How To Create Avatar Cartoons Online

by Tony Joshie

Yes, we live in the twenty-first century and we are blessed with several advancements in everything I must confess. From tech to education, business, engineering, science, and many other whatnots.

The Idea of Creating Avatar Cartoons

However, there are still a couple of issues or problems we battle, such as a breach of security. We, as much as possible, try to restrict our private information from the outside world. With this, one or two people might even find it difficult or feel very reluctant to send or upload their pictures or photos on platforms they do not trust. Well, you could possibly get around this by using an avatar photo, to at least conceal your facial identity.

More so, you might just feel the urge to create amusing photos of your loved ones, friends, kinsfolk or even yourself and post on social media platforms, tagging people, just for fun.

Whichever category you fall into, with avatar photos, you can easily accomplish your mission.

So, right on this webpage, we're going to dish out free and exciting cartoon avatar online creator that you can employ to make cartoon pictures of yourself or whoever you wish, and can even convert real photos to avatar cartoons in a blink.

But, before we proceed, it'll be appropriate not to leave anyone behind as regards what an avatar photo really is.

So, simply put, an avatar is somewhat related to a display or profile picture but not actually original. It transforms your photos into cartoon-like characters. So cool!

Now that we all have background knowledge of what it is all about, we can plunge into the main focus today.

List of Best Ways To Create Avatar Cartoons Online

Let's set the ball rolling!

In no particular order;

Pick A Face - Cartoon Link

Pick A Face
Pick A Face

Right on "Pick A Face", you get absolute access to cartoon avatar creator for no charge at all. Simply sign up to create your preferred character.

Learn more on how to use it in this video below:

You have the right to;

1. Pick a gender and your preferred language and begin working on your own character.

2. Customize the whole layout or appearance

3. Modify the size of objects, colors and in fact, the direction to your choice.

4. Successfully save your avatar character in a PNG format.

Build Your Wild Self - Cartoon Link

BuildYour Wild Self
Build Your Wild Self

From its name, you can uncover your wild self and build it to your taste. It's absolutely free.

You can go ahead to create a bunch of weird avatars you've always pictured in your mind, combine whatever features you deem fit and give it a funny and interesting look.

It's very possible for you to save your weird-looking avatar photo and even share with people on social media forums as you enjoy their outbursts and reactions in general.

BeFunky - Cartoon Link


Create funky avatar photos from original photos in no time and give it a fine digital masterpiece, just as its name suggests. One thing is certain, you'd get beautiful results as it's efficient.

See more on how to use befunky in this video:

Some features you stand to enjoy;

1. No sign up or whatever. Just find your way through to the website and begin to create your avatar character.

2. You can employ the collage maker to spice things up.

3. Photo effects very much available on the site.

Moron Face - Cartoon Link

Very funny name isn't it? Yes, you read it correctly, moron face! With this cartoon avatar maker, you can convert your photo into a whole new face, with a very funny and ridiculous look. I'd say you experiment on this tool with your friend's picture and send it to him on his birthday.

Just create that funny face, because it's free and much fun to get from it!

With Moron face, two things are sure;

1. You have free access to lots of customization options to change your facial look.

2. You can give your funny photo any name of your choice and send to various platforms at a go!

Portrait Illustration Maker - Cartoon Link

Portrait IllustrationMaker
Portrait Illustration Maker

One of the top cartoon avatar makers you can find online. You can easily tap the "randomizer" icon or button to generate a random avatar photo for you.

Also, you could create your preferred cartoon avatar photo from the scratch, that is, manually.

Oh yes! It's easy to save your work on this beautiful online cartoon avatar creator. Simply right-click on the avatar photo to get it saved.

See some awesome features you get from the site;

1. Free and simple customization of the face, shape and even hairstyle of the avatar photo is guaranteed.

2. Create cartoon avatar photos in autopilot

3. You are permitted to use it on any platform, even on blogs.

Pixton - Cartoon Link


Your short stories can be given a little more fun with this cool free online cartoon avatar maker. For simple and short stories, it's great. But, you can also use the cartoon-like photos you create from this free avatar creator to serve any other reason.

