Best Age Calculators on the Internet

(The Meaning and Importance of Age Calculators)

by Tony Joshie

In life, ageing is a natural process that cannot be skipped as long as one is still on planet earth. As we get older, the need to keep track record of how old we are at different points in time sets in but it might be quite difficult to do a manual calculation. This is the reason why age calculators were designed which is to help people calculate and know their current age automatically.

In western countries, the age of a person grows at the exact birthday. This means that if an individual has lived for 5-years and 10-months, the age of the person will be recorded as 5 and can only become 6 at the next birthday. This is the common age system practice around the world.

In certain cultures, the age of a person is calculated by counting the number of years from birth with or without including the present year. For instance, in the traditional Chinese age system, it is assumed that an individual is born at Age-1 and the age only increases during the traditional Chinese New Year and not on regular birthdays. So, if a baby was born 5-days before the traditional Chinese New Year, he or she will be Age-2 at the turn of the Chinese New Year. This means the baby is addressed to be Age-2 despite the fact the baby is only 6-days old.

In this guide I will discuss about the importance of age calculators and the best age calculators you'll find on the internet.

Best Age Calculators on the Internet
Best Age Calculators on the Internet

Age calculators are websites that offers a simple platform where people can automatically calculate their age in several time intervals. Time intervals such as number of seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months and years that a man has lived on earth.

The List of Best Age Calculators on the Internet

Here is a list of the best age calculators available on the internet;

Age Calculator

Age Calculator Guru
Age Calculator Guru

This is up there as one of the best sites used for age calculation online. It is highly informative when it comes to determining people's age in months, age in weeks, age in days, age in hours, age in minutes and age in seconds. This age calculator also comes with amazing features that allows users calculate the number of hours or days that has been spent doing certain activities such as eating and drinking.

This age calculator is popularly used by Indians who speak the Hindu language. They use it to calculate their "Kundli" which is an important part of the Hindu tradition. So to calculate a person's Kundli, it is important to know the person's exact age which is what this calculator does and does perfectly.

Major Benefits

  • It has varieties of fancy fonts that users can select from.
  • You can calculate the number of times your heart has beaten.
  • You can calculate the number of years spent sleeping since birth.
  • You can calculate breathe of air taken since you were born.

How Old Am I Calc

How Old Am I Calc
How Old Am I Calc

This amazing age calculator website is used to figure out people's age. Users can generate their current age by making use of the features available on the site. It helps with birthday date calculations and time calculations.

Age calculations can be quite different in certain cultures but there's a common age system used across the world. This age calculator is mainly based on the common age system and the result on the platform is displayed in seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months and in years.

Major Benefits

  • Users can use the tools available to determine the age of anyone.
  • It is used to calculate the time interval between two dates.
  • Date values can be modified before clicking the calculate button.
  • The platform offers fitness and health guide for the benefit of users.

Calculate Stuff

Calculate Stuff
Calculate Stuff

This is a comprehensive online calculator used for different purposes such as age calculation. Calculate Stuff website offers several services such as unit conversion, number conversion, health calculator, financial investment calculator, debt ratio calculator, VAT calculator, mortgage calculator, BMR calculator and many more.

This online calculator offers and all round calculator service with high level of accuracy and one of the major features is the ability to allow people calculate their age in days, months and years. The result of searches are displayed in this mode.

Major Benefits

  • The platform can be used for miscellaneous calculations.
  • It offers widget services in the field of business, finance and health.
  • It is used for different forms of loans and interest calculation.
  • You can calculate the time difference between birthday and current date.



This is an online date-day age calculator that helps individuals to know their exact age at a given period of time. You can find out how old you are and even find out the age of a friend or someone you know with this site. If you're curious about the number of days or weeks that has passed since your time of birth to the present time, this website will give you the right answer you seek.

This age calculator site also offers features such as Converters, Formulas, Charts and Currencies check. It also provides users with examples of age calculations as well as tutorials to help guide them on how to use the platform.

Major Benefits

  • It is a free-to-use online age calculator.
  • Users can use this website to calculate their future age.
  • Users can track the days left to their next birthday or anniversary.
  • It offers an excellent platform to check age interval over a period of time.

Amarujala Age Calculator

Amarujala Age Calculator
Amarujala Age Calculator

This is an excellent online tool used in calculating the age of a person from the date of birth to the current date. It is mainly used to calculate the time difference between two different dates. When an age calculation check is been carried out, a result is displayed in formats such as age in days, weeks, months and years.

The time zone of an individual does not affect the output of an age calculation as the result depends on time difference from the birthday. You can make use of this age calculator from any part of the world as it was designed on the basis of the common age system. This is a leading Hindu website that offers age calculator.

Major Benefits

  • Users can calculate their age to a current date and a given date.
  • It has a mobile app version that can be downloaded on any device.
  • It offers Car Loan, Personal Loan and Income Tax Calculator service.
  • It works in line with the common age system which makes it relevant for all.

The Importance of Age Calculators

  • It helps with population size estimation used for journals.
  • It helps to determine the current and future age of a person.
  • Age calculators are important for assessments in educational sector.
  • Age calculators can be used to track the exact age of an individual.
  • It offers a functional user interface for age calculations without stress.
  • Most age calculators are free to use which means you don't have to pay.
  • It is used for chronological age calculation in different time formats.
  • Age calculators are used for statistical analysis in certain fields.

It is clear to see that the importance of age calculators are quite enormous. So, if you ever need to determine your age or the age of some else, you can always make use of age calculators and it will generate the result without doing much.


Age calculators are very helpful if you know how to use them. I have listed five of the best age calculators on the internet and provided links to the official website if you need to check them out. Each age calculator comes with its own benefits and no matter the one you decide to use, you can be assured of quality service.

Age calculators will show you how old you are at a particular time, how old you were in the past and how old you will be in future. You can even use it to find out when you will be at a particular landmark age. For instance, if you are 38 years old, you can find out what year you will become 50 years or how many more days you have to live to reach that age. It is such an interesting tool to have.

These sites comes with in-built birthday calculators that can determine how many days you have left until your next birthday. This can help you with birthday party preparation and all. Don't you just love it? I am sure you really do.

If you search the internet, you will see several age calculators but the ones listed in this guide are the best of them all. The user interface of any age calculator is important when deciding the one to use and the ones listed here all have smooth and user friendly interface. Ensure you check each and every one of them out.

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