List of Low-cost Hobbies Will Excite You

by Tony Joshie

It is said that a hobby defines you as a person, and people get to learn about you through your hobbies. We all had hobbies throughout our childhood that changed with time in teenage and adulthood. Some of us get so busy that they leave the hobbies behind, and their world revolves around work. However, it is important to have a hobby that helps you relax amidst the busy routine. As we all know, "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy."

Have you thought about what you are doing for yourself? If you think "working," you should ponder again. You are working for a living and making your life better. Doing something that makes you happy is what you do for yourself. Having a source of income that is also your passion is excellent. But, not everyone has that. To keep yourself relaxed and geared up for another day at work, ensure that your mind gets rest. Sometimes, indulging in activities that you enjoy is a perfect means of relaxing and freshening up.

List of Low-cost Hobbies Will Excite You

Many times, people think that hobbies require not only time but also money. We believe happiness and productivity are not money dependent. You just need to find out what interests you and take it as a hobby. We have listed interesting hobbies that do not cost you anything (or very little). These hobbies are not counter-productive; instead, they allow you to spend time effectively. You might already be interested in some of these but looking for a way to pursue them. Have a look and decide what interests you the most.

Read newspaper

Read newspaper

You might not have thought of it, but it is an excellent hobby, especially if you do not have a lot of time. To keep in touch with the world and be updated with the trends, newspapers are the perfect option. Many of us enjoy the new trends and like to follow them, reading a newspaper can be great. Reading a real newspaper allows you to feel it as well and stay close to nature. However, digital news is equally good.



When you think about photography, the first thought that comes to our mind is the need for a professional camera such as the DSLR. If you are keen on photography, taking gorgeous photographs is possible with your phone. Now, smartphones have a camera lens no less than any exquisite camera with brilliant picture quality. All you need to know is what your phone camera offers and tricks to make the best out of what you have. Trust us; you would be taking breathtaking photos with a bit of practice and time.

Learn programming

Learn programming

As we all know, the world is digitalized, and everything is becoming a machine gradually. Computers, smartphones, and similar devices have become a necessity in today's time. Intellectuals always say that time should be spent doing something that would pay off. Though it does not always mean to pay off monetarily, what if it does?

Computer programming and software development are essentials now, and it is the best time to learn them. You can create new games or revolutionary software if you have a knack for programming. Many institutes offer programming courses at lesser fees or without any cost. Sign up for a class, learn a skill that would never get old, and make money.

Learn an instrument

Technology has made everything more accessible, even learning to play instruments without having one. Not everyone realizes this, but you do not need a musical instrument in your house in today's time to learn it. Various apps are available on PlayStore and AppStore that let you learn different instruments through them. It allows you to try a few before deciding on the one that you are inclined towards. You can buy one when you develop an in-depth interest in a specific instrument.


Have you been watching MasterChef videos and wondering about how they do it so perfectly? Well, now is your chance. Cooking is an art and allows you to create new recipes and versions of traditional ones. The only rule of thumb of cooking is that there are no rules.

You might think of cooking as a boring task if you have not tried previously. But once you start cooking and creating recipes that are unique with a distinct flavor, there is no going back! Begin with the simple ingredients present at home, and nobody can stop you from being the nest Gordon Ramsay!


As much fun cooking is, baking is no less! The aroma of freshly baked cookies from every corner of the house provides the happiness we all look for. Nicely decorated pies, fresh loaves of bread, and gorgeously frosted cakes can make everyone's day better in a moment. Baking is quite a simple yet attractive hobby. Look for your baking inspiration, understand the basics, and create magic in your kitchen.

Making candles

Making candles can be therapeutic and might even help you start a small business. The candle is quite a budding industry, and taking it up as our hobby can the first step to being an entrepreneur. If you have some half-used candles lying in your house that do not look very appealing, start melting those and making something creative. Mix a few candles to obtain a new gorgeous color or layer them one on the other.

Even without having any old candles at home, you can adopt this hobby as an inexpensive one. Just get candle wax, candle wicks, and some fragrant oils to make your scented candles. Candle making can never go wrong as you have so much to experiment with.


