Best USA Classified Sites

by Tony Joshie

Classified websites are platforms where you can search for various items that suit your needs. These items or search queries could be job opportunities, software, products, and services. You can come across other solutions to answer your pending question on these kinds of websites too.

With the aid of a classified website, online advertisement has become a lot easier. Though it is costly at times on some premium classified platforms, yet they are faster and more effective . Using a particular classified website can help reach many people and generate more traffic and leads for your business.

Why Classified?

There are various options available at each site with no limitation regarding the advertisement of products and services. You can enter a search query for suitable services and products based on your requirement. With the use of classified websites, your research query is done faster and better.

Whenever you have a need, any of these sites are in a better position to help. If you want to get a fast and quick response, all you need to do is create and post on these websites advertising your product and services that you need or wish to promote. It could be for free or using any of the premium classified websites.

Drawbacks of local advertisement medium

Since the existence of classified sites that aid users in promoting their products and services, there are some drawbacks in the newspaper advertisement, which includes:

  • Low patronage

People do not have to go through paper advertisement stress because a better and useful tool exists. The innovation of classified websites proves to be a better option to place an advert, especially since there is a massive increase in the number of active people on the internet.

  • Lack of Uniqueness

Most traditional advertising mediums cannot reach out to a specific audience. The classified websites have unique targets and have various sections for particular products and services to inquire about what you want.

  • Time Wastage

The offline advertisement (e.g., newspaper) takes more time to secure a placement. Users cannot choose the length of how their publication in words should be according to their desire. The classified website comes to aid in setting the duration and mode of how you want your advertisement to be done or positioned. You can also set up your products for promotions to your desires to a more significant extent if it does not violate the website terms and conditions.

Drawbacks of local advertisement medium
Drawbacks of local advertisement medium

Benefits of Classified Websites

  • Marketing Channels

With classified websites, you can market your products to thousands and millions of people worldwide. It is an effective way to sell goods and services to a wide range of people . Reaching across to people with your products and services, avoiding competition with other small businesses and companies, quality and well-structured website will be required. And that's what classified sites provide.

  • Interacting with customers

Through the use of a classified website interacting with customers is ensured. It could be through chat, live video conversation, updates, sending of emails, and comments on the web page . The interaction will be whenever your customers need your attention to particular products or services; this can also prove your credibility.

  • Medium to Showcase

The use of classified websites enables you to showcase and display your products . Nobody will patronize you if you don't showcase your products. Showcasing your products will allow people to know and be aware of the type of products you have in stock if it is what they need and can place an order.

  • Sales Increase

The more people get to know about your products, the more sales you generate . Constant advertising and creating content about your products will attract visitors to your websites, which will lead to more traffic and more sales increase for you .

Summary of Best USA Classified Sites

Below is a summary of the essential features of the above-listed classified website

Year launched Account creation Best used for
Free ads time 2014 Free Advertisement for career and educational services
Finder master 2005 Free Advertisement for career and educational services
Locanto 2006 Free Advertisement for career and educational services
Penny saver USA 1970 Free Advertisement for discount products
Oodle 2005 Free Advertisement of products.
Classified Ads 2008 Free Advertising and patronizing products, and offering of other educational or career services.
Geebo 2000 Free Advertising and patronizing products, and offering of other educational or career services.
Craigslist 1995 Free Advertising and patronizing products, and offering of other educational or career services.
Akclassy 2015 Free Advertising and patronizing products
Hoobly 2016 Free Advertising and patronizing products
eBay 1995 Free Advertising and patronizing products
Olx 2006 Free Advertising and patronizing products.

List of the 12 Best USA Classified Sites.

1. Free Ads Time - Classified Website

Free Ads Time
Free Ads Time

Posting of free classified ads is allowed on this website. The bright and clean categories are well structured. Posting an ad can be done without the need for an account. Your knowledge of coding in HTML is an advantage for you also. It is a local site. Selecting your preferred location before posting an ad should be done using the provided link at the website page's top right corner .

Basic features of Free Ads Time

  • It is easy to use.
  • Posting an ad can be done with or without creating an account.
  • Tracking and keeping the records of your ads can also be done.

2. Finder Master - Classified Website

Finder Master
Finder Master

This website has fantastic features with a modern approach making it an excellent local classified site ; using this site for the first time will make it to detect your region and location.

Essential Features of Finder Master

  • Posting free ads both as a guest or a verified member is allowed on this site.
  • The platform also allows you to reach broader sections and regions with the various categories available for different products and services.