You remember drawing on MS paint, its feels the same here on Pixton too. It's relatively easy to create a cartoon-like photo on it.

Check out some of its features;

1. Topnotch when it comes to interface and user-experience. So easy navigation is certain.

2. Several conventional avatar characters at your disposal.

3. Various forms of modifications to suit your imagination are readily available.

Dude Factory - Cartoon Link

Dude Factory

Readily convert your photo into a cool dude avatar photo. This amazing avatar photo maker is there to help you out.

You can source and discover divers body parts to alter the shapes and sizes to your taste. Not forgetting, it is also possible to give your cartoon avatar photo whatsoever mood or feeling you want it to express. Cool, frightened, happy, sad and the list goes on.

Two things to note about dude factory;

1. You can select from the vast array of outfits or designs for your cartoon avatar photo.

2. It presents quite clean interface for smooth navigation.

Voki - Cartoon Link

How To Create Avatar Cartoons Online: Voki
How To Create Avatar Cartoons Online: Voki

With Voki, you get more than a cartoon avatar maker. It helps create identical avatar photos as your own self. How nice!

That's not all! It gives you several customization choices to pick from plus voice animation to add more fun to it. Very unusual in an amazing way!

Learn how to use Voki here:

To put it more clearly to you, it's not just voice animation, you can literally give it your own voice and thus, the cartoon-like animated avatar, talks like you. Common, this is super cool!

Create Your Mangatar - Cartoon Link

Create Your Mangatar
Create Your Mangatar

If you haven't found your perfect fit cartoon avatar creator from the one's mentioned earlier, this could turn out to be it. Listen closely!

With this avatar maker, you've got all the right to select and alter to your taste, the renowned avatar character, and in turn create yours with the aid of customization options.

The following might interest you.

1. You've got the freedom to make use of your avatar photos on several medium and social media sites.

2. It's relatively easy to alter, to your satisfaction, the default cartoon-like characters and/or faces

3. Downloading your avatar photos straight to your computer is allowed.

Such lovely features you can work on to catch fun.

South Park Avatar - Cartoon Link

SouthPark Avatar
South Park Avatar

It brings so much pleasure to announce to you, most especially, lovers of South Park Studios, that the website also devised a platform, free of course, to create amazing cartoon avatar photos.

No need to get yourself worked up about the procedure. See the necessary steps below:

1. Choose 'create avatar'

2. Locate the avatar gallery

3. Use the randomizer

4. Then create your own modified avatar photo.

Simple and straightforward isn't it?

See more on it down here:

1. Vast array of customization options at your disposal.

2. The customization impact shows immediately.

Marvel Superhero Avatar - Cartoon Link

MarvelSuperhero Avatar
Marvel Superhero Avatar

With Marvel Superhero Avatar, you can add more life to your avatar by bringing it close to being real.

This website offers you something different from all others. You get to award your top superheroes with super powers and looks it might be lacking. It's obviously left to your discretion.

Talk of making your wildest fantasy a reality, then Marvel Superhero Avatar it is that you need to get.

Avachara Avatar - Cartoon Link

Avachara Avatar

With this great online avatar creator, you get surplus of clothe designs and accessories to select from. Not so regular in other avatar creators.

It's arguably right to say that you only get the widest range of choices right on this avatar maker tool.

It may seem difficult. But, see the following steps on all how to navigate your way through as a newbie;

1. After opening the site, to begin design, you form the exact face-shape you want- talking about face, eyes and skin color.

2. Go to the fashion and accessories section and do your selection.

It's a great feature with easy to get steps. Backgrounds may or may not be given but play around it and create the cartoon-like avatar photo of your choice.

Let's close the curtain here. Now, for whatsoever reason you may want to employ these avatar makers, explore, spice up your experience and do use the share button so that others can join in the fun.

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