Best Alternative Sites Like Swagbucks to Earn More Money Online in 2023

by Tony Joshie

There are several sites on the internet that pays people to complete several tasks such as watching videos, playing games, taking surveys and also shopping online.

Why Looking for Swahbucks Alternatives ?

Swagbucks has fast become one of the major sites known to reward users for these activities and it offers a good way to make extra income from the comfort of their homes. If you've been using Swagbucks for a while, we believe you'll love the features and what's on offer due to their credibility. However, you must be wondering if you can get similar sites like Swagbucks so as to make the most of the benefits attached to them.

In this guide, we will look at alternative sites like Swagbucks that will help get you extra income on the internet. These sites are legit and very reliable, so you have nothing to worry about. Swagbucks might be the leading player in the game but we will introduce you to ten of the best sites that offers similar benefits and rewards. There are well over 50 alternative sites but the ones listed in this article are the best of them all. Now, let's discuss briefly about them.

Best Alternative Sites Similar to Swagbucks

- Alternative Link

Best Alternative Sites Similar to Swagbucks
Best Alternative Sites Similar to Swagbucks

Here are 10 of the best money making sites that are similar to Swagbucks:

MyPoints - Alternative Link


The first site on our list shares the same parent company with Swagbucks. It was first launched in the 90's and is arguably the oldest reward site on the internet.

There are several ways to earn points on this site and a good example are reading emails, shopping online, sharing thoughts and opinion, playing games, watching videos, searching the web, printing coupons and also referring friends.

You will earn $5.0 USD for accumulating 700 points while all points earned can be redeemed as gift cards or cashed out via PayPal. The cash out threshold is quite high as you will need to have accumulated 3500 points which is the equivalent of $25.0 USD. The mobile app can be downloaded on both Android and iOS devices.

NOTE : Points earned can be converted to airline miles depending on account type.

Opinion Outpost - Alternative Link

Opinion Outpost
Opinion Outpost

This site provides series of surveys on various topics every week for users to participate in and also earn rewards in the process. The unique aspect of Opinion Outpost is the fact you get to choose the topic of your interest from the varieties of survey topics available.

The point rewards from the activities you participate in can be redeemed for cash or gift cards. Survey invitations are mailed to users every week and the cash out threshold is as low as $5.0 USD.

NOTE : There's a $10,000 USD cash sweepstakes every quarter of the year.

Treasure Trooper - Alternative Link

Treasure Trooper
Treasure Trooper

On Treasure Trooper, the opportunity to earn money from sponsored surveys are endless and you can also get extra cash from paid offers. The site provides close to 10 surveys daily and you can earn a dollar each when you complete them.

The site pays 20% on all referrals earnings and unlike other sites, it still rewards you 5% on secondary referrals. You will also get $1.0 USD when you sign up.

NOTE : The cash out threshold is $20.0 USD and you will get paid instantly.

Toluna - Alternative Link


This is a paid survey site and one of the best alternative sites to Swagbucks. Toluna provides users with in-depth surveys and other online activities but requires one to create a customized profile that suits their preferred interest.

Points are earned from testing products, playing games, and completing surveys. You will get to earn 100 points from basic surveys and more depending on the time frame and complexity. You will get $1.0 for every 3000 points accumulated.

NOTE : The cash out threshold is $30.0 USD and you will also earn on referrals.

Prize Rebel - Alternative Link

Prize Rebel
Prize Rebel

Prize Rebel is one of the safest alternative money making site to Swagbucks. It has millions of users and there are loads of exciting activities available on the site. Surveys are uploaded daily which means the options are numerous.

Examples of the fun activities are participating in challenges and contests daily. You can also test apps on this site and earn points in the process. The features available makes it very similar to Swagbucks.

NOTE : You will get $1.0 for 100 points while 200 points will earn you Gift Cards.

LifePoints - Alternative Link


You can make a lot of extra cash from answering survey questions on LifePoints website. This site is relatively new but has a lot of similarity to Swagbucks. You will get to receive relevant surveys by answering a demographic questionnaire.

You can also make more money from daily challenges and also completing your user profile. There's also a quarterly sweepstakes on offer for all users of the site.

NOTE : It offers 1080 points for a gift card and 1200 points to cash out via PayPal.

Rakuten - Alternative Link


Rakuten is specially known for rewarding regular shoppers at retail stores. If you don't fancy taking part in online surveys and still need a site like Swagbucks that will reward you with cash back on purchases, then Rakuten is the perfect site for you. Formally known as Ebates, this site has been in existence for years.

Rakuten is an amazing site that rewards users with cashbacks, if you love to shop on eBay, Target, Amazon and many other retail stores. You can get as high as 40% cashback on all your shopping as well as discounts with coupons. Furthermore, this site is excellent for saving moneys on travels and holiday expenses. The cashback reward can be redeemed via check or through PayPal.

NOTE : Rakuten app can be downloaded on both Android and iOS devices.

Survey Junkie - Alternative Link

Survey Junkie
Survey Junkie

This is another top alternative sites to Swagbucks and we've included it on our list because it focuses mainly on paid surveys. You won't get distracted with other activities offered on other similar sites. This website is legit and very popular. This is down to the fact it has millions of active users and offers a means to make extra income to help pay your bills.

There are series of survey topics you can choose from and you will get to earn 200 to 7000 points depending on the type of survey. You will get 25 points when you sign up and 50 points for completing your profile.

NOTE : The cash out threshold is $10.0 which is equivalent to 1000 points earned.

ZoomBucks - Alternative Link


This is a popular reward site and a good Swagbucks alternative that offers cash and gift cards to users when they complete certain tasks. This site will help supplement your monthly income with several activities such as; downloading and testing apps, taking surveys, and watching videos online.

You will get 250 points when you invite a friend to join and 100 to 1000 points when you answer survey questions. It is good and quite similar to Swagbucks.

NOTE : The cash out threshold is $3.0 USD which is the equivalent of 3000 points .

Pinecone Research - Alternative Link

Pinecone Research
Pinecone Research

The final reward site on our list is Pinecone Research. This site is a little different from other Swagbucks alternative because it runs an exclusive platform. To become a member, you are required to fill a detailed questionnaire that will be assessed to know if you meet the necessary requirements. If you are qualified, an invitation will be sent to you to join and you can start making extra income.

You can earn $3.0 to $6.0 USD per survey and the payment duration is pretty fast.

NOTE : You can cash out through PayPal, Visa card or via Check.


Swagbucks has been rewarding members for some years now and while you might be a regular user of the site, depending on it totally can be quite boring and less exciting. Everyone wants to try their hands on new products and services no matter how good the present provider is. So, the need to seek out alternatives can't be overemphasized.

The rewards site discussed in this article are all legit and safe to use. So, we can assure you of earning good cash on these platforms without having to invest much. All you have to do is to participate in basic tasks that will earn you points. These points are then converted to cash or gift cards which can be redeemed via several payment options.

When you check out your To-Buy list, you will discover some items have been on the list for months and marking them out have become a tough task. This is down to the fact you have to attend to pressing needs first. You can finally buy some of these items with the money earned from sites like Swagbucks.

The good news with most of these sites is the fact you get paid for doing things you love such as playing games and watching videos online. You can also download their mobile apps on any device of your choice and start using the sites on the go without stress. Ensure you check them out today and also refer friends to enjoy more benefits.

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