Grand Chase Tier List - Best Heroes

The gaming world has always provided gamers with arrays of heroes to play with. Hence, it is important to choose the right heroes you desire to play. When you choose the right hero, you will definitely become victorious in your favorite MMORPG game.

This scenario also applies to the game titled Grand Chase. The task of knowing the best heroes is sometimes challenging. Therefore, it becomes easier when you go through the list of the Grand Chase Tier. With this list at your disposal, you can calculate their statistics and select the great heroes in different tiers. Grand Chase is an exciting mobile RPG game that is famous among all categories of gamers. The game offers a multiplayer online option, free-to-play, and has a two-dimensional graphics display. While playing the game, you need to come up with an undefeatable team by selecting the best from arrays of heroes available. The tasks of choosing the right heroes as a new player necessitate the need to discuss the Grand Chase tier list. With that said, today, I will be telling you the best of the Grand Chase tier list.

Classification of Grand Chase Heroes

The Grand Chase heroes are classified for new players to easily identify the best they could choose. The classification is discussed in this section.

Classificationof Grand Chase Heroes
Classification of Grand Chase Heroes

1. S-Tier: The heroes classified in this group are the best you can choose. When you choose any of them to play, you will effortlessly defeat all your opponents.

2. A-Tier: The heroes in the group are referred to as great heroes. They have incredible powers and abilities. These heroes can beat any set of heroes except those in the S-Tier group.

3. B-Tier: These heroes classified in this group are strong enough to make your team. They can defeat any Tier hero except those of S and A Tiers.

4. C-Tier: These groups contain the average heroes. You can only select and use them in some parts of your gaming session. They lack the efficiency to defeat S, A, and B Tier heroes.

5. D-Tier: These set of heroes are not that good. They are selected by gamers when they have some forms of affections for the heroes. When chosen, they have little to offer in defeating other heroes.

6. E-Tier: These are the heroes that are not strong enough to fight other heroes.

Summary of Grand Chase Tier List for Best Heroes

The table below summarizes the groups of heroes and their features

Grand Chase Tier Features
S-TierThey effortlessly defeat all the opponents.
A-TierThey can beat any set of heroes except those in the S-Tier group.
B-TierThey can defeat any Tier hero except those of S and A Tiers.
C-TierThey lack the efficiency to defeat S, A, and B Tier heroes.
D-TierThey have little to offer in defeating other heroes.
E-TierThey have nothing to offer in defeating other heroes

Heroes on the Grand Chase Tier List

The list of the heroes of the Grand Chase Tier assists gamers to select the best hero that can help them achieve their aim of winning their games. Getting the list of heroes assists new gamers to overcome the stress of searching, which could take a handful of time from them. In this section, I will be discussing the heroes based on their classification

S-Tier List

1. Amy

Grand Chase Tier List - Best Heroes: Amy
Grand Chase Tier List - Best Heroes: Amy

Born in Silver Land, Amy was among the youngest candidates listed for an oracle. She decided to move to the north to join the Grand Chase after the Silver Knights headquarters was destroyed. Amy is widely known to be an SR Healer. She was reported to help allies recover their SP and also get their needed healings. She has an amazing skill in recovering a certain amount of health. She also applies Love Buff to increase the SP gained. Amy has another skill in creating Festival Zone where the damage received is reduced to the barest minimum level. She has the ability to recover a little amount of health every second for the whole duration of the game. She detests losing in any of her gameplay. Amy looks charming, bright, but looks like an egois t. She may sometimes be cruel to the extent that she can throw her companion away while smiling. Amy has a special ability that allows her to recover some points with any basic attack. She is among the best healers you can ever have in your game. Her presence in your game will allow her allies to have unlimited access to expressing their skills all the time.

2. Ley

Ley was born with an incurable disease. This incurable disease made her look weak. However, her father decided to seek healing for her by visiting the famous wizard Oz. She was finally cured through transplantation of the Ancient Demon in her lower core. As soon as she became cured of her illness, it was discovered that she had gotten the Demon Edna in her. Ley uses the demon existing in her to summon other demons to share their strength so that they can deal with all enemies around her. She uses her first skill to summon Jeeves to her target location. Jeeves gets to the location to cause irreparable damages. The second skill of Ley is in summoning another demon called Haunt. Haunt is deployed to any target location to cause minor damages. Haunt performs its assignment by following the nearest enemy and reducing its health recovery. Ley has the potential of summoning up to three Haunt per time. She has another special attribute of creating a Black Hole that causes a severe explosion. While on the battlefield, Ley has the ability to improve all her summons every second by recovering their health. It also increases their damage and decreases their cooldowns. The extreme power and potentials exhibited by Ley qualify her to be among the Grand Chase Tier List.