3. Locanto - Classified Website


This online site is acceptable globally. It has areas specified for jobs, sales of products, services, real estate, rentals, personal use, domestic pets, and vehicles . It is available in over 60 countries . It is operated by a German company named YALWA, in Wiesbaden, Germany. The platform was launched in July 2006, which also has a distinctive local classified site for New York City. Extension of the service was considered after a month of its creation to other cities in the US.

Basic Features of Locanto

  • The addition of links, pictures, and HTML is allowed.
  • Posting of ads will still be active on the site for 60days .
  • The search engine installed in it is perfect.
  • An accurate and precise search of keywords

4. Penny Saver USA - Classified Website

Penny Saver USA
Penny Saver USA

If you are searching for a discount on goods and services , the Penny Saver USA is a good classified website for such offers. The setting of cut in price ad is allowed with an option to help people place their offers.

Essential Features of Penny Saver USA

  • It helps to promote coupons on the site.
  • You can upload tickets in the form of an image on the website.
  • When working with custom pricing, there is availability for people to place their offers.

5. Oodle - Classified Website


This website is a type that makes the marketplace looks friendly, where products and services can either be bought or sold. Accessing various categories, such as real estate, rentals, cars, and jobs , is done efficiently. Different recommendations made by people who bought or sold products via the marketplace are available as reviews.

Basic Features of Oodle

  • It is straightforward to use.
  • Creating an account on the site will make your potential customers see your ad.
  • The account you create can be flagged if it does not follow its terms of services .

6. Classified Ads - Classified Website

Classified Ads
Classified Ads

Classified Ads site is free and easy to use. You can post ads of your products or services on the website; your ads will be reviewed on the next page. Moreover, to complete this process, your account information will be required.

Essential Features of Classified Ads

  • Well-structured categories are available on the site.
  • A secure and transparent place to optimize
  • A lot of traffic is generated on the site due to active users.
  • Setting up an account is quick and not stressful to do.
  • The addition of HTML on each listing is allowed on the website.

7. Geebo - Classified Website


This site serves as an alternative to many other classified websites designed to meet local communities' needs. There is a lot of useful information provided by this website for both buyers and sellers.

Basic Features of Geebo

  • Report of abuse and scams can be forwarded directly to the site admins.
  • The structure of the website design is immaculate.
  • The site does a screening of the buyers and sellers.

8. Craigslist - Classified Website


Craig Newark founded Craigslist in the year 1995. It is a popular site well known by people.

There are various categories for jobs, sales, communities, discussion, services, housing , etc. Craigslist has a good reputation developed over the years.

Basic Features of Craigslist

  • Regular traffic is active on the site.
  • Ads remain active between 7 to 45days .
  • Often referred to as the first best-classified website.
  • Consistent users are searching for goods and services, making it one of the most active classified sites.
  • Creating multiple accounts is allowed in other to make more posts.

9. Akclassy - Classified Website


Akclassy is one of the top classified websites. It offers free posting of ads for users' base on their region . It is an India based platform, but it also available globally. There are different categories, such as real estate, jobs, mobiles, cars, home services , etc., that buyers and sellers can connect.

Basic Features of Akclassy

  • No charges fee for posting of ads
  • It is easy to navigate.
  • Browsing through various categories of the classified list requires no fees.
  • It has a search filter.

10. Hoobly - Classified Website


This site ensures the search for various goods and services on it through the search filter. Items that you can search for include office equipment, clothes, vehicles , etc. Varieties of features are available for users to use.

Basic Features of Hoobly

  • It allows full access to the list available by country.
  • Services offered are free.
  • The design layout is simple, and with a friendly interface.
  • Listing is by country and state .

11. eBay - Classified Website

Best USA Classified Sites: eBay
Best USA Classified Sites: eBay

It is a website designed for customers and businesses for sales services. It is one of the largest companies around the world. Its operation is made available to more than 30 countries around the globe.

Basic Features of eBay

  • It offers a money-back guarantee to customers.
  • The platform is predominant with new goods.
  • No money is required to post ads.
  • Local advertisements, as well as international advertisement, is allowed.
  • Sales and rendering of services between businesses and customers are secured .

12. OLX - Classified Website

Best USA Classified Sites: OLX
Best USA Classified Sites: OLX

This website is famous around the globe. It has sections available for goods and services, jobs, vehicles, pets , etc. It is located in New York City, with operations available to more than 45 countries globally .

Basic Features of OLX

  • Ads display could be in the form of images and videos .
  • Through the presentation of ads, visitors can be attracted to generate sales.
  • It helps you to manage your ads.
  • Creating an account is free and easy to use.


The list of the best-classified website is endless. A classified website is one of the popular means to generate traffic and sales to your site. Generating more sales will boost your income flow, which is the desire of every online business owner. Make sure you learn how to use these websites listed in this guide to improve your business strategies.

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