Best BIN Checkers for Your Businesses & Checkout Cart Validation in 2022

The existence of Credit cards and other electronic financial cards has brought about ease and quick access to finalizing transactions and payment at a fast rate. These cards allow the smooth flow of money and enhance transactions without location barriers.

Each business card has its unique identity, and this is a distinctive difference made possible by Bank Identification Number (BIN).

Bank identification number (BIN)

The first six digits of the 13 to 16 digits of the card number are called bank identification number s. It is also known as BIN Code or Issuer Identification Number (IIN). The BIN code is a significant number inscribed on each card issued by a bank or a financial institution. It provides details of the type of card, geographical location, bank, or financial institution identity.

Introduction Of The Bank Numbering System

The bank numbering system was created by the International Organization for Standardization ( ISO) in collaboration with the American National Standards Institute ( ANSI) to identify institutions that issue credit, debit, and other cards, through the first digit numbers on them. When you look at the BIN, the first digit identifies the sector or board network. For instance, a 1 symbolize the airline industry, while a 4 signify Visa. The following five digits identify the financial institution that provided the card and secured payment. The BIN code allows business people and merchants to evaluate payment through card transactions.

The BIN inclusion helps the merchant, and the payment gateway quickly verifies all crucial card information that includes the bank issuing the card, address, and contact. It also recognizes the bank's home country and validates the cardholder's address information. The BIN enables business people and merchants to approve various kinds of payments and accelerate the process of digital transactions.

How Does BINs Work

How Does BINs Work
How Does BINs Work

The method involved in the payment of products and services bought online from a seller is in two ways, which are the confirmation and clearance methods.

With the BIN, the seller helps to confirm the payment made by the buyer. The BIN allows the seller's payment system to identify the buyer. When this is done, there is a notification sent to the buyer to confirm the card, and it further shows if there are adequate funds available to purchase the goods ordered-this process completed within a few seconds or minutes.

After the confirmation method, the next is the clearance method. When payment is confirmed, the seller issues a clearance receipt for the payment to be finalized.

The need for an exceptional BIN database

Every business person who happens to process debit or credit cards on a routine basis should understand the BIN check's importance. A BIN query that reveals different data of the user's card type, location, etc. triggers either rejection or further checking of the user's account by other means: phone call, email contact, public query, or request for additional information.

Also, suppose a business doesn't perform a BIN check on processing a card payment. In that case, the business will soon find itself in a world of injuries that customers will spank debit while scammers receive an endless supply of goods for free. Likewise, a lousy BIN lookup doesn't help either.

Refuse a loyal customer who can often buy your products or accept a scammer who is there to cause pain to your business? These two cases are directly related to the capacity of your software. Of course, it may depend a bit on how you tweak the result of a BIN call for what to do next. But choosing one of the best BIN database providers is a no-brainer. Take your time, research, and try the different BIN API providers.

Importance of Bank Identification Number (BIN)

  • Fast and smooth process

The bank identification number is essential that ensure a fast and smooth payment process. BIN helps to avoid unreasonable errors in which most people fall into, and it increases payment efficiency.

  • Purchaser identification

With the help of a bank identification number, sellers identify the buyer before payment can be approved and processed. With this, your money is secured.

  • Saves Time

The BIN digits help to reduce stress and time because it will affirm the credibility of the credit card by the online seller before payment is accepted.

  • Affirmation of Card

The bank identification number (BIN) ensures the card information provided by users correlate with the information available with the issuer. This will be done by entering the credit card number and type of credit card. If the details sum up with that of the issuer, payment will be affirmed and approved.

  • Fight against Fraudulent transactions.

The bank identification number (BIN) can be used to detect fraudulent transactions processed by people online. Fake payment made can be traced back with the BIN that is why verification of credit card is done before payment is processed to avoid fraudulent transactions.

BIN Checker

What is BIN Checker?

This is a device that helps to check the credibility of a credit card.

Functions and Features of BIN Checker:

  • It is available for free and has no usage limit.
  • Business owners and online sellers make use of BIN Checker to detect fake credit cards or the ones that have insufficient money.
  • Through the BIN Checker, the BIN code of your credit card is verified first. The credit card will be rejected if the verification process is not authorized.
  • If the credit card passes the verification process, the business owner or seller will obtain the information about the issuer which entails;

i. The issuer's name

ii. Issuer's phone number

iii. Card number

iv. Card type

v. Currency used in the country and

vi. Country of issuance.

These details mentioned above are sufficient for the online seller to validate the details of the buyer.

