Best Guitar VSTs in 2022

In every music produced and played, we crave to hear sounds from some of the instruments of music, the guitar is one. To shock you, you have it played in some genres of music you don't expect. There's hardly a music piece where it isn't used. So, for our music fellas and dames in here, we highly recommend that you incorporate the guitar sounds into your workplace and projects.

The Need for a Good Guitar VST in 2022

But, it will be insensitive and wrong on our part to set you on the right course just to leave you hanging. To avoid that, we've come up with this great post! At a point when you're trying to get the best kind of sound from a guitar for your song or track, you may feel the only stuff you need is just a super-duper guitar , pedal , and an amplifier . Listen, let me say it to your face the way it is, you can also make use of Vst ( Virtual Studio Technology). It's a virtual instrument that gives identical sounds like the real deal.

It'll cost me cash, you say? Yes, sure, it may cost you some money. But, won't getting an amp, pedal, or a lead guitar itself cost you loads of money too? Spending a bit of money will be needed, but you can get your way around it to reduce costs. So that you know, it's so much rewarding since it comes with endless sound options to incorporate as you wish.

Well, to be factual, it's possible for you to create the kind of guitar sound you've so much fantasized about on your PC. Is it, or is it not? Don't worry; I'll leave you to be the judge after going through this great post!

Summary of Best Guitar VSTs and Features in 2022

Guitar Vst

At a Glance

Amplitube 4

  1. Several kinds of amplifiers in it.
  2. It has a Custom-shop
  3. Looper
  4. Track recorder
  5. Free trial version and premium package.

Native Instruments

  1. It has a Custom Room Arena.
  2. A lorry load of components.

LePou Plugins

  1. A good number of plugins.
  2. Easy to navigate.

Line6 Helix Native

  1. A lorry-load of components.
  2. You can link the hardware to the software program.
  3. Free trial version and premium package.

Waves GTR3

  1. Stomp-box available
  2. The developers are one of the biggest lords of plugins.

Best Guitar VST List in Details

Right here, in this great post, I'll be highlighting great Vst packages that you can incorporate to up your game and get that sound you've been imagining for so long.

Amplitube (from Ik Multimedia) - Guitar VST Link

Amplitube (from Ik Multimedia)
Amplitube (from Ik Multimedia)

With about twice a decade into the grind, the real guitar amp software package has developed into a remarkable version 4. It is believed to give the most or authentic sound that is synonymous with what you'd get from hardware.

In the setup, you've got new-age speaker prototypes, nine amps, twenty and nine vintage, and ten cabinets. So it's left to you to make your choice. See the rundown of the kinds of amplifiers you have in there;

  1. A British Tube Lead
  2. Five British amps
  3. A well-grounded bass amp
  4. Two American Tube amps

Begin the work with making your preferred selection of preamp ; the Equalizer is there for use and amp setup. In the Cabinet domain , you're free to select the one that tallies with the amp you chose. Or, better still, change it to any other one you deem fit. Make your microphone selections, size of the area, and set yourself on the path of creating the sound you need.

All thanks to IK Multimedia , you do not need to begin working so hard on the preset section. Just test the sounds and pick the one you feel is good for your project.

That's not all! You get to enjoy the in-built Custom Shop or store in which you are allowed to make purchases. You can get extra amps plus effects and lots of presets- as you deem fit.

You want bonuses, right? Well, the software program has also been integrated with a Looper and track recorder , eight pieces for your music. All in one mix and courtesy; IK Multimedia .

In summary, this version (Amplitube 4) is well structured and has been embedded with an assortment of amps and effects that gives your work the topnotch quality and easy to play feeling. No worries, you've got a free trial version or package to test run before laying your hands on the premium version .

Learn more on how to use it in this video:

Native Instruments (Guitar Rig Pro 5) - Guitar VST Link

Native Instruments (Guitar Rig Pro 5)
Native Instruments (Guitar Rig Pro 5)

NI(Native Instruments) is well known for a very energetic and imaginative attitude toward Vst , beats , and effects . Since we're focused on Guitar Vst , we'll review their fifth version of Guitar Vst, which gives an extensive list of tools.

