Best Ways to Fix Roblox Error Code 277

by Tony Joshie

Roblox is a platform where users can develop and play millions of 3D games. Roblox claims to be an "Imagination Platform." Roblox was developed and launched in 2007. According to an online survey, the monthly average of users is 64 million. It can be downloaded on android, iOS, tablet, etc. This site was developed by gamers who value the likes and dislikes of other gamers. That is why Roblox is not just a gaming site, but also a platform for users to interact with other users from any part of the world. On Roblox, you can choose your companion from either your real-life friends or virtual explorers.

Introduction to Error Code 277 from Roblox

Roblox is most reputed amongst young gamers; however, parental guidance is advised.

Roblox is one of the best gaming platforms, but it also has some disadvantages. Errors concerning gaming apps are also one of those disadvantages.

One of the very basic errors that you might face on Roblox is the error code 277.

If you are also facing the Roblox Error Code 277, then don't worry! We have prepared this guide to help you out in getting rid of this error.

But, before going any further, let us understand a few important yet basic things about Roblox Error Code 277.

How is Roblox Error Code 277?

How is Roblox Error Code 277?
How is Roblox Error Code 277?

The gamers that play Roblox are often bothered by the error code 277. This error mostly occurs on Windows devices. Considering that the developers of Roblox game haven't introduced an official fix to this error yet, this error code 277 has become more annoying.

It doesn't matter whether you are joining the game or in the middle of it, this error can pop-up anywhere, anytime. In such a case, you can either leave the platform or retry. However, retrying will only lead you to the reoccurrence of the same error. Hence, you would have to leave it midway.

The error code is read as the following:


Lost connection to the game server, please reconnect (Error Code:277)

Why does Roblox Error Code 277 Occur?

The actual reason behind this error is unfound. But, the users associate this error with poor internet connections. Many users also say that this error occurs due to false port that is used by the router to connect with the game.

This is also believed that Roblox Error Code 277 might be a result of the Roblox server crash down. In such a case, the user has no other option left than just trying to reconnect or switching to a different server. This leads to the disappointment of the users. Even the developers are well-aware of this issue, and they are working on it.

There isn't just one reason behind this error. Be it malware infection, poor connection, router bot, the error can arise due to any of these. This is why we have listed some easy and simple methods of fixing Roblox Error Code 27. To figure out which method is more suitable, you have to read the guide until it reaches the conclusion!

Let's begin!

Best Methods to Fix Roblox Error Code 277

1. Edit Roblox Compatibility Mode in Settings

The incompatibility of the Windows version and this game might be the core reason behind why this error is occurring on your device.

To fix this error by editing the Roblox compatibility mode, you'd have to follow the steps mentioned below:

  1. Open the Roblox app by right-clicking on its icon.
  2. Go to the Properties.
  3. In Properties, click on the Compatibility tab.
  4. Once done, tick off the option mentioning "Run this program in compatibility mode for:"
  5. You would see a dropdown menu after the previous method. From that menu, click on the Windows version that you'd want to use.
  6. Choose to Apply the settings.
  7. Reconnect to the platform, and see if this method fixed the error or not.

2. Run the Program Compatibility Troubleshooter

To use this method, follow the easy steps mentioned below:

  1. Click on the Windows Start icon.
  2. In the search bar, type run .
  3. From the result, click on the relevant search result.
  4. Click on "Run programs created for the previous version of Windows."
  5. Now, you'd see an option stating "Next" on it. Click on it.
  6. Now, let the troubleshooter scan the compatibility issues between the Windows version and application.
  7. Once the scanning process is done, you'd see a list of the applications that are not compatible with your current Windows version.
  8. From the list, choose Roblox, click on it.
  9. Then click on Next.
  10. Choose your desired troubleshooting program that meets your requirements the best.
  11. Once done, click on "Test the program."

3. Delete Roblox Logs

Just like any other app, Roblox also stores a huge load of unnecessary files. These files not only consume the memory of your device, but also cause several glitches and errors while running the application. This is why you should always keep up with clearing this unnecessary data saved by the application. To do so, follow the quick steps mentioned below:

  1. To launch the Run dialog, press Ctrl and R keys simultaneously.
  2. In the dialog box, type %localappdata%\Roblox\logs , and press Enter.
  3. Press Ctrl + A to select all files.
  4. Once done, press Shift + Del keys, simultaneously. This will delete the extra unnecessary files completely from the memory of your device.
  5. Once again, now you need to open the dialog box.
  6. After opening the dialog box, go to this profile: %USERPROFILE%\AppData\LocalLow\RbxLogs\
  7. Redo step 3, and you are all good to retry connecting to the platform and see if the error has been fixed or not.

4. Switch to a Different Network

As we discussed earlier, one of the core reasons behind the error 277 might be a faulty port connected to your Wi-Fi.

According to a survey, many users reported that they were facing the Roblox Error Code 277 while being connected to a certain router, but then when they switched the connection to the other Wi-Fi, the application started to work fine without any error displayed.

So, if you are facing this error while you are connected to your home internet connection, try switching to the data connection. This should be helpful. If not, try using the next method.

5. Update your Browser

If you are playing the Roblox game online, using Internet Explorer or any other browser, make sure that the browser is updated. Otherwise, this will give rise to error code 277 while using the Roblox application. That is why it is important to keep updating the version of the browser on your device. Always keep looking for the latest updates, and update the browser accordingly.

Not just the Roblox application, but outdated browsers are supposed to give rise to new errors in various other applications as well.

Once you have successfully updated the browser, see whether Roblox is showing the same error or not. If so, try using a different browser.

To watch a step-by-step tutorial video, click on the link below:

6. Remove Ad-Blockers

High-security settings can also lead to numerous errors in different applications. As appealing as the features of a certain ad-blocker might sound, not all of them are being honest with you or your device. There is always a high chance of getting your device infected because of the viruses that an ad-blocker might bring along.

Remember, ads are better than software viruses!

Hence, if you are facing the Roblox Error Code 277, disable all the ad-blockers and other ad-on that you are using on your device.

Once done, check if the error is constant or fixed.

To watch a step-by-step tutorial video on how to enable/disable ad-blockers on Chrome, Firefox & Edge, click on the link below:

7. Reinstall Roblox

If none of the above methods worked for you, unfortunately, it is time to reinstall Roblox on your device. To do so, follow the easy and simple steps mentioned below. These steps will guide you in removing the Roblox app from your device, and reinstalling a clean version of it like a pro. So, let's get started!

  1. Open your Roblox account.
  2. Once opened, Log out of your Roblox account.
  3. Open the Windows search bar, and search for Programs and Features.
  4. Click on Programs and Features icon from the list.
  5. From the list that'd be shown after clicking on Programs and features, locate the Roblox app.
  6. Once located right-click on it and choose to uninstall the application.
  7. Once the program is successfully uninstalled, navigate to the Roblox official website.
  8. After navigating, login to your account.
  9. To get the file re-installed, click on Download Now.
  10. Once the extension has been downloaded, run it to install.
  11. Open the app as usual, and see if it works properly or not.

Here is a video link for your help:

Conclusion of How to Fix Roblox Error Code 277

Roblox is a well-reputed app amongst gamers. It can be played by both, children and adults. Errors are a common part of such applications. If you face the Roblox Error Code 277, this might happen due to the router inconvenience, outdated browser versions, unnecessary file storage, poor internet connection, etc. To fix this error, try using the above methods one after one unless you find the one that suits your situation the best! If you are still facing the same error, then we suggest you visit an expert technician that might be helpful in this regard.

Thank you!

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