3. Jin

Grand Chase Tier List - Best Heroes: Jin
Grand Chase Tier List - Best Heroes: Jin

Jin is another gaming character that is referred to as a troublemaker. Jin enjoys playing with other children in the village square. He also makes them their subordinates. Jin uses his Chi Force to safeguard his allies and cause destruction in the enemy's ranks. The first skill of Jin is applying a shield to protect the entire team. This makes him dash into the opponent with a powerful force. After launching his first charge, Jin can launch another charge without spending your gaming points. The second skill lies in consuming all accumulated Chi Force. This action grants all his allies stone immortal status. Jin also has special skills in flying into enemies' camp and causes various degrees of damage. It also assists in healing his allies in the game.

4. Lass

Lass Isolet was born as a pretty quiet gaming character. He is known to always avoid people. He has skills in helping his allies to defeat their enemies. It also gives enormous support to help his allies in chasing away their enemies effectively.

5. Serdin


Serdin is a new kingdom established by Scarde Vi Serdin. The kingdom consists of the survivors of the defeated Kounat kingdom. Serdin has amazing skills and special skills in launching destructive attacks on enemies. Her attacking prowess earned her the accolade First Queen of Serdin Kingdom.

6. Grandiel

Kassias Grandiel is one of the dangerous characters that has been in existence since the ancient Kounat period. The powerful character has amazing skills in defeating all raging enemies and other attackers.

A-Tier Heroes

1. Veigas


Veigas Terre has explored a different world in his quest to search for new powers. The powers accumulated by him has earned him the title Dimension twisting Demon King.

2. Lime

Lime Serenity is known for her immense love for justice. She is also full of passion. The extraordinary girl does not listen to anyone when bringing justice to the enemy.

3. Elesis


Elesis Sieghart was born into the Sieghart family. She got hard training in dealing with enemies. Having her on your team will be a great addition.

4. Rin

Rin was raised in a place where she was hardly allowed to have contact with anyone in the outside world. She has the ability and skills in protecting her allies effectively.

5. Dio

Grand Chase Tier List - Best Heroes: Dio
Grand Chase Tier List - Best Heroes: Dio

Dio Burning Canyon is regarded as a prideful and serious-minded guy. He often handles matters from his selfish point of view. It is difficult for you to understand his perspective.

6. Rufus

Rufus Wilde is referred to as a calculative and bitter person that maintains her personality at all times. This action was attributed to his childhood scars. Rufus hardly trusts anyone. He also prefers working alone.

7. Kyle

Grand Chase Tier List - Best Heroes: Kyle
Grand Chase Tier List - Best Heroes: Kyle

Kyle does not like losing. Hence, he has enormous confidence in winning at all times. He also believes his sword is more reliable than using magic.

8. Cindy

Cindy is a respectful image that has excellent skills in defeating the enemies. Cindy and Kyle never cease arguing when they are together.

B-Tier Heroes

1. Ryan

Grand Chase Tier List - Best Heroes: Ryan
Grand Chase Tier List - Best Heroes: Ryan

Ryan has excellent skills in charging and transforming their enemies. It also pushes the enemies away, thereby paving way for a physical attack by his allies.

2. Ronan


Ronan has exemplary skills that include a jumping attack on the enemies and providing a shield to its allies simultaneously. It also has skills in making its allies becoming invincible for some period.

3. Sieghart

Sieghart is an influential member of the Sieghart family. It has amazing skills used to attack its enemies while running. This cancels their attacks and slows down their moving speed.

4. Olivia


Olivia is known for her ability to put her swordsmanship to work. She strikes the enemies with her swordsmanship, thereby causing minor damages.

Other heroes in the B-Tier include the following

5. Rasel

6. Lire

Grand Chase Tier List - Best Heroes: Lire
Grand Chase Tier List - Best Heroes: Lire

7. Dark Nephilim

8. Mari

C-Tier Heroes

1. Poseidon

2. Charon

3. Cleo

4. Sachi


5. Hanout

6. Cpt. Boar

Cpt. Boar
Cpt. Boar

7. Sage

Grand Chase Tier List - Best Heroes: Sage
Grand Chase Tier List - Best Heroes: Sage

D-Tier Heroes

1. Turmeric

2. Dullahan

3. Tarragon

E-Tier Heroes

All heroes whose name does not appear on the list earlier discussed are present in this category.


Having a list of these heroes will assist you in excelling as a new player. Today, I have discussed the Grand Chase Tier lists. I hope it will be helpful to you in selecting your favorite heroes. Enjoy reading!

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