Can You Learn Personal Finance from Entertainment?

by Tony Joshie

We often look to the entertainment industry to help us escape from reality. But it also has some pretty valuable life lessons to teach us. Here are five great examples that have something to teach us about finance.

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21: An Online Casino Thriller

A true story about gambling isn't likely to be full of humor, thrills, and suspense. But this classic casino flick provides all of these and more. While these days, casino-based entertainment usually takes place online, Vegas always provides a great setting for a movie. How the story develops makes us forget it's based on real-life events. Six students from MIT were taught card counting by their maths professor. After a number of short trips to Vegas, they take the Sin City casinos for millions on blackjack.

21: An Online Casino Thriller
21: An Online Casino Thriller

Of course, you can't imagine that happening at an online casino. And while you can't count cards at online casinos in Poland, you can take away this movie's most valuable lesson: Quit while you're ahead and don't get greedy. You can even apply that strategy yourself when betting on sports featured on 22 Bet.


This true-to-life sports drama even features the word 'money' in the title, which makes it eligible to be on this list. While it doesn't teach us anything about personal finances, it does teach us about investments and being smart with our decision-making.

Brad Pitt plays the general manager of MLB's Oakland Athletics. Some of his most expensive and well-known players are exiting the team, and he lacks funds for replacing his players.

He comes across as an economics graduate with fresh ideas for evaluating the value of players, which he calls sabermetrics. Basically, the movie tells us to use hard data, as opposed to going with our gut.

The Profit

The Profit is a great show to watch if you're considering starting your own business, where learning about finances is crucial. The show is based around Marcus Lemonis, the CEO multimillionaire who talks to business owners struggling to keep their businesses afloat.

After learning about their business, Lemonis makes a decision on whether to invest or not for a stake in the business in exchange. If an agreement is made, Lemonis runs the business and does whatever he can to make a profit.

Lemonis deciding whether to invest in the business or not is the best part of the show. The Profit teaches us what a business owner needs to do in order to succeed.

The Ascent of Money

The Ascent of Money, based on a book by Niall Ferguson, is a fascinating documentary about finances. It addresses our shift from a world where real-world goods were traded to one where virtual currency is exchanged every day for security on computer-led stock exchanges.

The documentary teaches us that money is nothing more than something to exchange for things useful to us. It doesn't mean anything more. It resents the work we do or the degree to which something is desired.

When you make money, it's an exchange for time and energy invested. We then, in turn, trade it for things we need and want.

That's where the value of money begins and ends. And if you have a limited supply of it, you're limited to the necessities of life, such as food and clothing. If you spend it on needless things, you're forced to work more in order to make back what you invested.

The Suze Orman Show

This popular financial guru has written several books about personal finance. She's also been interviewed on numerous TV shows, However, it's her own show for which she's best known.

Running from 2002-2015, The Suze Orman Show saw the host advise guests and callers on their problems with personal finance. Orman could be both friendly and aggressive when advising her callers on improving finances. And she wasn't shy when disapproving of their decisions to lease cars or take out whole-life insurance policies.


Movies and TV shows skilfully depict the struggles we sometimes go through in real life. If you're in the mood for entertainment without the lessons, however, there are plenty of shows, online games, and other things to keep you amused just a few clicks away.

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