Best Places to Live in Florida

by Tony Joshie

Florida is a beautiful state that has attracted the attention of millions of tourists in different parts of the world.

The state is made with natural beauty and exciting attractions that thrills its inhabitants and visitors. Florida has exciting venues like the world-popular amusement parks, vibrant cities, beautiful weather, and many sugar-white beaches, and many more. In case you have being aspiring to visit a state in the United States of America, you can choose Florida. The state offers you peaceful atmosphere to live. It also have all the features and other exciting monuments you need to make your stay a memorable one.

Summary of Best Places to Live in Florida

The table below summarizes the places to live and their location in Florida.

Places to Live Location
Coral GablesMiami-Dade County
TampaHillsborough County
MiamiMiami-Dade County
Palm BeachBroward County
OrlandoOrange County
DunedinPinellas County
PensacolaEscambia County
St. AugustineSt. Johns County
MelbourneBrevard County
Fort LauderdaleBroward County
GainesvilleAlachua County

The increasing interest and influx of people to the United States necessitates the need to discuss the best place to live in the state of Florida.

Best Places to Live in Florida

With that said, today, I will be telling you the best places to live in beautiful state of Florida.

1. Coral Gables

Coral Gables (tripadvisor)
Coral Gables (tripadvisor)

If you are interested in living in a green and serene environment in the state of Florida, Coral Gables is the best place to reside. Coral Gables is a place that has the perfect combination of commercial and residential haven. It offers people all the social and basic amenities for their daily need. It also offers retail stores where people can get their basic needs. Coral Gables has a peaceful atmosphere with an uncongested setting that offers perfect platform to raise kids. The average cost of housing in Coral Gables is estimated at $750,400. The household earning in Coral Gables is in excess of about $95,000. Hence, you will still have certain amount of money floating around. People living in Coral Gables enjoy an 20 minutes drive to places like downtown Miami. Therefore, there is no difficulty in movement to different locations in the city.

2. Tampa

Tampa (source: wfla)
Tampa (source: wfla)

Tampa is an excellent place that is regarded as the melting pot of Florida. It has contains some thrilling natural beauty and vibrant urban heart facilities in Florida. Tampa has beautiful museum, performance centers, art galleries, restaurants, retail stores, beaches, bars, and nightspots. It provide different options for people depending on their choices. Tampa has people from different background with unique lifestyles. If you decide to live in Tampa, you will acquire new experiences on the lifestyle in your neighborhood. Tampa has favorable weather when compared to some other places in Florida. It offer warmth and vibrancy to its inhabitants. You can also enjoy a fun-filled session when you visit the stunning beaches in Tampa.

3. Miami

Miami (source: outfrontmedia)
Miami (source: outfrontmedia)

Miami is a place designated for young, single, and free people to enjoy their current status. It is packed with beaches that are surrounded by natural and attractive outlook. Miami has rich urban culture - you will enjoy when you decide to live there. Buildings and other side attractions in Miami are designed with attractive achitectures. It also has beautiful bars and nightclubs to cater to your entertainment needs. Miami has local businesses and shops where you can purchase items and other daily needs. Most people that lives in Miami switch their car for a trike or bike to cater to the growing traffic stress. It also has interesting places tourists can visit when they decide to check into beautiful places in Florida.

4. Palm Beach

Palm Beach (source: timeout)
Palm Beach (source: timeout)

Palm Beach is an amazing place to visit in Florida. The small town is perfect of single family that are interested in moving to Florida. With a small million-dollar, you can purchase a property. Once you acquire the property, you can start enjoying a new life in Palm Beach. The weather in Palm Beach is favorable to its inhabitants. You can enjoy a clement and sunny weather when you become a resident in Palm Beach. The small town also offers its inhabitants juicy job opportunities. With your income, you can cater to your needs without any qualms. Palm Beach has different kinds of local businesses, restaurant, shops, and entertainment and relaxation spots. It has many beaches you can visit at your leisure time and holidays.

