35+ Best Anime Streaming Sites in 2021

Anime such as Naruto, One Piece, Bleach, and so many others are popularly watched around the world. Streaming sites have offered a way to make it easier to watch anime anywhere some are even offered for free.

Why Looking for Best Anime Streaming Sites in 2021

Streaming sites allow access to audio or video contents on the internet, the sites allow users to watch or play the video or audio content without the need to download the content.

Streaming sites have a few features and benefits, some are

· Presence of personalized playlist

· Presence of high-quality videos

· Streaming sites are accessed on personal computers, desktop, and, mobile phones

· Some are completely free

· Some are pop-up advertisements free

· Most streaming sites have exclusive features

· Streaming sites are accessed on android, windows and Apple iOS

· Streaming sites have a long list of different kind of genres to watch from

· Less need for storage

· Some streaming sites allow for the sharing of files

Free List of Best Anime Streaming Sites in 2021

Free streaming sites for anime, are good to use, some are easy to use and they all have different and exceptional features which make them the best free anime streaming sites to use. They are

1. KissAnime - Site Link


Kissanime is part of the favorite streaming site for anime watchers

· It has thousands of visits each day

· It is entirely free and it has a lot of features which makes it admirable among its users. Some are

· It has high-quality videos

· The speed at which videos are streamed on the site is really fast

· It has a different genre of anime from action to adventure to mecha and so many others

· Presence of dubbed videos and original anime

· It is easy to use

· It is highly reliable

· It is user-friendly

· It is used on mobile devices, desktop and, personal computers

· It has a wide-range amount of anime to stream

· Anime is downloaded on the site

· It has different menu options such as read manga, forum, and watch on mobile devices

· It shows ongoing anime and the latest released anime

· Presence of pop-up advertisements

2. AnimeFreak - Anime URL


The features of AnimeFreak include

· There are different genres of anime present on the site

· Presence of advertisements

· There is a vast variety of anime to stream from

· Presence of dubbed anime

· Presence of original anime series

· Anime is categorized based on genre, top rated, new releases, new episodes and alphabetically

· Site is user-friendly and easy to use

· There is an option of a search box to easily access anime

· It is accessed on mobile phones, desktop, and personal computers

· There are different options of video quality to choose from

· Registration is required

· It is used by millions of users, it has millions of visits each month

· Absence of a download option

· Anime on AnimeFreak are streamed here

3. Crunchyroll - Site Link


Crunchyroll is one of the sites also used for streaming anime for free. The features include

· It is accessed from a large amount of countries around the world

· Presence of premium membership for free, for 2 weeks

· Presence of different languages to select from on the site

· Presence of customer support

· It is accessed on android, windows, Apple iOS, play station, Xbox one,

· Anime are categorized based on different groups such as genres, alphabets, rated anime, latest anime

· Presence of a search button for easy navigation

· The website has an easy, friendly and simple user interface

· Presence of top rated anime and an extensive amount of anime to stream

· Presence of high-quality anime videos

· It has a read manga option

· It has an app for mobile devices

· Anime is streamed on Crunchyroll here

· The app for Crunchyroll is downloaded here

4. Funimation - Anime Site


Funimation has a library full of different genre of anime for anime lovers out there.

· It is mostly used in North America anime watchers

· It has increased popularity over the years.

· The features and uses of Funimation include

· Presence of the subbed version of anime in different languages

· It is easy to use

· It has a simple and friendly user interface

· It is restricted in some countries, but with the use of virtual private network(VPN) services such as PureVPN, it is accessed in some of the restricted countries

· Registration is required before streaming.

· Registration is done by creating an account on the website, fill in accurate user information and activate account

· It has different genres of anime present on the website

· There are different amounts of anime to stream on the site

· The anime series is cataloged

· It has an app that is used on mobile phones

· The anime on Funimation is streamed here

5. AnimeHeaven - Anime Website


AnimeHeaven is a widely used free anime streaming site

· It is used to stream favorite anime series such as Naruto, Boruto, One Piece, Black Clover, Bleach, Hunter x Hunter, Fairy Tail, Dragon Ball, and so many others

· Amine is streamed here in dubbed versions and with subtitles.

Some of its other features include:

· The anime series is categorized

· The categories include; popular series, different genres such as action, fantasy, horror and so on adventures, romance, it is grouped alphabetically, ongoing series, most viewed, top-rated series and dubbed versions

· There are different genres of anime

· There are so many pop-up ads present on the website

· The website is easy to navigate and use

· Downloading of anime is present on premium membership

· Presence of a search and filter option for easy access on the website

· Presence of subbed anime versions

· Popular, top rated, latest, most viewed anime on AnimeHeaven is viewed here

· AnimeHeaven has a mobile app that is used on Android, iPhones and Windows and it is downloaded here

6. GogoAnime - Anime URL


Gogoanime is one of the anime streaming website, which is free, properly cataloged and enjoyed by many anime lovers presently.

