Steam Not Opening Windows 10 Fixes

by Tony Joshie

Steam is a digital platform for video games. Steam gets a constant influx of new games byValve Corporation. Valve owns the platform, which is now the most popular of its kind.

Steam has support for all the Operating Systems. It even has its own Linux version Operating System: SteamOS. But its major use is on Windows  for PC games.

There are times your favorite gaming platform fails to run. There are common bug accounts from Steam users. Steam Not Opening Fixes is the solution to all those problems. You can fix the Steam bug on your system through these simple processes.

Common Steam Not-Opening Issues and Their Fixes

You can look through the list to find the Steam bug your system encounters. Follow the steps under it to get Steam up and running.

Steam Error Code: 107 Fix

Steam Error Code: 107 Fix
Steam Error Code: 107 Fix

Error Code: 107 is a “SSL Connection Error.” The error occurs during the operation of a web browser. Google Chrome can encounter the same issue. It arises when the browser cannot establish a safe connection to the server.

Steam also runs a browser of its own: Chromium. Chromium is an Open-source version of Google Chrome. In other words, it can encounter the same problems Chrome does. Error Code: 107 is one such error. The connection error halts Steam operation.

The simple fix for this error is:

1. Make sure to update your Windows 10 to the latest version.

2. In the Start Menu Search bar, type “Change the date and time.”

3. Open the “Change the date and time” system settings.

4. Toggle “Set Time Automatically” off and then on again.

5. Toggle “Set Time Zone Automatically” off and then on again.

This fixes the Error Code: 107 but on most systems. In case it does not, the bug has a relation to Steam Beta Client. The beta client file can cause other Steam bugs as well. The solution to that is:

Steam Beta Client File Fix

Steam Beta Client File Fix
Steam Beta Client File Fix

The Steam Beta Client exists to introduce new features to the platform. The developers at Steam test new features before implementing them. The testing process is part of the Steam Beta Client. It provides the real Steam environment to test features. The developers test for any bugs that a new feature may cause. Once they verify a feature, they introduce it onto the Steam Client for users worldwide.

The Steam Beta Client has no bearing on the primary Steam Client. It exists only for testing purposes. You can run the Beta Client on your system as well. But it may cause the primary Steam Client to malfunction.

You will have to halt the Beta Client process to run Steam. To do so, you have to delete the “beta” file from Steam. The beta file resides in the “package” folder of your Steam directory.

Steam “Failed to Load SteamUI.dll” Fix

Steam “Failed to Load SteamUI.dll” Fix
Steam “Failed to Load SteamUI.dll” Fix

The “Failed to Load SteamUI.dll” bug is the most common among Steam users. The bug is a cause of Steam not locating its UI .dll file. The .dll file initializes the necessary functions to run Steam. Without it, Steam fails to start on your system.

The problem has more than one fix. The same fix does not resolve the issue on all systems. You can try them one by one until the problem subsides.

· One fix involves creating a shortcut of the Steam Client. The shortcut will become your primary Steam application file. The original file becomes the Beta Client through the following process:

1. Go to your Steam directory.

2. Locate and Right click on the Steam.exe application file.

3. Click the “Create shortcut” option on the pop-up menu.

4. The shortcut file must become your primary Steam Client. To do this, Right click the shortcut file.

5. Click on “Properties” on the pop-up menu.

6. On the “Shortcut” tab, in the “Target:” bar, add: “-clientbeta client_candidate

7. Do not remove the text in the “Target:” bar already present. You have to add the text in Point 6 to the end of it.

The process turns the original Steam.exe file into the Beta Client. The shortcut file is now your primary Steam Client file. Use this shortcut file to run Steam.

· If the fix does not work, the problem is with your Windows. 10 Steam uses certain Windows files to initialize. The Steam UI .dll calls upon these files on Steam start up. If those files are corrupt, Steam fails to initialize. You need to use the Windows 10 System Repair to fix these files. Some systems may even need a full Windows re-installation.

Steam App Cache Fix

Steam App Cache Fix
Steam App Cache Fix

Steam is home to many games. Those you buy and download appear in your Steam Library. Once you run through a game, Steam stores some data on the process. It is the recollection information that Steam uses to process the same steps faster.

