Worst Companies to Work for

by Tony Joshie

As days go by, it is important men have gainful employment from which they can earn some cash to cater to their daily and family needs. Many a time, you may seek a casual or professional job through which you can earn the cash needed to cope with the current standard of living in your location.

Nowadays, many companies are out there - providing employment to all and sundry. However, not all that glitters are gold. Some companies are well planned and situated in a conducive environment. They are also founded with impressive vision and mission statements. However, the truth is, these companies don't have all you need in a suitable working environment. Some of the workers in companies like this find it difficult to recommend them to their friends and colleagues. Companies like this are tagged worst. The arrays of worst companies that are available in the world today necessitate the need to discuss the top worst among them.

Summary of Worst Companies to Work for

The table below summarizes the companies and reasons why they get a low rating from their employees.

Union Pacific
  1. Limited opportunities
  2. Poor wages
United BioSource
  1. No fair play
  2. Poor work/life balance
  3. Poor career stability
  4. Low supportive management system
The Fresh Market
  1. Bad work/life balance
  2. Limited career prospects
  3. Meager pay
Frontier Communications
  1. Poor management
  2. Poor working culture
  3. Unnecessary changes
  4. Limited growth opportunities
Genesis HealthCare
  1. Limited career opportunities
  2. Low morale
  3. Inflexible upper management
  4. Poor remuneration
  5. Understaffing
  1. Low pay
  2. Working hours
  3. Overtime rates
  4. Progression opportunities
  5. Company culture
US Security Associates
  1. Infrequent pay reviews
  2. Low wages
  3. Lack of support
CDK GlobalWorkers are overworked and underpaid
Family Dollar Stores
  1. Low pay
  2. Low developmental opportunities
LA Fitness
  1. Low pay
  2. Long working hours
  3. Lack of remuneration
  1. Worst work/life balances policies
  2. Low pay
  3. Unrealistic quota sales.
  1. Understaffing
  2. Poor working conditions
  3. Low wages

Worst Companies to Work for

Worst Companies to Work for
Worst Companies to Work for

With that said, today, I will be telling you the worst companies to work for.

1. Union Pacific - Link

Union Pacific
Union Pacific

Top on the list of the worst companies you can work for is Union Pacific. Union Pacific is a transportation management company that has been in existence in the United States for over 155 years. The company claims to be building America since it was established. It serves communities, customers, and shareholders with a passion for service. Other objectives of the company are teamwork and high ethical standards. Despite the impressive mission and vision statement of Union Pacific, the conduct and activities of the company do not align or motivate its workers. Though the workers of the company are fully dedicated to duty, they assume that the authority does not reward them based on their working output and efficiency. The vast majority of the employees express their displeasure on limited opportunities and poor wages they receive as remuneration. After going through reviews on Glassdoor, only 22% of its customers say they can recommend its services to friends. About 12% of its employees approve of the leadership of its CEO Lance Fitz.

2. United BioSource - Link

United BioSource
United BioSource

Second, on the list of the worst companies you can work for is United BioSource. The company specializes in providing pharmaceutical support services to its customers. It claims to be dedicated to promoting brand loyalty, global product safety, patient access strategies, and many more. However, its services do not extend to enforcing fair pay, supportive management system, work/life balance, and career stability. For these reasons, only 21% of its employees can recommend United BioSource to their friends. Also, 24% of its workers are willing to approve the services of its CEO Patrick Lindsay.

3. The Fresh Market

Third, on the list of the worst companies you can work for is The Fresh Market. The company is known to prioritize the provision of excellent services to its customers. Despite the services it delivers to its customers, it has failed in its responsibility to cater to the needs of its over 10,000 employees. CEO Larry Appel has taken the larger share of the blame for its awful employees' welfare. For instance, limited career prospects, bad work/life balance, and meager pay are some reasons why 76% of its employees will not recommend it to their friends and loved ones.

4. Frontier Communications

If you are planning to seek employment in the telecommunication sector and thinking about Frontier Communications, it would be best if you can think twice. Frontier Communications is a telecommunication company founded with amazing vision and mission statements. However, a survey showed that only 23% out of its over 10,000 employees can recommend Frontier Communications to their friends. The reasons for this low percentage is poor management, poor working culture, unnecessary changes, limited growth opportunities, and many more. The CEO of the company, Dan McCarthy, has taken the largest share of the blame because reviews on Glassdoor suggested that only 14% of users of the platform approved his leadership.