· It is presently increasing in recognition and in usage and it has been well recommended by various anime watchers.

· Well, with its great features, this website is definitely on to use. Here are some of its outstanding and admirable features

· Presence of pop up ads

· It has dubbed anime series version

· It consists of a subbed version

· It is easy to use

· It is free

· It is broadly categorized,

· It is categorized based on genres , new released, popular anime and current anime

· It includes an extensive amount of anime to stream

· It is easy to use, all you need to do is to use the search box or categories to select the anime you want to stream

· The videos are in high definition

· It is not restricted in countries, it is available globally

· This website is easily navigated due to features on the site such as search box, genres, and so many others

· It has an effortless and pleasant user interface

· Registration is available on the website

· To stream popular or ongoing series on Gogoanime, you can check here

7. Chia-Anime - Site Link

35+ Best Anime Streaming Sites in 2021: Chia
35+ Best Anime Streaming Sites in 2021: Chia

The website give free access to the best, top rated current anime and favorite anime such as Naruto, Dragon Ball, Black Clover, Cop Craft, Yami Shibai and so on.

· It is exploited by various anime lovers and it is entirely free.

· It has other exceptional features such as

· Presence of high definition videos

· Availability of a download option, it allows you download your favorite anime

· There is a search button that makes the website easy to navigate and use

· Presence of a lot of disturbing pop-up ads while using the website

· There is a vast variety of anime to choose from

· Presence of dubbed anime version

· Presence of original version of anime

· Presence of subbed anime version

· It is categorized alphabetically

· It is also cataloged by using different categories such as genres such as adventures, demons, psychological, sports, thrillers, science fiction and so on

· It is used on phones, personal computer, and, desktops

· It is super fast to download and stream on this website

· The website is frequently updated for the benefits of its users

· It has other contents such as Asian dramas, anime soundtracks and manga series

· It doesn’t have restrictions

· It is easy to download and stream on the website

· It is used and accessed in different countries, such as Japan, South Africa, Korea, China and so many others

· It is reliable and simple to stream

· It has a easy and straightforward access to stream or download anime

· To download or stream your best anime on Chia-anime for free, click here

· The app is easy to download and use and it is used on Android and iOS, to download the app, you can check here

8. Ani.me - Site Link


Ani.me is used to watch different anime of different genres and different video quality

· It is ads free, when compared to other free anime streaming sites.

· It is used in so many countries such as the United States of America, Japan, South Korea and so many others.

· It has extensive features and it is easily accessible by users, which make it one of the best.

· The features of Ani.me include

· Absence of pop up ads

· Anime is streamed in high definition quality and Bluray quality

· It allows users to connect and network through their social media platforms

· It is has different genres of anime such as action, mecha, comedy and romance

· It allows for the streaming of top rated anime, current anime, most popular anime and recently watched

· Registration is required by the website

· The website is really easy to access and easy to understand

· It gives a summary of each of its anime, this will encourage users to try different anime they might enjoy

· Anime are rated by viewers on the website

· There are a lot of anime to stream on this website

· It consists of a search button, which makes it simple for users to easily get the anime they watch to stream

· The videos are streamed in high quality

· Presence of other contents on the website such as video games, news, and forums

· To watch the top rated, best streaming, popular and most viewed anime on the website, clickhere

9. Manga-Anime Here - Site


Manga- Anime Here is for lovers of anime and manga.

· It has a vast variety of both manga and anime series

· it is easy,

· It is free to use

· It is used extensively by anime lovers, anime lovers enjoy this website to a great extent

· Absence of pop up ads

· The interface for the website is simple and user friendly

· News anime are featured on this website each week

· It releases new episodes of anime as soon as they are out on its website

· It has a search button for easy navigation and usage

· It is easy to stream anime on the website

· There are different categorized on anime such as different genres,

· The anime is comprised of popular anime such as food wars, erased, gate, current anime series, most viewed anime such as dragon ball, sekko boys, top rated anime such as naruto, one piece and so many others

· Presence of the option of manga or anime series

· There are thousands of anime to stream

· It is used in so many countries all over the world

· It has news content on anime

· To stream new, trendy and popular anime on Manga-Anime Here, clickhere

10. WatchAnime - Website


WatchAnime is one of the most categorized anime free streaming sites, due to its proper categorization, it is easy to use, anime are easily searched for on the website,

· It is admirable and user friendly.