5. Orlando

Orlando (source: britannica)
Orlando (source: britannica)

Orlando is a town situated in Orange County. The town is occupied by an average population of 269,414. Orlando has huge varieties of attractive features you will love to see and enjoy. The prices of houses in Orlando largely depends on your neighborhood. When you decide to live in Orlando, you will enjoy state-of-the-art facilities and social amenities. Orlando has recreational spots, great schools, outdoor and indoor leisure spots, and other side attractions. The standard of living in Orlando is not high. Hence, you can enjoy good quality of life with the little amount you earn as income.

6. Dunedin

Dunedin (source: hotels)
Dunedin (source: hotels)

If you are looking for a town that offers affordability in all ramification, Dunedin is the best town you can live in Florida. Dunedin is located in Pinellas County in Florida. With around $161,100, you will get an affordable home to live with your family. Dunedin has some amazing features you will love to access. The small town has restaurants, breweries, malls, walking trails, charming downtown, and parks. It also has beautiful side attractions like Tarpon Springs, Clearwater, St. Petersburg, and many more. The breeze in Dunedin is amazing and favorable to its inhabitants.

7. Pensacola - Link

Pensacola is town situated in Escambia County in Florida. The town is rich in history and other side attractions. It has been governed at different times by the Confederacy, the French, the Spanish, and British migrants. Nowadays, the population of people living in Pensacola are all Americans. Regardless of its history, you will have access to exciting places in the town. Pensacola has places like shopping malls, buzzling nightclubs, restaurants, walking tours, museums, and beautiful quaint buildings. When you decide to get a comfortable home in Pensacola, you can spend around $155,700.

8. St. Augustine

St. Augustine is an ancient town located in St. Johns County. The St. Augustine town was created in 1565. It was founded by the Europeans. Some people calls the town the Nation's Oldest City in America. The town has all the historic and amazing features you will desire to access. Now putting the history of St. Augustine aside, the ancient has some amazing side attractions and beautiful venues to visit. St. Augustine has local businesses, beautiful beaches, cafes, and state-of-the-art boutiques. Gettting a home in St. Augustine in Florida is the best decision you can take.

9. Melbourne

If you are just make decision of getting properties on Florida, Melbourne is the best place you can choose. Melbourne is a beautiful city located in Brevard County. With just $138,800, you can get a comfortable home as a first-time buyer. Though the town has recorded some criminal activities in recent times, it has some amaziing features that makes it rank higher when compared to other places in Florida. Melbourne is home to top-ranking schools, bars, restaurants, shops, widelifes, green spaces, and beautiful amusement parks.

10. Fort Lauderdale - Link

If you desire to live in a place that attracts scores of tourists from different parts of the world, Fort Lauderdale is the right place to live. The town is located in Broward County. When you decide to live in Fort Lauderdale, there are huge attractions you will have unlimited access to. With around $297,200, you can get a conducive home to live with your family. Though this price may be on the high side, Fort Lauderdale has other features that compesates for the high housing costs. It also has other housing schemes designed for low income earners. Hence, you can find a home that correlates with your income. Fort Lauderdale has excellent and standard public schools like the McFatter Technical College, College Academy, and many more. These schools has high graduation rates and excellent test scores. It also has wide range of world-class music venues, stores, bars, entertainment venues, restaurants, and many more.

11. Gainesville - Link

Gainesville is a town located in Alachua County. The town has an estimated population of 129,394. The population of people living in Gainesville comprises of professionals, retirees, families, and students. The younger population in Gainesville enjoy fresh and lively activities that is filled with fun. The older generation of people in Gainesville enjoy safe, calm, and serene environment. Other facilities in Gainesville include restuarants, recreational facilities, retail stores, bars, and many more. You can get a comfortable home for your family at an average cost of $147,500.


Florida is a state that has huge varieties of side attractions. Many tourists has made the state their base. Also, new investors that desire to spend some dollars on purchase of properties has chosen the state as their point of focus. Today, I have discussed the best place to live in Florida. Happy reading.

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