Legit & Easy Ways to Make Money for Doing Nothing

by Tony Joshie

Nowadays, we do a lot of things to make money to cater to our financial obligations. While some of these jobs require little stress and reasonable pay, others require huge efforts with low pay. Today, high paying jobs are limited. Therefore, many people are left with no choice than to cope with the stress of working and getting little pay.

However, as you continue to do these jobs, you can get a side hustle through which you can make money easily. That said, there are lots of ways through which you can get paid for doing nothing. The existence of many platforms that claim to pay you for doing nothing has made it challenging to get a genuine way to get paid for doing nothing.

Summary of Simple Ways to Make Money for Doing Nothing

The table below summarizes the points to note about the methods through which you can make legit money for doing nothing.

Way to Earn Income For Doing Nothing Points to Note
Invest in Real Estate
  1. Invest as a non-accredited or accredited investor through crowdfunding platforms.
  2. Invest as low as $5 and get between 5% to 26% return on investment.
Play Games
  1. Register with a genuine platform.
  2. Play video games online repeatedly.
  3. Get rewarded in the form of points.
  4. Redeem the reward for cash or gift cards.
Rent Out Unused PropertiesRent out vacant buildings and other properties on a short-term or long-term basis.
Explore High Yield Interest on Savings
  1. Search for banks or financial institutions that reward customers with high interest on savings.
  2. Save your idle cash with them.
Get Cashback
  1. Register on platforms that give cashback on shopping.
  2. Start shopping to earn cashback.
  3. Redeem cashback as money or gift card.
Rent Out Unused Space
  1. Rent out an unused room in your home.
  2. Use apps to make it easier for clients to reach you.
Take Surveys
  1. Choose genuine survey platforms.
  2. Signup for an account.
  3. Take and complete surveys to earn points.
  4. Redeem points as cash or gift cards.
Sell Your Items
  1. Sell unused and used items to those that need them.
  2. Use social media and other platforms to promote sales.

Legit & Easy Ways to Make Money for Doing Nothing

Legit & Easy Ways to Make Money for Doing Nothing
Legit & Easy Ways to Make Money for Doing Nothing

To avoid been disappointed, you need to search for ways to earn income for doing nothing. With that said, today, I will make the selection process easier for you by telling you the legit and easy ways to get paid for doing nothing.

1. Invest in Real Estate

Today, one of the businesses that are thriving in the business world is real estate. While the sector has accredited investors that strive to earn income for doing nothing, it also has provisions for non-accredited investors that are willing to invest in the ever-growing business to earn income by doing nothing. In the real estate business, there are crowdfunding platforms where you can invest as low as $5 and make some percentage from your investment after a specific period. Through the crowdfunding platforms, you can earn between 5% to 26% of the amount of money you invested. Examples of these crowdfunding platforms through which you can invest your money and earn money for doing nothing is Fundrise, Rich Uncle, and many more. With these platforms, your money works for you, and you earn legit cash while you sit at the comfort of your home.

2. Play Games

With the advancement in technology, the act of getting paid for doing nothing is made easy for those that love playing games. If you love surfing the internet and playing games, this is the right channel for you to start earning legit money for doing nothing. Today, there are many games online. However, you can play video games and stream media content and get paid for it. There are platforms and apps through which you can earn legit money by playing video games. Examples are Twitch, Mistplay, and Swagbucks. On Twitch, you are paid for visiting the website and allowing adverts to run while surfing the web. With Mistplay, you can make legit money by playing games on your mobile device through the app. Also, Swagbucks will pay you when you signup to the platform and play video games for as long as you desire.

Play Games
Play Games

3. Rent Out Unused Properties

Renting out some of your properties is an excellent way to make legit money for doing nothing. If you own a real estate, this method is the best for you to make legit money effortlessly. To make extra cash through this method, you can rent out part of the properties. By doing this, you will make money seamlessly without working. For you to enjoy making money through this method, you can rent out the property to people on a long-term arrangement. Though this may be a steady way to make legit money, you need to be patient to continue to earn through this method.

4. Explore High Yield Interest on Savings

If you are the kind of person that has no investment or properties you can rent out, you need not worry because you can still make passive income through this method. In this method, you can make an inquiry about banks and financial institutions that rewards their customers with high yield interests on their savings. Make a shortlist from the suggestions you get. Then choose the bank or financial institution you can save your money to get a high yield of interest. When you save your money with these banks or financial institutions, you will continue making legit money for as long as your money is saved with them. Example of a bank that offers customers high yield interest on the savings account is the CIT bank. With this bank, you can get high interest on your idle cash.

5. Get Cashback

No individual live without purchasing items needed for their home and, indeed, their wellbeing. When you visit physical stores or online stores, you buy goods, gas, pharmaceuticals, and other items without getting paid for your purchases. However, there are lots of platforms that are designed to help you claim cashback from your purchasing activities online. All you have to do is to buy stuff from their recognized online stores. Other cashback platforms do not restrict purchase items from specific stores. When you buy items from these online stores, you are rewarded with cashback. You can accumulate the cashback for as long as you purchase items on the platform. Some of them will also pay you for signing up for their platform. Then you can redeem the cash back to money or gift card. Examples of platforms through which you can earn legit income for doing nothing are Rakuten and Ibotta.

6. Rent Out Unused Space

If you are staying alone in a big house or you work away from home, this is a perfect method for you. When you are traveling on holiday, or you live alone in a home that has many rooms, you can turn your unused room into money. You can rent out the rooms to people that need them for a short- term basis. By doing this, you make substantial income legitimately. In this method, you don't have to go out there searching for people to rent the rooms. Some apps and websites will do the searching for you. An example of the app is Airbnb. The Airbnb app is perfect for people that have their houses located in strategic locations and are interested in making legit money. On the platform, you register and list the rooms for rent. People that need rooms in this location will contact and negotiate with you. Then you get paid.

7. Take Surveys

Take Surveys
Take Surveys

If you love surfing the web, this method may interest you. You can make legit money easily when you visit various survey sites and earn some income. On the survey sites, you are required to take and complete surveys to earn legit income. Apart from surveys, you can open an email, watch videos, and many more. Also, most of the survey sites will reward you for signing up for their platform. All activities you carry out on the survey platforms are accumulated and withdrawn into your PayPal account. Examples of survey platforms through which you can make legit money seamlessly are Survey Junkie, InboxDollar, MyPoints, and many more.

8. Sell Your Items

If you have used and unused items that are still in good shape, you can make some money by selling them to people that need them. In this method, you can sell your used clothes, books, artworks, furniture, and many more. You don't have to start searching for people that will buy them because they are online platforms where you can get clients to purchase them. All you have to do is to take the photo of the items and upload them to the site. Then add brief details about the items so that they can know about the item. Finally, set prices and wait for clients to contact you.

Wrap Up

Money is a vital tool that is used to purchase items and access all necessary needs. Discussed today are the methods through which you can earn legit income for doing nothing. Please go through them today and start making money seamlessly.

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