Method Of Usage

You can check the features of the BIN digit with you by making use of the tool made available by simply following the highlighted steps below:

  • Input the BIN digit on your card.
  • Make sure you have a credible bank identification number, because without a credible BIN, you wouldn't be able to access results with this tool.
  • Once the BIN number is entered, click the Get Details button provided under the BIN column.
  • The tool will display the details of the BIN you entered. It will reveal to you the contact number, location and even the name of the bank.

Benefits of a BIN Checker

  • Reduction in the risk obtained through online card transaction crime
  • Access to information about a crime by the seller and other users.
  • It ensures full site security and safety.
  • They don't require payment, free access to the sites.

Summary of Best BIN Checkers for Your Businesses

The table below highlights some key features and a summary of the listed Best BIN Checker Services.

Bank BIN ListFree BIN CheckerIIN BIN ListDanShort's BIN CheckerBIN Checker for Dev
Information Accuracy100%100%99%99%100%
Database UpdateRegular BasisRegular BasisRegular BasisMonthlyConsistently
  1. Verification
Done by entering BIN numberDone by entering BIN numberDone by entering BIN numberDone by entering BIN numberDone by entering BIN number
  1. Easy Usage

5 Best BIN Checker Services

Here is the list of 5 Best BIN Checker Services with their features:

1. Bank BIN list

Bank Bin list is a great BIN Checker that offers services to online business owners.

Features of Bank Bin list:

  • It is straightforward to use.
  • Verification of the buyer's credit card is done by inputting the BIN number in the window page. Then you click on the check on the icon. You will be notified of the result of the credibility and other details of the credit card.
  • Merging verification of the two countries is allowed.
  • Bank Bin List provides accurate information from the database about the user card inputted details.
  • A proper check is carried out to ensure approval and refusal of different transactions.

2. Free BIN Checker

Free BIN Checker
Free BIN Checker

Free BIN Checker is a brilliant BIN Checker that offers its users with amazing services.

Features of Free BIN Checker:

  • It is a simple, user friendly, and easy to navigate sites.
  • The platform is very straight forward to use.
  • Verification of the credit card is done by entering the card number's first six digits into the page provided.
  • Its database is updated frequently, with records between 600,000 to over 800,000.
  • The use of API can help business owners to incorporate the BIN Checker on their transactions, and payment system. After incorporating the API, the BIN Checker can now be used to provide adequate security for all transactions.
  • The API enables the BIN Checker to perform the process of checking and collating information provided by the buyer with that of the database.
  • This type of BIN Checker permits users to make use of different types of cards.
  • Free download is allowed, and usage on the site can be done without a license.
  • The first six digits of any credit card are accepted.
  • Data inputted during the verification process is wiped out after use.
  • Accuracy of card data is provided.

3. IIN BIN List

The IIN BIN List is an excellent BIN Checker, one of the easiest BIN Checkers.

Features of IIN BIN List:

  • It helps online merchants to secure their e-commerce websites.
  • It is designed with an easy user-interface.
  • The BIN number on your customer card can be checked without stress.
  • Its database is updated regularly to ensure its efficiency.
  • It is appreciated globally.
  • The API helps to collate relevant information on the card compared with that of the buyer's information.
  • The issuer identification number list is updated regularly.
  • No third party is required during verification of BIN.
  • Users can search the first six digits of a customer's credit or debit card on IIN.
  • It has an API interface that is used on the payment platform.

4. BIN Checker from DS

Exact BIN is a useful BIN Checker for all online sellers.

Features of Exact BIN:

  • The database is updated monthly, which enables the BIN Checker to provide amazing services to its users.
  • Exact BIN can be incorporated into your payment system if you are an online seller. This will help you to ensure payment security in your online site. Information provided by the buyer will be verified, comparing it with that of the database.
  • Vital information is tracked down by the user from the card issued for payment.
  • The database of the Exact BIN is used to authenticate transactions.

5. BIN Checker for Developers

Credit Card Rush is a well-known BIN Checker that offer excellent BIN Check services to its customers.

Features of the Credit Card Rush:

  • This website helps users to validate the certainty of a credit card quickly and effortlessly.
  • The credibility of the credit card is checked by entering the BIN number into the window homepage provided. The result will be compared with the details released by the buyer.
  • Credit Card Rush ensures protection from Credit Card financial crime issues.
  • It provides 100% accurate result and information which could be used by the seller.
  • The results obtained can be compared with that of the buyer.


Every online transaction should be well verified with the use of bank identification numbers. Irrespective of the type of transaction made, the bank identification number should be checked thoroughly.

BIN Checkers gives rise to smooth payment processes. In case you want to establish your e-commerce websites, ensure you put in place a credible BIN Checker just like the ones cited.

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