Coming across all the instant DIY videos on the internet, we wonder if they really work. How can you know until you don't try? The world of DIY is vast, and you can find craft ideas as per your choice. You have a lot to do, from small DIY crafts made of ice popsicles to creating masterpieces with resin. Think about what fascinates you the most and get to work. You can order a DIY kit according to your preference or gather what you find at home for a start.

Beautify your home

Beautifyyour home
Beautify your home

Your home might be in the best condition, but who doesn't like some change! Look for some new ideas and enhance the interior of your house. Give a makeover to your bathroom or set the lounge on another trendy theme. Utilize your leisure time to paint walls, create décor items, or revamp your old furniture. You can use your DIY skills to make stuff that you find expensive otherwise.


Reading is one of the most productive activities that improve your knowledge alongside offering some me-time. Choose books of your kind from a wide variety of fiction, non-fiction, and self-help books to spend time relaxing. Make an account on Kindle , Wattpad , or any other such app where you can read books and find people with similar interests to discuss them. Reading does not require spending money now, as many websites offer reading and downloading books free of cost.


What's better than having a hobby that can also help you mint money? Writing is a skill that can never go old or forgotten. Authors produce books of every sort worldwide and publish them. If you have been thinking of writing, stop procrastinating, and grab your pen today. Exercising your writing abilities helps improve it while you might end up publishing them somewhere.

Learn a new skill

Learning has no age limit, and you can learn any skill or educate yourself at any age. You might have thought of acquiring skill in some part of life but couldn't. Do it now! Graphic designing, digital marketing, animations are few options among many available. YouTube has material about all of these. Learn them without spending money.


New technologies have emerged in the past years, and social media has acquired a vital place in our daily lives. Blogging has become a profession that helps you make money plainly by sharing your experiences. Sharing your everyday life and experiences with people on Instagram or your personal blog can be an excellent way to spend time. If you are more into on-screen presence, opt for vlogging instead. With the world becoming a global village, blogging and vlogging help you connect to the world and show what you do.



As Janet Kilburn Phillips says, "There are no gardening mistakes, only experiments." Gardening keeps you near to nature and gives you an opportunity to grow organic vegetables to eat healthily. You can grow everything in your garden from gorgeous floral plants to decorative leafy plants and vegetables. Particularly, herbs are easy to grow, and beginning with something in your kitchen or a small area is great initially. Watch YouTube tutorials and check some gardening websites to see which plants you can grow in your region.


Other than eating healthy, yoga is perfect for keeping yourself physically and mentally fit. Yoga influences the body and brain cells positively to keep you relaxed. Try hot yoga, cold yoga, or any other that you prefer to stay fit and healthy. Many expert fitness trainers and yoga masters share their knowledge of YouTube that you can check out.


While cooking, baking, and gardening are all fun, have you thought about making your own wine or beer? Home-brewing of beer and wine has become quite popular since President Carter legalized the process in 1978. The cherry on top is the simplicity of the process and how cheap it is. You will be surprised to see how less it would cost you than high-quality beer bought from the outside.

However, you would need to wait for 4 to 8 weeks (up to 2 months) for the beer to ferment nicely and have the best of it. And the happiness of having the fruit (or beer) of your hard work is incomparable. Just check out the basic guide of brewing beer and add complex flavor to it as you go. Enjoy the delectable beer when it's ready!

Learn a new language

Do you love watching a foreign series but hate keeping an eye on the subtitles meanwhile? Cause, same! The best way to avoid being distracted by the scenes is to learn that language. And with a smartphone, you don't have to pay the hefty fees of language training teachers or institutes. Numerous apps are available on iPhone and Android that help in learning languages without paying any course fee.


Some say that the Earth without art is just "eh," and we have to agree. Art lets you express yourself without the need for words. Painting is an exciting art form that allows you to explore your creativity and tell a new story in the language of colors. Sketching, painting, calligraphy, acrylic pour-paintings can be among the choices if you are looking for a medium. Painting is therapy if you are looking for an escape from worldly matters.

Play games

Who knew being a gamer would actually become a trend sometime? People all over the world play games; some do it professionally too. Many gaming websites offer games that you can enjoy free-of-cost and add your friends in. however, remember not to make it the only purpose of life as games can be addictive sometimes. Keep a balance between playing and work to ensure having a healthy hobby.