It comes with a lorry load of components you'd like. Such as;

  1. Cabinet (27)
  2. Effects (54)
  3. Amplifier (17)

So that you know, you need not go for additional tools with what it contains.

To make you understand better, the layout of the Guitar rig is a framework or rack. In this rack, you are free to fill up whatsoever combinations of anything you deem fit. Simply load it up with any of the components mentioned above and keep loading in whatever format you will get what you need.

To add spice to your output, you could combine the Guitar Rig with sound design and imaginative possibilities. This will push the sound to a new level, and it's all fun.

Control Room Arena : To ensure you're the boss of everything, a control room arena has been incorporated. You have all you need to control the whole stuff packed in there.

LePou Plugins - Guitar VST Link

LePou Plugins
LePou Plugins

It's one of the collections of plugins that has received quite some attention among guitarists. LePou seems not to be present in terms of the innovator, but the plugins are very much accessible with no charge. Simply access the VST4Free store.

So that you know, every one of the plugins available on the site is a prototype of some amps(preamps inclusive). They also contain a well-detailed layout and remarkable quality of sound . It has got a couple of modeled amps with each amp having equalizers , integrated drive , control sets, and reverb . Note, it all has to do with the model.

You can visit the link provided below for more info:

Simplicity is the hallmark here as the plugins require no severe tech. You stand to get well-grounded sounds and excellent results.

Line6 Helix Native - Guitar VST Link

Line6 Helix Native
Line6 Helix Native

It has its root from the Line6 helix hardware processor. To help better, all the plugins have been transferred and contained to form Line6 Helix Native.

Let me hint on it, so you won't be discouraged. The user interface or layout is not full, so it may look boring to you. Well, the developers refer to this concept as being clear and concise. But, relax, the output is second to none. With this kind of software, you get straight to what you need, no dilly-dallying. At a glance, you'd notice how the chain works, what every component does, and the number of presets available.

Take a look at the components you stand to get in the software program( Line6 Helix Native );

  1. Effects(104)
  2. Microphone(16)
  3. Cabinets(37)
  4. Amps(62)

So, with all this, you have no choice but to get the exact kind of sound you need for your music each time. You only have to be patient enough to go through the combinations. Let me tell you the way it is- the options are universal and sophisticated. So, don't relent on keeping the chains and effects loaded until you're done, or your system source of power goes out.

Fortunately for those of you that have the Line6 Helix hardware. You can link up the presets and the archive of sounds . How nice! With this, it's possible to combine your sounds when doing a recording and get to load it all in the hardware. This way, you can go with it to live performances and shows . Now, tell me, what more can you ask for?

To be plain, on this list, Line6 Helix Native is invariably the highest in terms of cost. But, you'd undoubtedly get several stuff for each of the penny you drop in getting it. This is simply because it is so much compatible with all sorts of things in the studio , including other instruments .

Wait a minute! Here comes the sigh of relief. The creators give you an opportunity for a 15-days free trial version . So with this, you can dig deep to discover all you could ever get out from it before putting your money into it.

Waves GTR3 - Guitar VST Link

Waves GTR3
Waves GTR3

When it comes to creating plugins , Waves cannot be taken out of the equation. Waves have got a robust list of signal processing units and effects . Now, to focus more on their guitar , it comes with different plugins, about four in total. And it is referred to as GTR3 .

Take a look at some of its components:

  1. Amplifiers (25)
  2. Bass amps(7)

For every amp , you get a;

  1. Pan
  2. Drive
  3. Controls.
  4. Phase switch

All of the quality standard, irrespective of the first amp you try. What this does is that you don't have to continue racking your brain on how to go around it, trying to become an engineer. No! It has been made simple and easy for you to carve out the sounds you need for your sessions . Do you need a stomp-box and effects? Don't worry; it's right there in the GTR3 Stomps . The tuner is also good to use.

Others worthy of consideration:

  1. Softube Vintage amp room
  2. Overloud TH-U FULL


As you have seen, you'll have to spend some cash but all for a greater course! Now, be the judge! Do you think it's worth it?

Thoughts on "Best Guitar VSTs in 2022"

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