5. Genesis HealthCare - Link

Genesis HealthCare
Genesis HealthCare

Genesis HealthCare is a company that was established in the state of Pennsylvania. The company focuses on providing quality healthcare to patients in the United States of America. Despite its mission statement, vision statement, and objectives that describe its activities, the company is ranked among the worst companies you can work for. Genesis HealthCare has more than 10,000 employees on its payroll. However, these employees are not happy with the limited career opportunities, low morale, inflexible upper management, poor remuneration, understaffing, and many more. These factors have resulted in the low approval rating recorded from its workers.

6. Alorica - Link


Alorica is a popular company established in the United States. The company is founded with an incredible vision and mission statement. For instance, the mission statement of Alorica is to create an impressive customer experience. Though Alorica may have followed its mission statement strictly, its employees do not enjoy the best of compensation for their services. Recently, the company's CEO Andy Lee got an approval rating of about 45%. However, the employees have complained about their pay, working hours, overtime rates, progression opportunities, and company culture. These reasons make the Alorica feature among the worst companies you can work for.

7. US Security Associates

US Security Associates is a security network that helps Americans and immigrants to secure their lives and properties. As of today, the company is ranked among the worst companies you can work for. This is because of its infrequent pay reviews, low wages, and lack of support from the management and stakeholders in the company. For these reasons and many more, only 33% out of its over 10,000 employees would recommend it to their friends.

8. CDK Global - Link

CDK Global
CDK Global

CDK Global is a computer software and hardware company that prioritizes the provision of quality services to its customers. The company has more than 8,500 staff on its payroll. CDK Global covers services like software engineering and sales reps to its customers. Despite the quality services rendered to its customers, only 38% of the employees at CDK Global recommend it to their friends. Also, CEO Brian Krzanich got 62% approval from the employees in the company. The reason for the low recommendation to friends is because the workers feel overworked and underpaid for their services.

9. Family Dollar Stores - Link

Family Dollar Stores
Family Dollar Stores

Family Dollar Stores is another company founded with an engaging and impressive vision and mission statements. The employees of the company have recommended an approval rating of 37% to its CEO Gary M Philbin. Also, about 30% of the employees at Family Dollar Stores are willing to recommend it to their friends. The review obtained from Glassdoor revealed that employees complain of low pay and low developmental opportunities.

10. LA Fitness

LA Fitness is a company that focuses on helping people to cater to their mental health and overall well-being. The company has more than 10,000 employees on its payroll. Despite its motivative mission and vision statements, it is ranked among the worst companies you can work for. The CEO of the company, Louis Welsh, got disapproval of 67% from his employees. Also, about 38% of the workers can recommend LA Fitness to their friends. The reason for this is because the employees have complained about low pay, long working hours, and lack of remuneration from the management of the company.

11. Dillard - Link


Dillard is among the largest cosmetics, home furnishing, and fashion companies operating in the United States. The company records an estimated annual sales of over $6.5 billion. Despite the higher number of customers it serves nationwide, the company has earned a low recommendation from its employees. A survey shows that 35% of its over 10,000 employees can recommend the company to their friends. The CEO of Dillard, Bill Dillard II, got an approval of 37% which is not impressive for his status. The low rating of Dillard by the employees is due to its worst work/life balance policies, low pay, and unrealistic quota sales.

12. Regal

Regal is a movie theatre chain that offers employment to about 26,047 people in the United States. The company gives discounts and free admission to people to feature in movies without any hassle. However, the purchase of the company by a UK based company turned the sweet experience of the workers to the worst. Regal was introduced with powerful and engaging objectives. Despite the dedication of its workforce to duty, it has gotten a huge percentage of disapproval from its employees thereby ranking it among the worst companies you can work for. For instance, many of the employees at Regal complains of understaffing, poor working conditions, and low wages.


Today, I have discussed the worst companies you can work for in the United States. I hope the content will serve as a guide when searching for gainful employment in the United States. Enjoy reading.

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