Best Free Songwriting Software for Songwriters in 2023

by Tony Joshie

Usually, people say that not everything you think you can do is possible. But that's not wholly agreeable! You can always do things in the best way with proper direction and resources. Let's say you wrote down a few catchy phrases, but you don't feel that you're doing it the right way, then what would you do? Would you leave it there like that? No. Why should you? Your words are definitely capable of becoming a beautiful song. Yet, they might need a bit of shaking and spinning, and I'm going to tell you the right places to do so. That too, absolutely Free!

List of Best Free Songwriting Software for Songwriters

You might be thinking of not taking the hassle and giving up on it anyway. Though we can't let go of tomorrow's possible big singer, like that! These songwriting apps can help you find that missing bit and fix it. You can put your own words in it. And these apps cater to you in the best ways by aiding to select the right cord and notes for your song. Let' s get to work immediately and tell you about the Best Free Songwriting Software for Songwriters in 2023.

1. Aroundsound Audio Recorder - Link

Aroundsound Audio Recorder
Aroundsound Audio Recorder

Let's begin with the most crucial thing whenever a melody hits your mind. Yes, I am talking about saving it there and then. Yet, penning down the lyrics won't work in regards to remembering the tune too. So the best way to preserve your melody is to record it then by Aroundsound. Aroundsound Audio recorder is a fantastic app for all those who want to save their tunes and work on them later. In the kitchen cooking or during a stroll in the park, you can record the tune anytime and add words to the melody then. The voice quality of this app is excellent with extra features like sharing and organizing of soundtracks. The recordings are synchronized to the cloud, which means they stay forever, and don't get lost! So you can find your recording any time.

If you're wondering where to get the app, we found it for you.

2. Rhymer'sblock


Rhymer's block is the perfect place for you if you have some fantastic lyrics in hand but missing out on the rhymes. Now you'd think that a standard rhyme dictionary would do the job too. Yes, it might help you find the rhymes of some words to fill the spaces. But, the specific deign of Rhymer's block makes it possible to give you near rhymes and slant rhymes. Rhymer's block helps you find syllable rhymes for your lyrics and helps to mold your scattered thought into a proper rhyming song. Looking for some more features? This fabulous app tracks your rhyming patterns and color-codes your rhymes for you. The app enables you to share your work with other writers and appreciate their work too. It has its own feature as a like on Facebook. You can appreciate and like their work.

Get the app here:

3. Lyric notepad

A notepad? Isn't it what we got on our phone already? But does the notepad on your phone keep track of your rhymes and syllables? If not, then this app is ideal for for you to create poetry, songs, and raps on your phone without a lot of effort. This app makes it easy for you to note down your lyrics and raps by keeping note of your syllable schemes and rhymes. It keeps a typed down version of your work allowing you to record your song while performing. So that you can check it furthermore to make necessary improvements.

Kenny MC has designed this app to be available on both Play store and apple store. Find it here:

Android - iOS

4. Songsharpener - Link


Song sharpener acts as a sharpener for your song but a digital version. It is an assistant that makes things simpler for you by trimming any extra bits or adding relevant requirements to your song. The shifting of this manual process to a digital one saves you a considerable amount of time. And what's better if it is free! You can save your keynotes and ideas into the software to visit later as well. Song sharpener is not the best app for song notation, but you can use it to add final touches to your song. This lets you get a clear idea of what your creation is going to sound best like!

You can download the song sharpener software here:

5. Beat stars

Beat star is the star app if you are looking for the perfect beats to go with the song in your mind. It is an instrumental beats app for the android and iPhone users available at play store and apple store free of cost. It is a free streaming app that lets you lease beats that are best for your song. Beat stars caters to many genres like hip hop, pop, afro-beats, trap beats, and lots more. The variety and choices are endless. You can download thousands of beats for free and create a playlist of your own for ease.

You can get it on play store and apple store, both at one click:

Android - iOS

6. EvernoteScannable


In this era of smart technologies, we all want to keep our data saved in our phones, to protect it from being lost. Though, sometimes we end up writing down our poetical thoughts or lyrics onto a piece of paper. This practice can be quite unsafe. You can relate more to it if you have lost some major data this way! Evernote scannable saves you from the effort of typing everything on your phone. Because it lets you scan the paper to save for a longer time! Scan the paper and keep your words forever saved in your phone. It gets uploaded on the cloud too, without any subscription charges.

7. Musixmatch

This fantastic app is a must download if you are willing to have some extra fun with songwriting. With Musixmatch, you can enjoy synchronized lyrics for each song in your playlist. It is an excellent tool when finding lyrics for your song that are well synchronized with the tune of the song. It is worth titled the world's most extensive lyrics catalog due to the variety of lyrics it provides. Musicmatch also gives a perfect opportunity to learn multi-lingual lyrics as you can find the translation of any line in various languages. And compose songs in the language of your choice. It also lets you find the song playing around you at one click. This is one amazing feature!

Tap to get the app here:

Android - iOS

8. Tully - Link


Tully undoubtedly deserves to be on the list of Best Free Songwriting Software for Songwriters in 2023 for all the features it provides. It is a top-rated songwriting app among songwriters. It allows you to stream and import songs while writing a text. The app is beneficial if you are looking for some extra help to make your song more catchy. Moreover, the powerful recording system makes it great for recording sounds in high quality.

Are you already loving the app? What if I tell you that this app enables you to save your songs in one folder and share it with your mates! Amazing it is.

9. Chord chord - Link

Chord chord
Chord chord

Many musicians and song makers might be familiar with this app, and some might not be. You can begin the process of songwriting from anywhere, but what's better than finding the right chord at the right time! Oasis' first three albums were written this way by using an acoustic guitar. It was a manual, time consuming and lengthy process. But now Chord chord generates chord progressions for you.

You can download Chord chord now at

10. BOSS Tuner

BOSS is a part of the Roland Corporation. They have made a digital version of its legendary TU-3 tuner pedal for guitar. But isn't it so convenient when you don't have to carry the 390gram box, yet the TU-3 is only a touch away at your phone! One of the prominent features is the availability of chromatic tuning. The tuning is available for a wide variety of instruments and sensory reference pitch function. The tuning range is from A#0 (29.14 Hz)-G8 (6,271.93 Hz) with a tuning accuracy of +/- 1 cent.

Good news: the app is handy on both the apple store and play store

Get the BOSS tuner here now :

Android - iOS

All these apps are great when you have the right song inspiration and thought but looking for the little missing tidbits. These songwriting apps are a great aid in providing the proper rhymes. And they also help you select the right chords and tunes for your song. Select your favorites among all the Best Free Songwriting Software for Songwriters in 2023 and download them to use in the best when composing your next song.

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