· It also has some other great features which include

· It is free

· It has pop up ads on its website which are annoying at times

· There are high definition quality anime to stream on the website

· The website is easily and properly categorized

· Some of the categories on the website is the alphabetical categorization

· Categorization is also based on different genre such as drama, adventure, school, action, comedy, mystery, mecha and so on

· Categorization is based on year of release, the website has anime dated as far back as 1964

· Categorization is based on season of release such as summer 2021, spring 2017, fall 2018, winter 2021, fall 2021 and so on

· There is a search button present on the website, so if you already have the title of the anime you would like to stream or a keyword from the anime, you can just type it down there instead of looking through the categories

· It allows its users to network and socialize on its social media platforms such as twitter

· The website interface is easy and sociable

· Anime series are updated every week, users can search for new content or new episodes to ongoing series

· It is accessed from different countries

· To stream current anime, popular anime and top rated anime, click here

11. AnimeUltimate - Site Link

Site Link
Site Link

AnimeUltima is one of the easiest website to use among the anime watchers,

· The website it highly categorized and easy to use, there won’t be any confusion when using this website

· It is entirely free.

· It user interface is straight forward and welcoming

· It is categorized based on popular anime

· It is categorized based on high definition anime

· It is categorized based on dubbed anime, subtitles

· It is categorized based on latest anime movies and new anime series

· It has the dubbed version of anime

· Anime series and movies are in high definition

· It is in Japanese language and is quite difficult to read for non Japanese speakers. However it is possible for the page translated to be English and other languages

· Presence of less pop up ads, not as disturbing as seen on other anime websites

· The website is easily navigated with the presence of a search button

· The streaming is free of lags and quite fast

· The website views ratings of anime

· Sign up is required to access all the benefits and features of this site

· It is used on mobile devices, personal computers and desktops.

· It allows users to request for anime that have not to be uploaded on the website

· It uploads new episodes and anime movies as they are released frequently

· It builds a community of anime lovers

· It shows schedules for the release of new and ongoing anime

· It sorts anime alphabetically

· You can watch ongoing anime on AnimeUltima here

12. Masterani - Site Link


Masterani is a website plain for anime movies and series, it has a large number of anime movies and series

· The anime movies, and series are easy to search for on the website and are simple to stream.

· The Masterani website is highly recognized and greatly utilized.

· Apart from all these features, there are other features that make it outstanding and widely used, some are

· High definition anime series and movies present on the website

· It is free

· The homepage is easy and user-friendly

· It doesn’t allow for the downloading of movies

· Presence of latest and old anime movies and series

· Presence of dubbed anime

· Presence of subbed anime

· The anime on this website are rated, this allows users to know the top-rated anime better

· It is easy to access

· Streaming on this website is easily done and fast

· Presence of pop up ads

· It is used on mobile phones as well as PCs

· The website includes popular anime, new anime, ongoing anime, high rated anime, and, most viewed anime

· The anime on this website are group based on genres such as action, adventure, comedy, mesha, and so many others

· To stream anime series on Masterani click here

· To stream anime movies on Masterani click here

· There is an app available for Masterani that is used on Android and iOS mobile phones, to download the app, click here

13. KuroAni - Anime Site


KuroAni is not just like the other free anime streaming site, this site is more like a community.

· They have built connections between users using chat rooms, social media platforms between users.

· It is an engaging website, it is free and easy to use.

· Some of its other characteristics include

· The website includes both the latest series and movies and old movies, anime as old as 1966

· Presence of a less amount of pop up ads

· Presence of subbed anime

· Presence of dubbed anime

· The anime is streamed in high quality

· Streaming on KuroAni is easy, simple and fast

· It is entirely free

· Anime is categorized based on genre, year of release, the season of the year such as summer 2021, ongoing series, completed series and are grouped alphabetically

· There is a schedule option on the home page which shows the date and days of the episode release and upcoming series and movies

· It has popular anime, rated anime, top viewed anime, most rated anime, and many others

· It has an extensive amount of anime movies, anime series and so on

· With the presence of the navigation bar, navigation on KuroAni is easy and effortless

· You can always send your complaints and opinions to their team on the homepage by joining the discord community here

· You stream anime on KuroAni, click here

14. Anime-Planet - Site URL


AnimePlanet is a website for streaming anime for free and also for engaging with users online. Some of its features include

· It has high-quality videos

· It has a large amount of anime series and movies

· You can build up engagement on the website by joining forums, reading articles, engaging on social media platforms and writing reviews

· It is free

· Presence of less pop-up ads

· It also has other content such as manga series, anime soundtracks

· The homepage is easy to use, sociable and admirable

· It is easy to stream

· Socializing on the website is easy

· Presence of dubbed anime

· Availability of subbed versions of anime

· Presence of popular anime, top rated anime and so much more

· The website is accessed through a desktop, mobile phone or personal computer

· The website is categorized

· To stream anime from AnimePlanet, click here

All these free anime streaming sites all have unique features and benefits, they are all easy to use, free and easily accessible, these are the top free streaming sites for anime.

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