Decluttering is a perfect way of spending your time doing something productive. It lets you get rid of things you don't need, and your house looks organized as well. Moreover, the stuff you don't need can be of use to somebody else. Use the Mary Kondo method or any other strategy you like, and start today! You can declutter your stuff physically by donating to a charity or post on Decluttr.

Give your 2 cents

Yes, write reviews. If you are a movie buff or listen to different music genres, reviewing them can be an ideal hobby for you. It is even better if you find a place that pays you to write reviews. Utilize your knowledge of music and movies and get your reviews published at the top-websites.

Watch series

Many people nowadays are interested in watching series and movies from different parts of the world. Streaming sites like Netflix and Prime have series and films for people of almost all countries and regions. The series cover a vast number of genres like romance, thriller, suspense, comedy, family shows, and many more. Buying a subscription is not needed as they allow more than one user to use one account. You are good to go if any of your friends have a subscription and willing to share.

Explore your surroundings

You probably think that you have fully seen your city or the surrounding areas, but that might just not be true. Sometimes, cities have a lot of hidden gems that are not known to everyone. Research about the place you live and find out any abandoned or undiscovered places that might interest you. It would not cost you a lot except for the necessary stuff to carry out a day. Explore new eateries and try foods that are not native to your city.


The only investment you need for this relaxation is buying a tent, and if you have that at home, perfect! Camping lets you explore nature and enjoy apart from the busy routine. Even if you don't have a tent or can't buy one, you just need a bedsheet. Spread it in your backyard and enjoy stargazing without the need for anything else.

Learn a dance form

Martha Graham said, "Dance is the hidden language of the soul." And once you start dancing, you realize how true it is! The best thing about dance is its ability to express itself to any rhythm. You can choose your favorite dance form among the thousands. Jazz, Tango, Hip Hop, Indian classical, Cuba, and many others are practiced and performed globally. Dance forms such as Zumba help you shed a few pounds as well if practice regularly.


Geocaching has become quite popular recently, and people are engaging in it on a global level. It is an inexpensive outdoor hobby that not only involves walking and hiking but also helps with mental health. It is a good way to relax and put your effort into something productive. If you have a pair of sneakers and a GPS device or smartphone with a GPS, you are good to go. With geocaching, you can find things near knew that you never knew were present.


A hobby that helps you make money without much hassle can be the perfect hobby, right! Couponing is such a hobby that lets you save money by finding and collecting coupons. Though it might sound new to few, many people put their time and effort to find coupons. These coupons are either meant for specific occasions or just offered by stores randomly.

You might sometimes be able to save a whopping amount on really expensive items. Looking for coupons that have been abandoned by somebody else is also a good idea. This hobby only involves good research skills that can help you grab online and in-store coupons to save a few bucks.


Keeping healthy is a hobby we all should try to adapt to, and cycling is one of the means. You only need a cycle that you can either get at a thrift store, lend or ask a friend for it. Cycling keeps you fit and healthy, even if you do it for an hour every day. Moreover, it helps sustain the environment by avoiding the use of cars and bikes.

If you do not want to go cycling alone, you can make it a group activity and ask your friends to come along. They would get a healthy hobby, and you find some company.


If you have a well-paying job and don't need freelancing to earn extra money, do it as a hobby. Practicing and exercising your skills helps to keep them updated. Engage in projects that you think would allow you to explore your skills better. Platforms like Fiverr , Upwork , Guru , Freelancer , and many others have services of all niches. Sign up today and offer what you can do best.


The best thing you can do for relaxing and peace of mind is doing something for others in need. Take some time and volunteer for a nursing home or food distribution in your area and facilitate others. You can keep volunteering weekly, along with any other hobby you have. It is not full-time work, yet going out to help others in one way or the other gives you the happiness you never thought of!

Hobbies are great to make the best of your time instead of sitting idle and procrastinating. Find yourself a hobby that you would enjoy, and you'll see how it becomes a part of your life.

There are many other options apart from the ones mentioned above that you might enjoy. We tried penning down the hobbies that do not cost anything. Yet, there are many other activities that you might want to take up and hobbies. Choose one and have fun!

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