Get Paid to Selfie? How to Make Money Selling Photos of Yourself

by Tony Joshie

Before now, the act of taking photographs is an activity that has been integrated into human's daily life. While some people take pictures to keep the memories of people, events, and various activities, others take pictures for the fun of it. Today, technology has made thing much more comfortable in that different cameras has been introduced to make the act of taking pictures easier. You can take pictures with your smartphones and cameras with high pixel quality. When you take photographs and archive it in your memory stick or other memory devices, they are only saved for the reminder of fantastic memories and experiences. However, technology has taken things to a higher level, whereby you can make money with your selfie and other photos. The secret behind this is unknown to many photo freak individuals. Making money through this means can complement other jobs you do, thereby helping you to meet up with your financial obligations. Therefore, today, I will be unveiling the secrets as to how you can make money selling your selfie and photos.

How You Can Make Money By Selling Your Photos Online

Before you proceed to make money by selling your photos, you need to put some essential things in place. These include

1. Selfie Stick and Camera

As you are planning to start making money by selling your photo, the first thing you must do is to buy an Android or iPhone with an excellent camera feature. When the smartphone has a fantastic front and back in-built camera, any photo you take will look attractive and will be of high quality. Also, you need to purchase a selfie stick. With the selfie stick, all selfies you take will become fascinating to the viewers. All you have to do with it is to look for a beautiful and serene environment to take the selfie.

2. Be Active On Social Media

Today, social media is not only a place where you meet old and new friends, but it has also become a digital market hub for individuals, merchants, and companies. To make sales on your photos, you can promote your pictures on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, and many more. You can use tools like hashtags to promote your uploaded pictures on the social media platform. Also, you can upload photos with established brands and tag them - to attract their attention.

HowYou Can Make Money By Selling Your Photos Online
How You Can Make Money By Selling Your Photos Online

3. Edit the Photo

Many a time, we take pictures without editing so that it can look attractive to the viewer. To earn some income from selling your picture, you need to get good software or app to edit your pictures before they are uploaded. While editing the photo, you must consider adjusting the sharpness, contrast, white balance, and other important effects that will make the picture look fascinating. You can share the edited photo with your friends and family to get their feedback before it is uploaded to the sales platform. To choose the best software, you can search or ask friends and professionals in the photo editing sector. Then select by reading reviews and ratings of users of your shortlisted software.

4. Display Your Photos in Strategic Places

Once you have edited your photos with suitable software, you can create awareness for the picture. You can do this by placing the picture in strategic locations where people visit daily. These places include restaurants, coffee shops, photo studios, and other public places. They can seek for their comments on the photos. This will help you know what to do to improve on your edits before you get the photos posted to platforms where you can sell it to earn money. Please note that you must take permission before you can display your framed pictures in these locations.

5. Select the Best Photos

Normally, all things cannot look the same or have the same quality. Hence, after you have taken your pictures, you need to select the best out of them. You can do this based on the recommendations and comments of your friends, family, and people that view your photos in art fairs, and other public places where the pictures were displayed.

How You Can Sell Your Pictures

There are many channels through which you can earn money by selling your pictures. These channels are discussed in this section

1. Apps and Companies

There are many apps, and companies specialize in helping individuals sell their photos to earn a substantial amount of money. These include

Pay Your Selfie - Make Money Link

PayYour Selfie
Pay Your Selfie

Pay Your Selfie is an excellent platform where you can earn extra income by uploading a fascinating selfie. The app has an attractive interface that is simple and easy to navigate for all categories of users. To earn money on Pay Your Selfie, you need to upload your selfie. Then perform simple tasks. Once you are through with the tasks, you will earn between 20¢ and $1. Pay Your Selfie will pay you in the form of a discount or coupon. You can accumulate the amount earned and cash out when it is up to $20 or more. Pay Your Aelfie supports both the iOS and Android devices.

Scoopshot - Make Money Link


Scoopshot is another platform through which you can make money selling your selfie. In this platform, Scoopshot act as a medium where people can see your pictures, select it and pay you. Hence, you have you upload high-quality photos to get paid by viewers on the platform. Apart from getting paid by people that admire your photos, you can participate in a contest organized on the platform. In the contest, you upload your pictures. If you are fortunate to become part of the winners, you are rewarded $15.

Submit Pics For Cash - Make Money Link

SubmitPics For Cash
Submit Pics For Cash

Unlike the first two platforms that are apps for smartphones, Submit Pics for Cash is a website where people can upload their pictures and get paid. On the Submit Pics for Cash website, only pictures with natural outlook are considered. This means that you must not use the same outfit, pose, facial expression, or location in your submitted photos. Also, you are not allowed to upload copyrighted photos, people that are yet to sign a model release form, and photos that have a logo on them. With Submit Pics for Cash, you can earn up to $5 per photo.

Stylinity - Make Money Link


Stylinity is a fantastic platform through which you can make money by uploading your photo. On the platform, you need to purchase clothes from its registered online shop and take stunning photos with the clothes. The pictures can be edited to make it look attractive and then uploaded to the site. Once uploaded, the photos will appear on the shopping page of Stylinity. When you have people that like and develop an interest in your pictures, and they click to buy the cloth, you will earn money in the form of StylePecks. The StylePecks earned can be redeemed to money or products. To become eligible for all benefits on Stylinity, you have to signup for an account.

2. Get a Responsive Website

Getting a well designed and responsive personal website is a fantastic way through which you can create awareness and get paid for uploading your pictures. On the site, you need to craft an appealing content on your "About Us" page. Also, you need to provide concise information about how people can reach you when they visit your website. To make the site become noticed and well visited, you can enrich the content in the site with search engine optimized keywords. This will make the site rank higher on search engines. With this, the site will get more traffic, and patronage of your pictures will increase tremendously.

3. Create a YouTube Channel

Today, one of the ways through which people market their content is the YouTube channel. Through the YouTube channel, you can share your photos and make tutorials about photography. When you do this, your pictures and other services you render will become noticed.

4. Create a Stock Library

Creating a stock library is an excellent way to promote your photo and earn income from its sales. With the stock library, web designers and fashion website owners can buy your photos. You can also submit collections of your photos to become qualified for selection as a stock library contributor on websites includes Bigstock, iStock, Shutterstock, and lots more.

5. Join Contests

You can join an online photo exhibition contest to sell your photo and earn a substantial amount of money. In this method, you need to present high-quality photos that will attract the attention of the panel that will decide the winners. Also, you can show off your pictures on magazines, newspapers, and other media platforms to get noticed by companies and brands. Furthermore, you can apply to companies that need photos for adverts.


The act of taking selfies is now a source of making extra income. Today, I have discussed how you can earn extra money by selling your pictures. Please read through and start earning today.

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