The Best Kodi Add-Ons to Install in 2023

by Tony Joshie

Kodi app is a media player that embraces add-ons to improve its functionality. Add-ons provides the ability to stream movies, series and TV shows from the comfort of your home on the Kodi platform. There are hundreds of Add-ons available for installation and the main focus is knowing the best ones to pick.

NOTE : It is advisable to use a VPN with Kodi Add-ons to secure your privacy.

Types of Kodi Add-ons

Add-ons work as extensions that enables a more beneficial Kodi functionality. There are two major types of Kodi Add-ons;

  • Official Add-ons : These are Add-ons supported by Kodi Repository.
  • Third-Party Add-ons : These are Add-ons developed by Kodi Community.

Add-ons are being shut down on a frequent basis by copyright bodies and authorities while some gets dumped by developers. So, it is very important to constantly update yourself on the latest working Kodi Add-ons available in 2023.

In this guide, we will introduce you to the best Kodi Add-ons you should install.

This is a well-researched and detailed list and we can guarantee they are all safe.

Categories of Kodi Add-ons

Categories of Kodi Add-ons
Categories of Kodi Add-ons

Our Kodi Add-ons list is categorized based on different niches such as;

  • Best Kodi Add-ons you should install for Movies and Series.
  • Best Kodi Add-ons you should install for Music and Songs.
  • Best Kodi Add-ons you should install for Cartoons and Anime.
  • Best Kodi Add-ons you should install for News, Sports and Live TV.

We've specially categorized these add-ons in groups to give a clear view of what each and every one of the offers. It will help you make concrete decision on which one to install based on your personal interest and also speed up the process.

Top Kodi Add-ons for Movies and TV Series

You can enjoy the best Netflix movies and series on Kodi with this Add-on installation. Contents can also be played in high quality and the new version supports HDR-10 and Dolby Vision. It also works on the latest Kodi 18 Leia.

Click here to learn how to install Netflix

Exodus Redux

This is one of the most popular Kodi Add-ons for watching movies and series. It was initially shutdown but has since witnessed an amazing revival. The new Redux and V-8 versions offers a huge movies content library that is constantly updated.

Click here to learn how to install Exodus Redux


The Venom Kodi Add-on is one of the best you can install on your device. It is quite new but highly rated among Kodi users. There are numerous categories of movies and series offered on Venom especially the popular movies and TV shows.

Click here to learn how to install Venom


This is a great Kodi Add-on that offers users of Kodi the ability to stream their favorite movies and TV series. There are no content restriction as long as you have a good VPN connection. It is an excellent Kodi Add-on with quality movies.

Click here to learn how to install Popcornflix

Magic Dragon

It is a popular Kodd Add-on that provides high quality movies and shows content. It enables users to make use of a "real-debrid" feature that ensures a wonderful movies streaming experience. It also supports the latest Kodi 18 Leia version.

Click here to learn how to install Magic Dragon

Top Kodi Add-ons for Music and Songs

SoundCloud - Site Link


This is a major Kodi Add-on dedicated to streaming music online. It is an official Kodi Add-on which means users can freely play a huge track list of songs without restriction. You can stream new songs and listen to old classics with this add-on.

Click here to learn how to install SoundCloud


Spotify is a household name when it comes to online music streaming. Since it's not official yet, a 3rd party repository plugin is used to install Spotify on Kodi. You can stream music by local music library synch or signing in your Spotify account.

Click here to learn how to install Spotify


This high quality music streaming service can be installed as Add-ons on Kodi. It boasts of a wide range of music contents that can be listened to in High-Fidelity sound. Tidal will sync music from your local library with the Kodi library of songs.

Click here to learn how to install Tidal

MP3 Streams

This is basically the best music streaming Kodi Add-on you'll ever come across. It has a huge library of songs that features several charts, genres and artists. The streaming service provided by this Kodi music Add-on, stands out in the game.

Click here to learn how to install MP3 Streams

World of Sounds

This Kodi Add-on offers a nice collection of music and users can listen to them on the go from any device. There is a vast range and categories of music to choose from such as Hip Pop, MP3 Music, Metal & Rock, Karaoke and even Deluxe Music.

Click here to learn how to install World of Sounds

Top Kodi Add-ons for Cartoons and Anime

Hummingbird - Site Link


Hummingbird is a special Kodi Add-on developed by Wilson Magic. It is a Kodi Add-on Repository specially designed for viewing Anime shows. It has several features that can be explored such as an organized menu and advanced search.

Click here to learn how to install Hummingbird

Japanese Animated Film Classic (JAFC)

This is one of the best Kodi Add-ons that offers modern and classic Japanese anime contents on the internet. JAFC is compatible with the latest Kodi 18 version and it offers a hardcoded English subtitles for all the anime contents available.

Click here to learn how to install JAFC

South Park

This one is for the kids. South Park is a unique Kodi Add-on that allows you watch children animation contents such as cartoons on Kodi. Cartoon contents are quite limited on Kodi, so this add-on will let you watch the entire seasons of SP for free.

Click here to learn how to install South Park

FANime - Site Link


You will get some of the best anime contents with this Kodi Add-on from Stream Army Repository. The main menu allows users to filter with different options such as Genres, A to Z, Recent Release, Movies, Popular, New and Ongoing Series.

Click here to learn how to install FANime

WatchNixToons 2

This Kodi Add-on offers both cartoons and anime contents for your premium entertainment. This platform offers a wide range of anime contents as well as series of cartoons for kids and family viewing. The streaming links don't buffer.

Click here to learn how to install WatchNixToons 2

Top Kodi Add-ons for News, Sports and Live TV
National Geographic
National Geographic

This is the best Kodi Add-on to install if you love animals, climate and wildlife documentaries. The add-on will give you access to National Geographic channel where you can watch series of videos. It is available on official Kodi repository.

Click here to learn how to install National Geographic


The YouTube add-on is supported by official Kodi repository and available for free across the globe. YouTube is the most used video streaming platform in the world as it offers users access to a huge library of contents including Live TV channels.

Click here to learn how to install YouTube


This Kodi Add-on allows users to stream multiple sport channels. You will get to stream links of sporting events from different categories. It's reliable because it covers live sports channels where you can watch live sporting events on the go.

Click here to learn how to install Sportowa


This is a popular Kodi Add-on that provides access to sports and live TV. It has a huge library of contents such as TV shows and programs. The library of contents is well organized which means users can easily sort out shows that interest them.

Click here to learn how to install Seren


Twitch Kodi Add-on offers the best video games streaming service. You can watch gameplay and interact with streamers across the platform. It gives access to live or uploaded game videos while you can also search for your favorite streamers.

Click here to learn how to install Twitch


Kodi will enable you stream any video content as long as you install the right add-ons. We believe this guide will help you get an enjoyable streaming experience.

The Kodi platform has a flexible functionality which makes it possible to configure a personalized viewing experience. Kodi has two major fundamental features that makes this possible; which is the ability to install add-ons and make use of its repositories. It also has a beautiful and unique interface.

If you search the web, you will find tons of add-ons but you can go around installing just any add-on you lay your hands on. It has to be a quality add-on that is safe and will offer the best contents available on the internet.

NOTE : Many Kodi add-ons host copyrighted contents and streaming of such contents can be termed as illegal in some countries which in turn leads to breaking of piracy laws. Ensure you don't get caught up in the mess by strictly sticking to the Kodi add-ons we've provided in this guide.

Kindly share your thoughts in the comment section.

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