The Cache is the place where this data resides. Steam has an “appcache” folder in its directory. It contains information on Steam start up and its other processes as well. Each time you run Steam after the first instance, Steam accesses the appcache data to process faster.

There are cases when Steam misinterprets the data in its appcache. This results in Steam not loading on your system. The process repeats however many times you try to run it. You need to get rid of the Steam appcache for it to run again. To do so:

1. Open the Steam directory on your system.

2. Copy and paste the “appcache” folder to another location. This helps as a backup in case the appcache is not the issue.

3. Go to the Steam directory again and delete the appcache folder.

4. Steam creates a new appcache folder in case of successful processing.

Steam Server Down

Steam Server Down
Steam Server Down

Steam works as an online gaming platform for its users. Each game has its own set of Servers the games run on. The servers coordinate and link players together in games. You cannot play online if the Dedicated Steam servers are down.

Many a time, you may face trouble connecting to the servers on a Steam game. The problem is neither with your system nor your internet connection. Chances are the Steam servers are not working. Steam has to maintain its servers for speed and player capacity. There are thousands of gamers on the servers at the same time.

Real-time maintenance is arduous for Steam workers and the player base. So, Steam servers go offline on a temporary basis for maintenance. You may wish to update yourself with the status of Steam servers. To do so, follow Steam Status to keep track of all servers. The website provides info on regional server status for different games.

Nothing Happens on Opening Steam Fix

Nothing Happens on Opening Steam Fix
Nothing Happens on Opening Steam Fix

The Steam Client operates on a number of different processes. When you start Steam, these processes initialize to get Steam up and running. Each process has a purpose. These processes are responsible for the proper functionality of Steam. If one or more of the processes fail to initialize, all Steam features may not run. There is a high chance Steam itself crashes.

There are certain cases when the Steam processes initialize. But the Steam Login window does not appear on the screen. Re-running Steam does nothing. This is because all Steam processes are running. But your system fails to recognize them. You must end all Steam processes to get it to run.

The fix for the issue is simple:

1. Right click on the Taskbar at the bottom of your screen. Click on “Task Manager” on the pop-up menu. The shortcut to open the Task Manager is “ctrl+shift+esc” keys.

2. On the bottom-left of the Task Manager window, click on “More Details”. In case the window says “Fewer Details” by default, you can skip this step.

3. Scroll down to the Steam Client Processes. On most systems, these are:

a. Steam Client Bootstrapper.

b. Steam Client Service.

c. Steam Client WebHelper.

4. Click on one of the Steam processes, and then click on “End Task” at the bottom-right. Do this for all other Steam processes as well. Make sure there are no Steam processes left running.

5. Re-run Steam on your system.

Graphics Driver Update for Steam

Graphics Driver Update for Steam
Graphics Driver Update for Steam

There are times you may need to Update the system Graphics. The games on Steam utilize the graphics card on your system. It is imperative you keep the graphics up-to-date. Otherwise, Steam applications fail to initialize on your system.

To update Graphics Driver:

1. Open the Start menu and type “Device Manager” in its search bar.

2. Click on Device Manager to open the window in the Control Panel.

3. Expand the “Display adapters” list by clicking on the arrowhead before it.

4. Right click on the Graphics Card and click on “Update Driver Software” on the pop-up menu.

Steam Re-installation

Steam Re-installation
Steam Re-installation

If all else fails, Steam re-installation may settle the issue. You may want to keep all your games and their data before re-installation. It is much easier than deleting all the files and having to download them again. Keeping your files and preferences saves time and effort after re-installation.

To do so:

1. Go to the Steam directory on your system.

2. Delete everything in the Steam directory other than the following files and folders:

a. SteamApps folder.

b. userdata folder.

c. Steam.exe Application File.

3. Run the Steam.exe application file.

4. Steam re-installs itself from the beginning. But your data remains in the SteamApps and userdata folders.

Conclusion on Fixes for Steam Not Opening Windows 10

Steam is the biggest PC gaming platform. It has millions of users worldwide. The platform enjoys huge traffic 24/7. You can buy all your favorite games on Steam.

There are instances when you encounter problems running Steam. The Steam Not Opening Fixes deals with these common issues. All these Steam bugs have solutions. You only need to follow the process under the relevant Steam issue.

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