent in speed, spin, and control. The Killerspin Jet 800 is made with the popular Nitrx-4Z. The high-tension rubber contributes tremendously to the paddle's longevity. The rubber also enhances your grip and also allows easy control of the ball during your gameplay session. Furthermore, the rubber helps players to generate a huge number of spins when they hit the ball.

2. STIGA Pro Carbon - Link

 STIGA Pro Carbon
STIGA Pro Carbon

STIGA Pro Carbon is another fantastic ping pong paddle designed with a quality 7-ply blade. Two of the seven-ply blades are made with carbon - which contributes to its lightweight, power, and speed feature. In terms of rating, the paddle is excellent in speed, control, and spinning. With these amazing attributes, you can enjoy playing table tennis at a faster pace and hitting the ball faster to earn more wins. When you start the game with the STIGA Pro Carbon, you gain mastery of the control of your game easily. Though this paddle may not be suitable for beginners, it is perfect for players that desire to take their gaming expertise to a higher level.

3. DHS Hurricane-II - Link

 DHS Hurricane-II
DHS Hurricane-II

DHS Hurricane-II is an amazing invention designed to cater to the paddle needs of players aiming to take their playing skills to a greater height. The fantastic ping pong paddle enhances the spinning skills of its users. It is made with different forms of rubber. DHS Hurricane-II has red and black pimples on each side that makes it look attractive to its users. The pimples allow users to switch their playing styles effortlessly. However, the paddle offers considerable speed and power when hitting the ball. Considering its demerits, DHS Hurricane-II is suitable for intermediate table tennis players.

4. Killerspin Jet 200 - Link

 Killerspin Jet 200
Killerspin Jet 200

If you are looking for the best ping pong paddle to use - as a beginner, Killerspin Jet 200 is the best you should purchase. The well-designed paddle comes with a flared grip handle. The manufacturer designed it with 5-layered light plywood. The Killerspin Jet 200 offers excellent speed and spinning services to its users. Though it may not offer the power you may desire, it has an amazing control feature that will make you enjoy your gameplay session. Killerspin Jet 200 is a fantastic present for new players because it is sold with an attractive gift box. Though the paddle does not have the ITTF approval, you can still use it to save some funds as a beginner. With the quality paddle, you can learn the tactics in the game before investing in advanced and expensive ping pong paddles.

5. STIGA Evolution - Link

 STIGA Evolution
STIGA Evolution

STIGA Evolution is a fantastic invention that has made the list of the best table tennis paddles. Just like the famous STIGA Pro Carbon, the paddle comes with a 6-ply blade that looks lighter. It also has a 2mm thick sponge and premium rubber. The paddle is introduced to the table tennis world to cater to the need of players moving from the novice stage to the intermediate level. When you use the STIGA Evolution paddle, it helps you to maintain your control and speed seamlessly. In terms of speed, spin, and control, the STIGA Evolution is a top-notch paddle to use. The manufacturers of the paddle use the Shock Dispersion Technology to make it feel lighter when in use. Hence, it may be a great choice for attacking players.

6. STIGA Titan - Link

 STIGA Titan

STIGA Titan is a great option for table tennis players willing to take their gaming tactics from the beginner to the intermediate level. STIGA designed the paddle to give players more access to spinning and power when hitting the ball. It has five-layered plies and an inverted sponge with a thickness of 2mm. These features make you access excellent speed and spinning ability while playing table tennis with the STIGA Titan.

7. STIGA Raptor - Link

 STIGA Raptor
STIGA Raptor

STIGA Raptor is another excellent paddle designed by the STIGA paddle manufacturing company. The paddle comes with a seven-ply blade consisting of five balsa wood and two carbon layers. This composition makes it lighter and easier to control. The STIGA Raptor offers amazing speed and spinning services to its user. The handle is easy to grip because it is made with the Concave Pro material. The paddle is approved by the ITTF. Hence, you can use it in a table tennis competition.

8. Idoraz - Link


Idoraz is a great invention ranked among the best ping pong paddles you can purchase to learn or enhance your table tennis playing skills. The paddle has 5-layers of wood - which makes it easier for you to hit the ball with excellent speed and spinning ability. The two sides of the Idoraz blade are 2mm thick with ITTF-approved layers of rubber. Hence, you can use the paddle in any official tournament. The paddle also offers a fantastic control feature that is suitable for experienced and intermediate table tennis players.


Choosing the best paddle is essential for new and experienced table tennis players. Today, I have discussed the best ping pong paddles you can use. Enjoy reading!

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